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The use of abbreviations is an essential feature of genealogical writing. It keeps it simple and coherent. Those placed in brackets following an event imply a printed vital record of that town in a published record, a town book. or a county, church or cemetery record.

Some of the frequently used abbreviations for towns follow:

(A) or Ames, Amesbury (Kg) Kingston
(Ch) Chester (EKg) East Kingston
(Hm) Hampton (Nt) Newton
(Hmst) Hampstead (Nb) Newbury
(Hv) Haverhill (Nbpt) Newburyport
(ID) Ipswich (S) or Salis, Salisbury

The First Generation

(1). Edward GOODWIN, "shipwright", of Amesbury, b. prob. in England, m. 1st, prob. in England, m. 2nd, 05 Tune 1668 (N), Susanna STOWERS, widow of George WHEELER of Newbury (Savage, Vol. 2, p. 277; New England Marriages prior to 1700, Vol. 5; Ames. Vital Stats. to 1850). He was of Salisbury in 1665 (Joseph Merrill, 1880, Hist. of Ames., p. 92) and bought land of John Bailey, of Newbury, in Amesbury that same year (Old Norfolk County Deeds, 2:406). He secured a common right and seat in Amesbury in 1667 (Hoyt, David W., 1897; The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, p. 177/8) and was appointed to keep the ferry over the Merrimac River above the mouth of the Powans River, "where he now dwelleth" in 1668 (Hoyt, Old Fams., p. 178). Edward conveyed a house and land in Newbury to Robert Holmes 03 Feb 1670 (Ipswich Co. Deeds, 4:185). He transferred title to the four acres on the Powans and Merrimac Rivers to his son Richard on 15.Nov.1672 (Old Norfolk Co. Deeds, 2:407) and on 21 Dec 1672, his wife Susanna, by virtue of a letter of attorney, "conveyed unto Caleb Moody 611 chattles, etc. in New England" (Old, Norfolk Co. Deeds, 2:414).

Children surnamed GOODWIN:

2 i. Richard2 GOODWIN, b abt. 1654 (S) by Edward's first wife, m. 14 Nov 1677, Mary FOWLER of (Nb). b. 1656.
3 ii. Edward2 GOODWIN, b. 22 Jun 1669 (A) by second wife, Susanna STOWERS, m. Martha (Nb).
4 iii. Elizabeth2 GOODWIN, b. 08 Sep 1670 (A) by second wife, Susanna STOWERS, no further record.

The Second Generation

(2). Richard2 GOODWIN (Edward1) of Amesbury, b. about 1654 (S), m. 14 Nov 1677, Mary, daughter of Samuel FOWLER (John French Johnson Ledger; Hoyt, Old Fams., 1897, pps. 162 & 168).
The Fowler family was a prominent one in the area at that time. They were descended from Philip and Mary (Wimsley) Fowler who settled in Ipswich, Mass. in 1634 (Hoyt, Old Fams., p. 162).
Philip Fowler of Ipswich, England, a cloth maker, was b. in 1590/91. He married first Mary Wimsley, sister of Samuel Wimsley. Philip and Mary had six children, three boys and three girls. All but Thomas, the youngest son, were born in England before Philip and Mary left from South Hampton on 24 Mar 1633/34 to settle a grant of land which Philip had secured in Ipswich, Massachusetts.
Mary died 30 August 1659 at Ipswich; and Philip died twenty years later after a second marriage to another Mary, the widow of George Norton.
Samuel Fowler was the third child of Philip and Mary. He was sixteen years of age when he arrived in Ipswich, MA on the "Mary and John" the spring of 1634. He lived at various times in Ipswich, Salisbury and Portsmouth. He was living in Portsmouth in 1677 when his daughter, Mary, married Richard Goodwin (Hoyt, Old Fams., p. 162).

Richard was eighteen years old when he received the riverside property and twenty-four when he married Mary Fowler. He took the oath of allegiance in Dec 1677 and was a member of the "training band" in 1680 (Hoyt, Old Fams., p. 178).

Although he was a shipwright and exempt from military duties. he was a member of the "Amesbury Snowshoe Men" who guarded the settlement against Indian attacks. He fought in the Indian Wars and served in the Colonial Militia for more than thirty years. On 26 Aug 1680, "Richard Goodwin of ye town of Amesbury "shipwright", for fifty shillings conveyed unto Thos Mudget of Salisbury "shipwright", one quarter of an acre in Amesbury --- (Ipswich Deeds 3:306). He made his will 03 Aug 1729. It was probated at Ipswich 05 Jan 1729/30; and adm. of estate to son Samuel on 01 May 1730 (Essex Probate 3 19:125-7). His wife and six children are mentioned in his will.

Children surnamed GOODWIN:

5 i. Samuel, b. 1680 (Sav. Vol. 2); m. 24 Dec 1701 (A) Esther JAMESON of Ames. They had seven children (A; JFJ Ledger, p. 325).
6 ii. Richard, b. 1684 (A); m. 06 Jan 1701/2 (A), Esther HADLEY of Ames. They had seven children (A; Hoyt, Old Fams., p. 178).
7 iii. Martha, b. 1685 (A); m. 15 Sep 1703, Jonathan HOAG of Newbury (A). Martha was living in 1729; was mentioned in her father's will.
8 iv. Mary, b. 1687 (A); m. 27 Jan 1708(A), William HUNTINGTON of Ames. He m. (2) 19 Dec 1725, widow Mary COLBY; wrote his will 1733. He and Mary GOODWIN had nine children (Hoyt, Old Fams. p. 214; Huntington Genealogical Memoir, 1633 - 1915).
9 v. Sarah, b. 09 Jun 1688 (A); m. 05 Apr 1707 (A), Joseph HOAG of Newbury.
10 vi. Edward, b. 08 Jun 1693 (A), m. 09 May 1717 (A), Sarah WORTHEN of Amesbury.
11 vii. Joseph, b. 18 Sep 1694 - no further information.

(3). Edward2 GOODWIN (Edward1) of Newbury; b. 22 Jun 1669 (A), s/o Edward and Susanna (STOWERS) GOODWIN; m. ____, Martha, ____ (Nb) (A) (Hoyt, Old Fams., p. 178). Edward was among the men of Newbury who were impressed by Governor Andros in Nov 1688 to march against the Indians in the eastern country. He and Martha had two children:

12 i. Sarah, b. 30 Apr 1703 (Nb). Prob. m. 19 Aug 1725 (A), Thomas DOW (JFJL).
13 ii. Lazarus, b. 11 Jul 1705 (Nb); m. 27 Apr 1727 (S), Martha, d/o Edw. and Mary (WINSLEY) FRENCH, b. 07 Jul 1709 (S) bp. in Oct 1710; Mentioned in her father's will 1737 (Hoyt, Old Fams., p. 168). Lazarus and Martha were admitted to the West Parish Church at Rocky Hill 07 Jan 1728 (Salis. 2nd Church Records). They had five children.