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Thompson Family History pg. 1

From “Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine” (Volume II) by Henry Sweetser Burrage, and Albert Roscoe Stubbs, starting Pg. 721 and

From “Historic Homes and places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs” (Volume IV) by William Richard Cutter, starting Pg 1470

Robert Thompson was the THOMPSON immigrant ancestor of the family in America. He was in Durham, now Dover, New Hampshire, as early as 1635, and Thompson's Point, just south of the mouth of the Cocheco river, was named for him. He was taxed in Dover in 1648 and witnessed a deed in 1652.

(I) William Thompson, according to family tradition, was the son of Robert Thompson, above mentioned. He received a grant of land in Dover in 1656, "beyond Cocheco Log Swamp," and a grant October 15, 1656, which was originally assigned to John White, in Kittery, a short way below the mouth of Sturgeon creek. He probably married a daughter of John White, and in 1659 was presented at York court "for rebellion against his father and mother-in-law." He died in 1676 and his estate was appraised at fifty-two pounds eighteen shillings. He left twenty three acres of land, a house and orchard in Kittery, and fifty acres in Dover. Children: 1. John, born 1659, married Sarah Woodman. 2. William, 1661, married probably Mary Lovering. 3. Robert, 1664, lived "with Tobey Hanson at Dover." 4. James, 1666, married Elizabeth Frye. 5. Alexander, 1671, mentioned below. 6. Judith, 1675.

(II) Alexander THOMPSON, son of William Thompson (i), was born in 1671. He had a grant of land in Kittery, Maine, in 1694, and died there July 13, 1720. He married Anna Curtis, of York, Maine, and she survived him, being appointed administrator October 4, 1720. Children: 1. Elizabeth, married John Allen. 2. Abigail, married in 1720, at York, John Geary. 3. Benjamin, born October 14, 1702. 4. John, born December 30, 1704, mentioned below. 5. Samuel, born April 6, 1707, married Hannah Brackett, of Berwick. 6. Joseph, born May 13, 1711, married Mary, daughter of Philip Welch, 1733. 7. Jonathan, born May 1, 1713, married Dinah, daughter of James Thompson. 8. Curtis, born June 2, 1715, married Sarah, daughter of David Junkins. 9. James, died October 22, 1724.

(Ill) John Thompson, son of Alexander Thompson (2), was born in Kittery, December 30, 1704. He settled when a young man in Sanford, Maine. He was a farmer there. He married (published December 7, 1728) Priscilla, daughter of Stephen and Mary (Tucker) Davis. Children, born at York, Maine: 1. Anna, born January 7, 1731-32. 2. John, born October 26, 1733, mentioned below. 3. Jesse. 4. Priscilla. 5. Naomi. 6. Olive. 7. Phinehas.

(IV) John Thompson, son of John Thompson (3), was born in York, Maine, October 26, 1733. He was brought up in Sanford, whither his father went among the early settlers. He married Keziah Lyons. Children, born in Sanford: 1. John, born 1761, mentioned below. 2. Sarah, 1763. 3. Reuben, 1765. 4. Jesse, 1767. 5. Anna, 1769. 6. Keziah.

(V) John Thompson, son of John Thompson (4), was born in Sanford, 1761. He married Elizabeth Smith, and settled in Sanford. Children, born there: 1. Abbie, born 1796. 2. Lucretia, born 1798. 3. Lucy, born 1800. 4. Elizabeth, born 1803. 5. Ebenezer, born January 9, 1806, mentioned below. 6. Oliver, born 1809. 7. Olive, born 1811.

(VI) Ebenezer Thompson, son of John Thompson (5), was born in Sanford, January 9, 1806. He was educated there in the public schools. He engaged in the lumbering business, which he followed during his active life. He married Olive Butler.

(VII) William H. Thompson, son of Ebenezer Thompson (6) was born in Salmon Falls, Maine, February 9, 1824, and died in Salem, Massachusetts, November 19, 1893. He had a common school education, but was naturally studious and was well educated by private study and reading. His mechanical genius led him to become a machinist. He became a locomotive engineer on the Boston & Worcester railroad in its early days (now the Boston & Albany division of the New York Central lines). He was with the Saco (Maine) Water Power Company from 1854 to 1867. He became a mill expert and his services were constantly in demand. He was deemed a leading expert of the country in his day. In 1869 he was elected treasurer of the Kearsage Mills of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and in 1871 he became treasurer of the Manchester (New Hampshire) print works. In politics Mr. Thompson was a Republican. He was a man of quiet and retiring disposition and was rather averse to public honors of any kind. He married Louisa Butler, daughter of Nathan and Ada (Chick) Butler. She was born in 1819 and died June 26, 1898. Their children were: 1. Henry M. Thompson, born February 19, 1847, mentioned below: 2. Emma O., 3. Alice.

(VIII) Henry M. Thompson, son of William H. Thompson, (7), was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, February 19, 1847. He was educated in the public schools and at Phillips Academy, Andover, New Hampshire. He was appointed agent of the Kearsage Mills of Portsmouth, in 1869, and filled that position until 1872 when he became agent for the Manchester print works serving until 1874.