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Much of August, September and October has been occupied reconstructing The Goodwyns of Lynn Regis which was originally published in 1877. I was fortunate enough to acquire a signed copy which contained many hand written notes. Those notes have been reproduced, enclosed in brackets and colored as blue type: [hand written note].

I felt the small page count did not warrant an index, so none was added. Read the entire book – these brave men and women deserve your attention.

This reconstruction is as faithful as reasonably possible to the original, and all spelling is as in the original.

Note: Children are listed thus:
1. Son
2. Son
1. Daughter
2. Daughter

I hope you find the enclosed information useful.

W. Collier, The New England Godwin Project, October 2009.


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The roots of the present lie deep in the past, and
nothing in the past is dead to the man who would learn
how the present comes to be what it is.

-Prof. Wm. Stubbs, Bishop of Oxford









THIS account of the GOODWYNS has been obtained from various sources: it was commenced with two objects, firstly, to place on record particulars as to the descent of this old Norfolk family; and secondly, with a view to register dates, and other matters of interest regarding its numerous branches, before the circumstances themselves had quite passed away from memory, and been succeeded by the events turning the wheel of life in the present generation.

It will be found that, in addition to the name of GOODWYN, this account embraces some particulars of the old families of


and many others; and the compiler trusts, that should errors and omissions exist, which doubtless they do, they will be pardoned, in consideration of the great difficulties experienced in obtaining the necessary information concerning old friends and dear friends long passed away.

That valuable work, BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, has proved of inestimable service in this research, as also have Dr. P. WYNTER'S edition of Bishop Hall's Works, the History of Lynn by MACKERELL, and that by RICHARDS: it is also felt that sufficient thanks can hardly be given to the many kind friends who have so willingly rendered their aid; but above all the lamented Rev. H. S. MARRIOTT, late rector of Felsham, Suffolk, requires special mention, for without his assistance in the early stages of this enquiry the task would have been hopeless.

It may be interesting to some of those concerned, to learn that many of the facts recorded are extracted from an old family Bible, in which the first entries of names are found to date as far back as "Lynn Regis, 1699", now close upon two centuries ago.

Attention should be called to the fact, that in the above named books of reference, as well as on some tombstones, and in several certificates of death, the name of GOODWYN is found spelt in no less than eleven different ways, often referring to the same person.

In conclusion, should these pages meet with favourable consideration at the hands of those for whom they are intended, it might, at some future day, become a pleasure to revise them; for which purpose the compiler will be grateful for information, corrections, and hints, from those who feel interested in the matter.


MILFORD LODGE, Lymington, Hants.
1st Dec, 1876.


1.  Goodwyn, Richard, born in the reign of Henry VI. He was Mayor of Lynn, Norfolk, 1486; see Blomfield's History of Norfolk, edition 1808, vol. viii, Table of Mayors of Lynn, opposite page 533.

2.  Goodwyn, Richard, Alderman of Lynn; died 20th March, 1632. His wife Katherinc died 1645. Tomb in St. Nicholas Chapel, Lynn,

WHO DIED THE ____ OF ____, 1645.

"Tombstone much decayed."

See MACKERELL'S History of Lynn, edition 1738, page 113.

3.  Goodwyn, Daniel, Mayor of Lynn, 1671; died 8th Oct. 1694.

4.  Goodwyn, John, son of Daniel Goodwyn3; born Nov., 1672; died 7th April 1763; married, 1698/9 Ann Hall, who was born 1680 and died 12th Oct. 1745. John Goodwyn was Mayor of Lynn in the years 1721, 1728, 1738, and 1749; he was the winner of a prize of £20,000 in the State Lottery, and his portrait, lottery ticket in hand, is in the possession of his great-great-grandson, Arthur John B. Goodwyn54, of Bedfont House, near Hounslow. His wife, Ann Hall, was grand-daughter or great-grand-daughter of Dr. Joseph Hall, D.D. who was Chaplain to King James I, and became Bishop of Exeter in 1627, and of Norwich in 1641; and being, by Cromwell's party, in 1643, ejected from his Bishopric, and his property sequestrated, he was assisted by Mrs. Goodwyn of Norwich, who redeemed his effects, and gave him a gold medal, which, by will dated 24th July, 1654, he left to his son Samuel Hall: see Works of Bishop Hall, by P. WYNTER, D.D. Oxford, edition 1863. See also BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, edition 1806, vol. iii, page 578.

(See Notes I, and N.)

5.  Goodwyn, Amy, dau. of John Goodwyn4; b. 30th Oct. 1699, d. at Narborough Hall, Norfolk, 10th April 1782 : her tomb, as follows, is in Narborough Church:

" Here lieth the body of Amy Goodwyn, who departed this life, The 10th day of April 1782,
in the 83rd year of her age. She was the eldest daughter of John Goodwyn,
Esquire, of Kings Lynn, Who was four times Mayor of that ancient Corporation.

6.  Goodwyn, Ann, dau. of John Goodwyn4; b. 29th Aug. 1701, d. 13th Feb. 1782, m. Edmund Harwick of Eau Brink Hall, near Lynn, Esquire,

(See Notes I, U, W, X.)

Issue 1. Elizabeth, m. John Cary, of Lynn, Esquire.
  2. Ann, m. Rev. Henry Spelman, of Narborough Hall.

7.  Goodwyn, John, son of John Goodwyn4; b. 23rd Dec. 1703, d. 10th April 1743, buried at St. Nicholas Chapel, Lynn, Mayor of Lynn 1736, m. 1730, Elizabeth Seaman, who d. at Lynn 1750, buried at St. Gregory's Church, Norwich: no issue.

8.  Goodwyn, Sarah, dau. of John Goodwyn4; b. 1st October 1705, d. unm.

9.  Goodwyn, Agness, dau. of John Goodwyn4; b. 24th July 1708, d. unm.

10. Goodwyn, Daniel, son of John Goodwyn4; b. 13th Dec. 1710, d. unm., 27th Nov. 1740, buried at St. Nicholas Chapel, Lynn,

(See Note P.)

11. Goodwyn, Henry, son of John Goodwyn4; b. 11th March 1713, d. 31st July 1805, buried at Deptford Church; m. 1st, Frances Greenwood, who d. 1765; m. 2nd, a widow named Groombridge. [Mr. Goodwyn’s 2nd wife d. at Hawkhurst, Kent., in 1816 or 1817]. In early life Mr. Goodwyn served in the Royal Navy; subsequently entered the Mercantile Marine of the Hon. East India Company, and made several voyages to China, amassed a considerable fortune, and purchased a brewery at Deptford. He resided near Palace Yard, Westminster; in Essex Street, Strand; at East Lodge, Enfield Chase; at Maize Hill Castle, Blackheath; and at Park House, Maidstone, where he died in 1805. He was High Sheriff of Kent 1767,

Issue (by 1st marriage) 1. John,
  2. Henry
  3. Robert
  1. Anna Maria
  2. Frances
  3. Amy
  4. Charlott
  5. Frances

12. Goodwyn, Robert, son of John Goodwyn4; b. 10th Oct. 1715, d. unm. 10th Feb. 1789; he was Rector of St. Peter's Church, Clippesby, Norfolk, to which living he was presented by his father in 1742. In 1749 he was presented, by Sir John Turner, Bart. to the Rectory of St. Mary's, Warham, Norfolk, which he held until 10th Feb. 1789, when he died, and was buried at Warham on 18th of that month.

(See Notes A & D.)

13. Harwick, Elizabeth, dau. of Ann Harwick6; m. 23rd Aug. 1770, John Cary, jun. Esq., Alderman of Lynn, who died 11th Nov. 1807, his wife dying 20th July 1816. The father of Mr. John Cary was three times Mayor of the ancient borough of Lynn, where his family had resided since leaving London at the time of the Great Fire in 1666. The ancient family of Cary derives its name from the manor of Cary, or Kari, as it is called in the Domesday Book, situated in the parish of St. Giles-in-the-Heath, near Launceston. An ancestor, namely Sir Robert Cary, Knight, gave a proof of his great prowess in arms by the following exploit:

In the reign of Henry V. a Knight-errant of Arragon, having performed many feats of arms in divers countries, arrived in England, and challenged any man of his rank to make trial of his skill in battle; this challenge being accepted by Sir Robert Cary, a long combat ensued in Smithfield, where the Arragonois was vanquished, for which the King authorised the conqueror to bear the arms of the Knight of Arragon; for according to the laws of heraldry, whosoever fairly in the field conquers his adversary, bears his arms.

The house of Cary therefore bears, to this day "in a field, silver, on a bend, sa, three white roses," being the arms worn that day by the vanquished Knight. See BURKE'S Landed Gentry, vol. i, page 217. The original portrait in oils of John Cary, sen., who was Mayor of Lynn in the years 1740, 1754, and 1765, is in the possession of Major H. W. Goodwyn62, of Milford Lodge, near Lymington, Hants.

(See Notes R & S.)

14. Harwick, Ann, dau. of Ann Harwick6; m. Rev. Henry Spelman, of Narborough Hall, Norfolk, d.s.p. The family of Spelman, as owners of Narborough Hall, date back to the reign of Henry VIII, when that ancient edifice was built by Judge Spelman. See BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, vol. vi., page 150, edition 1807.

15. Goodwyn, Henry, son of Henry Goodwyn11; b. Wednesday, 18th Sept. 1745; d. 29th Sept. 1824; buried at Greenwich Old Church; m. Elizabeth Grey.

Issue 1. Henry,
  2. Thomas Wildman,
  3. Charles Samuel,
  1. Mary,
  2. Elizabeth,
  3. Catherine,
  4. Amelia,
  5. Frances,
  6. Harriet,
  7. Charlotte,
  8. Anna.

16. Goodwyn, Frances, dau. of Henry Goodwyn11; b. 13th June 1753, d. 1839, buried at Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire; m. 1773, Rev. Julius Hutchinson, of Woodhall Park, Herts, and Owthorpe, Notts. (See Note H.)

Issue 1. John,
  2. Henry,
  3. Charles,
  1. Elizabeth,
  2. Frances,
  3. Clarissa,
  4. Emma,
  5. Cassandra.

17. Goodwyn, John, son of Henry Goodwyn11; b. 5th December 1739, d. unm.

17. Goodwyn, Robert, son of Henry Goodwyn11; b. 15th April 1755, d. unm.

17. Goodwyn, Anna Maria, dau. of H. Goodwyn11; b. 31st Aug. 1743, d. unm. 1807 or 8.

17. Goodwyn Frances, dau. of H. Goodwyn11; b. 20th Aug. 1744, d. unm.

17. Goodwyn, Amy, dau. of H. Goodwyn11; b. 9th Jan. 1747, d. unm.

17. Goodwyn, Charlott, dau. of H. Goodwyn11; date of birth not known; d. unm.

18. Cary, John Henry Spelman, son of Elizabeth Cary13; b. 8th July 1771, d. 8th Feb. 1851; Rector of Farnhurst, Sussex; m. 12th May 1810, Harriett, dau. of Rev. John Lloyd : she died 2nd March 1866.

Issue 1. John,
  2. Thomas,
  3. Richard,
  4. Edward,
  1. Harriet
  2. Maria Elizabeth

19. Cary, Ann, dau. of Elizabeth Cary13; b. 13th Jan. 1778, m. Rev. Robert Marriott, Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge, afterwards Rector of Broadway and Bincombe, Dorset.

Issue 1. Henry Spelman,
  2. John Cary,
  3. Robert,
  4. Edmund Harwick,
  5. Charles,
  6. Thomas Batman,
  1. Ann,
  2. Martha,
  3. Elizabeth.

20. Goodwyn, Henry, son of Henry Goodwyn15; b. —, d. 1814, m. Laura Larkins.

Issue 1. Henry,
  1. Elizabeth Catherine.

Mrs. Henry Goodwyn m. 2ndly, Thomas Patch, Esq., of North Devon: she died Aug. 1857: he died —.

21. Goodwyn, Thomas Wildman, son of Henry Goodwyn15; b. 26th April 1788, d. 18th Nov. 1830, buried in the vault of Sir John Cass, St. Botolph Aldgate, London; m. 17th Aug. 1809, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Sir Charles Flower, Baronet, who was Lord Mayor of London, 1809-10. Mrs. T. W. Goodwyn, b. 30th June 1791, d. 25th Dec. 1860; buried at Ilfracombe, North Devon.

Issue 1. Charles Flower,
  2. Thomas Wildman,
  3. Walter Frederick,
  4. Henry William,
  5. Alfred George,
  6. Arthur John Bowdler,
  7. Julius Edmund,
  1. Elizabeth,
  Two other children d. infants.

22. Goodwyn, Charles Samuel, son of Henry Goodwyn16; b. 12th March 1790, d. 23rd June 1834; m. Letitia, (b. 28th Aug. 1795) dau. of G. Young, Esq. of Blackheath.

Issue 1. Charles Samuel,
  2. Henry John,
  1. Letitia,
  2. Elizabeth Sophia,
  3. Catherine Laura,
  4. Charlotte Louisa,
  5. Marian Amelia,
  6. Fanny Anna.

23. Goodwyn, Mary, dau. of Henry Goodwyn15; b. 21st July 1767, d. 23rd Feb. 1846; m. 2nd April 1787, Samuel Enderby, Esq. of Crooms Hill, Blackheath: he was born 9th May 1755, d. 24th Oct. 1829.

Issue 1. Samuel,
  2. Charles,
  3. Henry,
  4. George,
  5. William,
  1. Elizabeth,
  2. Mary,
  3. Caroline,
  4. Amelia.

24. Goodwyn, Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Goodwyn15; b. 28th Aug. 1768, d. 29th Feb. 1848; m. 2nd April 1787, Charles Enderby, Esq. of The Point, Blackheath.

25. Goodwyn, Harriet, dau. of Henry Goodwyn15; b. 25th March 1780, d. Feb. 1844; m. 1st, (11th Feb. 1799,) William Barnard, Esq. of Deptford, who d. 10th Feb. 1805: 2nd, Charles Laing, Esq. of Edinburgh.

Issue (by first marriage) — 1. William Henry,
  2. Edward Larkins,
  3. Thomas,
  1. Frances.

26. Goodwyn, Charlotte, dau. of Henry Goodwyn15; b. 26th Jan. 1783, d. 27th Jan. 1853; m. Thomas Stokes, Esq. of Dartmouth Grove, Blackheath, d. 18th May 1853.

27. Goodwyn, Catherine, dau. of Henry Goodwyn15; d. unm. 1832. 27. Goodwyn, Amelia, dau. of Henry Goodwyn15; b. 4th Nov. 1775, d. April 1841, unm.

27. Goodwyn, Frances, dau. of Henry Goodwyn15, d. unm.

27. Goodwyn, Anna Delicia, dau. of Henry Goodwyn15; b. 22nd April 1781, d. unm. 1859.

28. Hutchinson, Elizabeth, dau. of Frances Hutchinson16; [b. 15 May 1781], d. Nov. 1851; m. 31st July 1817, Rev. Sir Henry Dryden, Bart., (Vicar of Ambroseden, Oxon, and Leek Wooton, Warwick,) of Canons-Ashby, Northamptonshire. Sir Henry died 17th Nov. 1837.

Issue 1. Henry Edward Leigh,
  2. Alfred Eramus,
  1. Elizabeth.

[28A. Hutchinson, Mary Anne, dau. of Frances Hutchinson16; b. 1783, m. W. H. Baldwin Esq., of Layland, Lancashire]

29. Hutchinson, Charles, son of Frances Hutchinson16 [b. at Sabase, near Amilus15 Feb. 1789, Bapt. at Hatfield 24 Nov. 1790; m. 28 June 1825] Caroline, dau. of Rigby Baldwin, Esq. of Leyland, by Frances, only dau. of Colonel Kearney, and granddaughter of Duke of Buckingham and Chandos.

Issue 1. Charles,
  2. Francis Edmund,
  3. Charles Pierrepoint.

30. Hutchinson, Cassandra, dau. of Frances Hutchinson16; m. Rev. C. R. Handley, of Herne Hill and Sturry, Kent, and son of William Handley, Esq. of Newark [and Muskham], Notts. [Rev. Handley d. 1873, and Mrs. C. R. Handley d. 1859].

31. Hutchinson, Julius, son of Frances Hutchinson16; [b. 1779, d. 1860, m. Elizabeth Bayerty who d. 1851].

[Issue 1. Norton Drydeau, b. 1829; m., issue 1 child.,
  2. Julius, b. 1832, m. issue 4 children,
  3. Stanhope, b. 1836, d. abt.1864, m. issue,
  1. Julia, b. 1822, m. 1842 Sir Wm. H. Walsingham Calder13th . He died 1865; no issue,
  2. Jenny, b. 1861.],

31. Hutchinson, Henry, son of Frances Hutchinson16; d. unm.

[31. Hutchinson, Charles, son of Frances Hutchinson16; d. 1786].

31. Hutchinson Frances, dau. of.Frances Hutchinson16; [b. 1776, d. unm. 1852]

31. Hutchinson, [Henrietta Mary] Clarissa, dau. of Frances Hutchinson16;[b. June1793] d. unm [Feb. 1857].

31. Hutchinson, Emma, dau. of Frances Hutchinson16; [b. March 1792], d. unm. [Nov. 1871].

[31. Hutchinson, Julia, dau. of Frances Hutchinson16; d. young]

32. Cary, John, son. of Rev. J. H. S. Cary18; b. Saturday; 25th April 1812; m, 26th Feb. 1857, Jane Francis.

Issue 1. Jane, b. 10th Jan. 1858,
  2. Elizabeth, b. 20th Oct. 1863.

33. Cary, Thomas, son of Rev. J. H. S. Cary18; b. 7th Aug. 1813; m. Fanny Foster Denham, dau. of Richard Didham, RN.

Issue 1. Harwick,
  2. Briggs,
  1. Fanny,
  2. Mary (Minnie),
  [Four others died young]

34. Cary, Richard, son of Rev. J. H. S. Cary18; b. 9th Dec. 1816; d. unm.

35. Cary, Edward, son of Rev. J. H. S. Cary18; b. 24th Oct. 1822 ; d. unm.

36. Cary, Harriet, dau. of Rev. J. H. S. Cary18; b. Monday, 18th March 1811; m. Rev. Edmund Harwick Marriott, Rector of Farnhurst, Sussex.

Issue 1. Edmund Harwick; b. at Ryde, Isle of Wight, 5th May 1837,
  2. Arthur Hall; b. at Farnhurst, 17th April 1851,
  1. Henrietta Elizabeth; b. 22nd Oct. 1840, d. 26th Oct. 1840.

37. Cary, Maria Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. J. H. S. Cary18; b. 27th April 1815; m. 1st, John Cary Marriott30, of Narborough Hall, Norfolk, by whom she had —

Issue 1. J. Lewis, now of Narborough Hall, Norfolk, the old seat of the Spelmans14 [m. Miss Burleigh of Halesworth, Suffolk ---
Issue — 1. John Robert Spelman, b. 26 May 1872, and 4 daughters.]
  2. Horace S. of Eau Brink Hall, near Lynn, Norfolk, formerly the seat of Edmund and Ann Harwick6, [b. 17 March 1844 m. 13 June 1872 at So. Leonards on Sea to Edith Godfrey, dau. of the late T. J. P. Harris, Esq. Madras C.S. and Gt. Granddaughter of 1st Lord Harris.
Issue — 1. Horace Cary Harris, b. 25th May 1873, 2. Alfred Spelman, b. 3 Jan. 1876, and 1. Edith Etheldred, b. 26th May 1874.]

Mrs. J. C Marriott m. 2ndly, Rev. S. Pearson, of 13 Trinity Place, Windsor.

38. Marriott, Henry Spelmnn, son of Ann Marriott19; b. 25th June 1805, d. 21st July 1875, late Rector of Felsham, Suffolk; m. Lucy, dau. of Archdeacon G. Glover, of Sudbury and Rector of South Repps, Norfolk.

Issue 1. Henry Spelman, Rector of Wilby, Suffolk; m. [23 April 1874] Gertrude, dau. of Lt.-Col. W. Parker, M.P. for West Suffolk. Issue1. [Henry Spelman, b. 8 March 1876] 1. Lucy Ada, m. [21 August 1867] Rev. Francis Staunton, of Staunton Hall, Notts.
Issue — 1. Henry Charlton, b. 6th Aug. 1868,
  2. Francis Malger, b. 15th Dec. 1869,
  3. Harvey, b. Nov. 21st, 1870,
  4. George William, b. 29th Jan. 1872,
  5. John Lancelot, b. 21st July 1873,
  6. [Anthony Goodwyn, b. 5 July 1877],
  1. Lucy Beatrice, b. 18th Sept. 1874.

(See Note F.)

39. Marriott, John Cary, son of Ann Marriott19; b. 29th Nov. 1807, d. 6th Aug. 1851; m. Maria Elizabeth Cary37, dau. of Rev. J. H. S. Cary18, Vicar of Farnhurst.

Issue 1. Lewis, now of Narborough Hall, Norfolk,
  2. Horace, now of Eau Brink Hall, near Lynn, Norfolk,
  [3 others d. young (Herbert, Alfred, and Dora)].

40. Marriott, Robert, son of Ann Marriott19; b. 1st Jan. 1809, d. 24th June 1867; m. 9th Sept. 1859, Annie Maria Parry, who was born 21st Oct. 1820.

Issue 1. Robert Spelman, born 10th Sept. 1861.

Mrs. Robert Marriott resides at Lodsworth, near Petworth.

41. Marriott, Edmund Harwick, son of Ann Marriott19; b. 27th Jan. 1812, Vicar of Farnhurst, Sussex: m. Harriet Cary36 [his cousin].

Issue 1. Edmund Harwick, b. 5th May 1837,
  2. Arthur Hall, b. 17th April 1851,
  1. Henrietta Elizabeth, b. 22nd Oct. d. 26th Oct. 1840.

42. Marriott, Charles Harwick, son of Ann Marriott19; b. 13 Jan. 1815, m. 12th July 1860, Mary Anna Palmer Bruce.

Issue 1. Charles John Bruce, b. 15th July 1861,
  2. Horace Bruce, b. 18th Feb. 1863,
  3. Thomas Bruce, b. 16th Sept. 1864,
  1. Georgie Louisa, b. 23rd April 1868.

The Rev. Charles Harwick Marriott resides [at #4 Mordeau Road, Blockheath], near London.

43. Marriott, Thomas Batman, son of Ann Marriott19; b. 13th July 1816, m. 15th Oct. 1845, Elizabeth Creak, who d. 26th March 1848.

Issue 1. William Frederick, b. 22nd March 1848, Lieut. 41st Regt.; m. 28th July 1874, Frances Georgiana, youngest dau. of Col. Robert Ross, of Balgersho, Perthshire.

T. B. Marriott, Esq. resides at Lynn Regis, Norfolk.

44. Marriott, Ann, dau. of Ann Marriott19, b. 16th March 1804, [m. Rev. Ball, Rector of Stoke, Ash. died for issue,

Issue 1. Henry E. M., now Rector of Stoke, Ash.,
  2. Arthur, dead ,
  3. Charles Cary, Rev. of Chefstord,
  1. Daughter, m.,
  2. Daughter, unm].

45. Marriott, Martha, dau. of Ann Marriott19, b. 17th Aug. 1806.

46. Marriott, Elizabeth, dau. of Ann Marriott19, b. 25th December 1810, [resides at 9 Heurcotta Villas, Bath].

47. Goodwyn, Henry, son of Henry Goodwyn20, b. 18th Jan. 1807; a General Officer in the Army, which he entered as 2nd-Lieut. of Bengal Engineers, 18th Dec. 1823. He was present as Lieutenant at the Seige and Capture of Bhurtpore, 1825-6, for which he wears the medal; subsequently engaged in the Punjaub campaign, 1848-9, for which he was also awarded the medal; m. 1st, Maria Gale, d. —, by whom he had Henry, a Lieutenant Bengal Engineers; who m. Susan McAlpin. He died leaving one son, Henry. Lieutenant Goodwyn's widow re-married George Steuart, Esq.

General Henry Goodwyn m. 2ndly, Emmeline, d. of J. Fuge, Esq. of Weymouth, by whom he has

Issue 1. Faith, b. 22nd Aug. 1874.
Two other children, who died young..

48. Goodwyn, Elizabeth Catherine, dau. of H. Goodwyn20; b. —, d. —; m. Capt. Edward Hawkins, of the Hon. East India Company's Army.

Issue 1. Edward,
  2. Henry,
  1. Eliza.

49. Goodwyn, Rev. Charles Flower, son of T. W. Goodwyn21; b. 24th June 1810, B.A. St. John's College, Cambridge.

50. Goodwyn, Thomas Wildman, son of T. W. Goodwyn21, b. 30th Aug. 1812; educated at Haileybury College, Hertford, and entered the Madras Civil Service 1831, from which he retired in 1861; m. 30th Aug. 1842, Sarah Eleanor, only child of James Lockyere Baker, Esq., West India Merchant, of London.

Issue 1. James Edward, b. 4th March 1844, Capt. 30th Regiment
  2. Frederick Wildman, b. 20th Jan. 1850; M.A. of Brasenose College, Oxford, Curate of St. George's, Doncaster, Yorkshire,
  1. Sarah Eleanor Baker, b. 3rd June 1846, [m. 17 April 1877 at Clifton, Capt. Henry Charles Reynolds, Royal Engineers, son of late Major General John Williams Reynolds, formerly of 11th Hassars]
  2. Eliza Frances, b. 29th May 1848 ; m. 16 June 1870, William John Brooke, Lieutenant-Colonel and late Major 30th Regt.
Issue 1. Herbert Otho Wildman Goodwyn, b. 30th April 1871.,
  2. Eldred Gordon Coldcall, b. 25th June 1873, [and one other.]

Residence — 44 York Crescent, Clifton.

51. Goodwyn, Walter Frederick, son of T. W. Goodwyn21, b. 1st Nov. 1815, d. 10th April 1849, Captain 13th Regt. Madras Native Infantry; m. Elizabeth Vye, widow of B. Vye, Esq., of Ilfracombe : no issue.

Mrs. W. F. Goodwyn re-m. Jabez Crookes, Esq., of Ilfracombe.

52. Goodwyn, Henry William, son of T. W. Goodwyn21, b. 27th September 1817; entered the Army as Ensign, 75th Regiment, 9th December 1836; served at the Cape of Good Hope, as Lieutenant, from 1839 to 1843, was there employed as Assistant Engineer in building the Barracks at Post Retief, and the Martello Tower at Fort Armstrong, and received the thanks of the Royal Engineer Department, dated 6th April 1842; promoted Captain 1849; and served in 75th and 98th Regiments in India from 1849 to 1855; and his name appeared in General Orders of the Army as having passed in Hindoostani; in 1857 he was appointed Staff-Officer of Pensioners of the Shrewsbury District; and in 1860 promoted Brevet Major; in 1867 he was promoted Major unattached; and retired from the service, by the sale of his commission, in 1868 ; m. 1st, at Umballa, India, 12th March 1850, Frances Dora Henderson, 3rd dau. of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles S. Naylor : she d. 30th December 1853.

Issue 2 children, d. infants.

He m. 2nd, at Horstead, Norfolk, 14th May 1857, his cousin Caroline, only dau. of Christopher James Magnay, Esq., of Crouch End, Middlesex: she d. 27th April 1876. No issue.

Residence — Milford Lodge, near Lymington, Hants.
Clubs — The Junior United Service ; Civil and United Service ; and Temple.

53. Goodwyn, Alfred George, son of T. W. Goodwyn21; b. 17th August 1819; d. 11th April 1873. A Major-General in the Army, which he entered as 2nd Lieutenant of Bengal Engineers, 12th June 1837 ; he served through the campaign in Affghanistan, in 1842 (medal); in the Sutledge Campaign, 1845-46 ; and at Ferozshah (medal) ; in the Punjaub Campaign, 1848-9, including Chillianwallah and Goojerat, (medal with two clasps, and promoted to Brevet-Major); also in the Indian Mutiny, and was present at the relief of Lucknow in November 1857 (medal) : he received a district certificate for passing in the Hindoostani language; m. 11th April 1844, Maria Anne, 1st dau. of Dr. A. Ross, M.D., of the H. E. I. Co's. Service.

Issue 1. Alfred George, b. 13th March 1850; Lieutenant Royal Engineers: killed at Roorkee, Bengal Presidency, by a fall from his horse, 14th March 1874,
  2. Arthur Ross, b. 28th September 1852 ; a settler in Kansas, U.S.,
  3. Henry Edward, b. 11th October 1855; Lieut. Royal Engineers,
  1. Elizabeth, b. 7th June 1846,
  2. Emily, b. 18th October 1848,
  3. Marian (Minnie), b. 13th April 1851,
  4. Maria Catherine, b. 9th April 1854,
  5. Teresa Constance, b. 9th November 1859.

Mrs. Alfred Goodwyn resides at #27 Park Street, Bath.

54. Goodwyn, Arthur John Bowdler, son of T. W. Goodwyn21; b. 16th October 1821; entered the Audit Office, Somerset House, 1845 ; employed in the Commissariat Audit Department at Constantinople, in 1856; m. at Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire, 8th April 1863, Margaret Catherine, dau. of Rev. Charles Fyvie, M.A., Dean of Moray and Ross.

Residence — Bedfont House, Middlesex.
Clubs — The Reform.

55. Goodwyn, Julius Edmund, son of T. W. Goodwyn21; b. 21st February 1824; entered the Army as Ensign 41st Regiment, 5th January 1844; and became Lieutenant-Colonel 12th December 1854; Colonel 19th March 1858; and Major-General 6th March 1868, [then Lieut. General 2nd Oct. 1877]. He served in the Crimea 1854-5, and was present at the Alma, Inkerman, Siege and fall of Sebastopol, the repulse of the Russian Sortie on 26th October, the affair on 18th June (wounded in the forehead), and the assault on the Redan of 8th September; for which services he has received the following rewards — Medal with 3 Clasps; Knight of the Legion of Honour; Medjidie 5th class; Turkish Medal; and C.B. He subsequently served in the West Indies, in command of the 41st Regiment, and in 1865 proceeded to India with that Corps; from which date to the close of 1869 he was employed as a Brigadier General in the Bengal Pesidency.
Lieut. General J. E. Goodwyn m. 29th Sept. 1858, Euphemia, dau. of Capt. Kent, R.N.

Issue 1. Julius Henry, b. 9th October 1859,
  2. Norton James, b. 7th October 1861,
  3. Alfred Hunter, b. 19 August 1864,
  4. Walter Meredith, b. 6th May 1871,
  1. Elizabeth Madlan, b. 18th November 1862.
Residence — Stoneborough, Budleigh Salterton, Devon.
Clubs — Junior United Service.

56. Goodwyn, Elizabeth, dau. of T. W. Goodwyn21; b. 10th January 1826, m. George Baker, Esq., of the Audit Office, Somerset House, 2nd son of Joseph Baker, Esq.

Issue 1. George, b. 19th November 1863,
  2. Wildman Edward, b. 6th September 1865.
  1. Elizabeth Teresa, b. 25th August 1867.
Residence — 9 Worcester Terrace, Clifton.

57. Goodwyn, Henry Thomas Wildman, son of T.W. Goodwyn 21; b. 14th August 1811; d. 5th February 1812.

57. Goodwyn, James Edward, son of T.W. Goodwyn 21; b. 25th January 1814; d. 10th June 1829.

58. Goodwyn, Charles Samuel, son of C. S. Goodwyn22; b. 9th November 1825; m. June 1856, Georgina Adelaide, dau. of George Saunders, Esq., of Sutton, Somerset.

Issue 1. Charles Stephenson, b. 21st April 1857,
  2. Henry George, b. 14th April 1858,
  3. Harry, b. 18th April 1861,
  4. Arthur Frederick, b. 15th April 1868,
  1. Marian Letitia, b. 4th Aug. 1859,
  2. Susan Adelaide Agnes, b. 21st June 1862,
  3. Ellen Mary, b. 24th Oct. d. 1st Dec. 1863,
  4. Catherine Mary, b. 2nd Nov. 1865,
  5. Louise, b. 2nd March 1869,
  6. Alice, b. 22nd July 1870,
  7. Georgina Florence, b. 28th June, d. 5th Sept. 1871.

59. Goodwyn, Henry John, son of C. S. Goodwyn22; b. 16th May 1834, d. 26th December, 1863.

60.Goodwyn, Letitia, dau. of C. S. Goodwyn22; b. 8th Oct. 1819, killed by an accident at a Railway Station, 7th July 1873 ; unm.

61. Goodwyn, Elizabeth Sophia, dau. of C. S. Goodwyn22, b. 9th Sept. 1820.

62. Goodwyn, Catherine Laura, dau. of C. S. Goodwyn22; b. 22nd Aug. 1821; m. 25th Nov. 1848, Col. James R. Western, Royal Engineers : she died in India, 27th Feb. 1850: he d. 13th Jan. 1871.

Issue 1. Catherine Charlotte, b. 19th Feb. 1850; m. Major-General Chas. Henry Hutchinson, Royal Madras Artillery, who died 27th Oct. 1873.
  Issue—One Son, One Daughter.

63. Goodwyn, Charlotte Louisa, dau. of C. S. Goodwyn22, b. 4th Feb. 1823, adopted child of Charlotte and Thomas Stokes26; m. 10th June 1856, Col. Geo. Moubray Lys, C.B. late 48th and 20th Regiments.

Issue 1. George Moubray Dalrymple, J. 20th Sept. 1859,
  Louisa Moubray Hill, b. 2nd May 1857,
  Adeliza Catherine Ince, b. 16th April 1862,
  Rosa Mary Venables, b. 12th Jan. 1864,

64. Goodwyn, Marian Amelia, dau. of C. S. Goodwyn22, b. 14 Nov. 1829; d. unm. April 1851.

65. Goodwyn, Fanny Anna, dau. of C. S. Goodwyn22, b. 17th March 1831; d. 30th March 1831.

66. Enderby, Samuel, son of Mary Enderby23, b. 16th Dec. 1788; d. at Swansea, 5th Feb. 1873; Capt. half-pay, 59th Regiment. He was a Midshipman on board Her Majesty's Ship Defence, at the Battle of Trafalgar. Served many years in India, as Capt. 16th Lancers: m. 2ndly 23 Dec. 1820, Mary Whyte, of Red Hills Estate, county Cavan.
[Capt. Samuel Enderby was four times married; 1st wife maiden name was Rebecca Davis who was b. 22 Oct. 1789 and d. at Madras, leaving issue: Mary Maxwell who died at Greenwich 31 March 1815.]

Issue l. Georgina Mary, b. at Meerut 26 Sept. 1827, m. Rev. Edmund Burke Whyte Venables. [She succeeded to the estates of her uncle, Francis Melville Whyte of Red Hills North Belturbet, County Cavan [Ireland] and was enjoined by his will dated 31 March 1833 to take the name and Arms of Whyte. See BURKE’s Landed Gentry, Volume 2nd. page 1657.]

67. Enderby, Charles, son of Mary Enderby23, b. 21st Nov. 1797, d. 31st Aug. 1876.

68. Enderby, Henry, son of Mary Enderby23, b. 19th May 1800, d. 5th July 1876.

69. Enderby, George, son of Mary Enderby23, b. 10th June 1802.

70. Enderby, William, son of Mary Enderby23, b. 18th March 1805, d. 9th Aug. 1876; m. 22nd Feb. 1830, Mary Howis.

Issue Two Sons, Five Daughters.

71. Enderby, Elizabeth, dau. of Mary Enderby23, b. 6th July 1792, d. 30th Nov. 1873; m. Lieut.-Gen. H. W. Gordon, Royal Artillery, who died 19th Sept. 1865.

Issue 1. Sir Henry William, K.C.B., b. 9th July 1818; late Captain 59th Regiment; Controller, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich; served in the Crimea, from March 1855, to the end of the war: m. 20th June 1851, Henrietta Rose, dau. of Gen. Staveley, C.B. Issue — Six Sons, Four Daughters.
  2. Samuel Enderby, C.B., b. 14th Nov. 1824 ; Major General Royal Artillery, and Director of Artillery Studies: served in Crimea, including the Battles of the Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman, Siege and Capture of Sebastopol; for which he received Medal and 4 Clasps; together with Turkish and Sardinian Medals, and 5th Class of Medjidie: served in India during the Mutiny, and was mentioned in despatches; received a Medal, and C.B.; m. 22 July 1856, Margaret Flora Mary MacDougal.
Issue — Four Sons, One Daughter.
  3. William Augustus, b. 16 March 1831, d. 12th Oct. 1863.
  4. Charles George, C.B., b. 28th Jan. 1833; Major and Brevet-Col. Royal Engineers, on special service in Egypt; Governor of the Soudan; wounded in Crimea 6th June 1855; present at the Redan on 18th June, also at Kinboura, (Medal with Clasp, Knight of Legion of Honour, and Turkish Medal): served in China 1860 (Medal and Clasp for Pekin); commanded in 1863-4 an Imperialist force in 33 engagements with rebels, for which he was made Brevet Lieut.-Col. and C.B., and received the highest Chinese rank and honours. For his services in Equatorial Africa, the Khedive, in 1876, decorated him with the Grand Cross of the Order of the Medjidie.
  5. Frederick Walcott Robert, b. 30th NOV. 1835, d. 1st Feb. 1872; m. 13th May 1861, Frances Brandon. Issue — Two Sons, Four Daughters
  1. Elizabeth Maria, b. 10th Jan. 1820; m. 12th Aug, 1840, Lieut.-Gen. Franklin Dunlop, C.B. Royal Artillery. Issue — Two Sons, One Daughter.
Lieut.-Gen. Dunlop commanded the troops in China on the breaking out of the war, 1856; and commanded the Artillery at the taking of Canton, 1857, for which he received Medal with Clasp, and C.B.
  2. Mary Augusta, b. 24th Jan. 1822.
  3. Henrietta Charlotte, b. 3rd June 1823; m. 10th March 1853, Major N. S. Bayly, R.A., who d. 18th Oct. 1865. Issue — Four Sons, Three Daughters.
  4. Emily Georgina, b. 28th Sept. 1826, d. 18th Nov. 1843
  5. Wilhelmina Harriet, b. 16th June 1828; m. 3rd Oct. 1856, Lieut. W. C. Anderson Royal Engineers, who died 7th Aug. 1857. Issue — One Son.
  6. Helen Clarke, b. 26th Sept. 1838; m. 18th Aug. 1868, Surgeon-Major Andrew Moffitt. Mr. Moffitt served in China (Medal), at Shanghai, and with the Chinese Army under Colonel Gordon, and holds Medals from the Emperor of China.

72 Enderby, Mary, dau. of Mary Enderby23, b. 17th July 1795, d. 4th Nov. 1861; m. 1st, Rev. G. Matthews, Vicar of Greenwich, 2ndly, Dr. W. Donnelly, R.N. – No issue.

73. Enderby, Caroline, dau. of Mary Enderby23, b. 6th March 1807, d. 13th Nov. 1873; m. Commander W. Dow, R.N., who d. 18th Jan. 1873.

[Issue 1. Caroline, m. Mr. Moggeridge Esq. of Bristol,
  2. Eliza Jane m. Commander Borrett, Ret. (dead),
  3. Mary, died young,
  4. Harriet Anne, m. Maj. Grant, a Linesman,
  5. Amelia Enderby, m. (??) Rt. Hawthorne, Royal Engineeers.]

74. Enderby, Amelia, dau. of Mary Enderby23, b. 13th March 1809 : resides at 12 Neville Terrace, Brompton.

75. Barnard, William Henry, son of Harriet Barnard25, b. May 1801, d. 13th Nov. 1838; m. Eliza Weston, who m. 2ndly, Dr E. Headlam Greenhow, M.D. She died 1858.

Issue (by 1st marriage) 1. Rev. William Henry, M.A., of Monkland, W. Leominster,
  1. Eliza Harriet, m. Rev. N. G. Pilkington, Vicar of Bedfont, Middlesex

76. Barnard, Edward Larkins, son of Harriet Barnard25, b. 1802, d. Nov. 1807.

77. Barnard, Thomas, son of Harriet Barnard25, b. — 18--; m. 1st, Mary Anne James, who d. 1850; m. 2ndly, Henrietta Georgiana James.

78. Barnard, Frances, dau. of Harriet Barnard25, b. 1800, d. 30th Jan. 1874; m. Rev. Thomas Ainger, Vicar of Hampstead, Middlesex, who died 15th Nov. 1863.

Issue 1. Thomas William, b. 6th May 1829, d. 22nd Oct. 1846,
  2. Edward Barnard, b. 21st Dec. 1832,
  3. Arthur Campbell, b. 4th July 1841
  1. Frances Ann, b. 24th Feb. 1831, d. 13th Aug. 1859
  2. Harriet Mary, b. 18th Oct. 1834; m. 23rd July 1863, Woolmore Wigram, Esq.,
  3. Elizabeth Maria, b. 24th Jan. 1837, d. 26th May 1855,
  4. Emily Catherine, b. 13th April 1839,
  5. Eleanor Susan, b. 8th March 1844.

79. Dryden, Sir Henry Edward Leigh, Bart., son of Elizabeth Dryden28, b. 17 th Aug. 1818 ; m. 24th Jan. 1865, at St. Peter's Church, Brackley, Northamptonshire, Frances, eldest daughter of Rev. Robert Tredcroft, Rector of Tangmere, Sussex.

Issue 1. Alice, b. 1866,
Residence — Canons-Ashby, near Daventry, Northamptonshire.

(See Note G.)

80. Dryden, Alfred Erasmus, son of Elizabeth Dryden28, b. 14th August 1822 (a Barrister- at-law); m. 16th May 1849, Frances Isabella, only daughter of Rev. J. C. Curwen, Rector of Harrington, Cumberland.

Issue 1. Henry John Lawrence, b. 21st Feb. 1850,
  2. Arthur, b. 12th April 1852. (Club — The Temple.),
  3. Alfred,
  1. Ethel Marian,
  2. Clara,
  3. Louisa,
  4. Mary.

81. Dryden, Elizabeth Matilda, dau. of Elizabeth Dryden28; m. 31st March 1859, Baron Frederick William Amelius Pergler von Perglas, of the Royal Wurtemburgisch Army.

Issue One daughter, [Emma]

82. Hutchinson, Charles, son of Charles Hutchinson29.

83. Hutchinson, Rev. Francis Edmund, son of Charles Hutchinson29, b. 24th June 1830; Rector of Tisbury; m. Elizabeth Matravers, only daughter of Rev. H. Mair, of Donhead, Wilts, and Iron Acton, Gloucestershire.

84. Hutchinson, Charles Pierrepoint, son of Charles Hutchinson29; m. Louisa, daughter of Rev. Barker, Rector of Rickmansworth.

Issue 1. Charles Alleyne,
  2. Frederick,
  3. Henry Norton,
  1. Frances.


A. It is a circumstance worthy of remark, that in the reign of Henry IV, in the year 1403, the living of Warham, Norfolk, was held by John Godwyne, who was presented to it by Lady Joan, relict of Sir Stephen de Hales; and that on the 10th Feb. 1789, our great-great-uncle Robert Goodwyn12, died Rector of that parish ; having been presented to it in 1749, by an old friend of his family, Sir John Turner, Bart., Alderman of Lynn.

See BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, edition 1808, vol. ix. page 266.

These circumstances, unimportant as they may seem, induce the compiler to draw the inference that, as in the reign of Henry IV, the presentation of this living was vested in the family of Sir Stephen de Hales, and that right exercised in favor of a Godwyne, doubtless a friend of that family; so, as this right of presentation descended to the Turner family, the old friendship for the family of Godwyne or Goodwyn having conTINUED Through three hundred years, that right was in the 18th century again exercised BY SIR JOHN Turner, in favor of Robert, the son of his intimate friend and brother alderman, John Goodwyn4, to whom he gave the living of Warham, as a parting gift at the end of his mayoralty in 1749, when he was succeeded in the civic chair by his valued old friend.

It perhaps renders this circumstance the more curious, that in the 15th century J. Godwyne was Rector of Warham; R. Goodwyn being then Mayor of Lynn; and in the 18th century J. Goodwyn was Mayor of Lynn, and R. Goodwyn Rector of Warham.


B. Holt, in the Saxon tongue, signifies a wood, from which it is probable this parish derives its name. Of its church (St.Andrew's), in the year 1375, William Goodwyn was Rector, having been presented to it by the Lady Alice de Nerford, Lady Nevill. See BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, edition 1808, vol ix, page 399.

C. In this parish there existed, during the reign of Henry VIII, a manor called Goodwyn's, being a messuage of sixty acres, forty of which were pasturage; and in the parish church of South Burlingham, A.D. 1518, was buried Ralph Goodwyn, described as of North Burlingham. See BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, edition 1807, vol. vii, pages 224 and 226.

D. St. Peter's Church: in the year 1742 Robert Goodwyn12, our great-great-uncle, was Rector of it, having been presented by our great-great-grandfather, John Goodwyn, Alderman of Lynn. In the year 1749 the Rev. Robert Goodwyn resigned this living on being presented to that of Warham. See BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, edition 1810, vol xi, page 163.

E. St. Nicholas Church: A.D. 1349 Richard Godwyne was Rector of this parish, having been presented to the living by John de Foxley. See BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, edition 1808, vol. viii, page 283.


F. The family of the Rev. Francis Staunton38 is of great antiquity, dating back in Nottinghamshire to the time of Edward the Confessor. It has an old pedigree in rhyme, by Robert Cade, consisting of between one and two hundred verses, and quoting the epitaphs from the church.

An old custom still exists, respecting Staunton's Tower, to the effect that when the Royal Family of England visits the locality, the head of the Staunton family, in person, presents the key of that ancient stronghold. This ceremony was last observed in 1866, when the Prince of Wales was staying at Belvoir, the seat of the Duke of Rutland, and the Rev. Francis Staunton had the honour of presenting the key to His Royal Highness.

G. The family of Dryden79 is a very old one in Northamptonshire. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Erasmus Dryden was Sheriff of that county; and on 16th November 1619, was created a Baronet; and having married Frances, daughter of William Wilkes, Esquire, of Warwickshire, had issue 3 sons; the youngest of whom, Erasmus, married Mary, daughter of Rev. Dr. John Pickering, and had issue 4 sons. The eldest, John Dryden, the poet, was born in 1631, and married Lady Elizabeth Howard, daughter of the Earl of Berkshire, and died in the year 1700, leaving issue. (See BURKE'S Peerage and Baronetage). On 17th November 1837, Sir Henry Edward Leigh Dryden, the present Baronet, succeeded his father as fourth Baronet; and on 24th March 1874, he succeeded, as 7th Baronet, his cousin, Sir Edward H. Page Turner. Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, (M.A.), J.P. & D.L. for Northamptonshire, of which county he was High Sheriff, 1844. He is Patron of one living.

H. The family of Rev. Julius Hutchinson16, of Owthorpe, Notts, and Woodhall Park, Herts, dates back, in Yorkshire, to the early part of the reign of Henry III; and from it descended the distinguished in history, Colonel John Hutchinson, of Owthorpe, Governor of Nottingham Castle.

I. WILLIAM RICHARDS, M.A., in his History of Lynn, says, at page 910, vol. ii. — Mr. John Goodwin4, the Mayor, 1728, distinguished himself by setting down a stone cistern at the end of the Fish Shambles, and also endowing one of the Alms-houses in Broad Street, for one poor man, with two shillings a week. And, at page 917— May 23, 1733, Edmund Harwick6, of Wiggenhall St. Maries, to have his ffreedom, upon recommendation of Alderman John Goodwin4, he not having had a ffreeman chosen for his last Mayoralty, as hath been customed.

Richard Goodwyn1, 1486.   Richard Harwick, 1722.
Daniel Goodwyn3, 1671.   Charles Harwick, 1730.
GEORGE I.   John Cary, 1740.
John Goodwyn4, 1721.   John Cary, 1754.
John Goodwyn4, 1728.   John Cary, 1765.
John Goodwyn7, Jun., 1736.    
John Goodwyn4, 1738.    
John Goodwyn4, 1749.    

Richard Goodwyn2, 1632.



John4, son of Daniel Goodwyn, Nov. 1672.
Amy, daughter of Daniel Goodwyn, Jan. 1678.
Sarah8, daughter of John Goodwyn, Oct. 1705.
Agnes9, daughter of John Goodwyn, Aug. 1709.
Anne6, daughter of John Goodwyn and Ann his wife, Sept. 1701.
Henry11, son of John Goodwyn, April 1713.


Ann Goodwin, of Norwich, buried 1648.
Mrs. Goodwyn, widow, buried September 1645.
Anne, wife of Henry Goodwyn, buried May 1620.
Robert, son of Richard Goodwyn, buried May 1615.
John Goodin, buried Dec. 1612.
Mabel Goodwyn, daughter of Richard Goodwyn, buried Sept. 1607.
Catherine Goodwin, widow, buried Oct. 1610.
Edmund, son of Daniel Goodwin, buried Aug. 1675.
Daniel Goodwin3, buried October 1694.
Sarah, daughter of Robert Goodwyn, buried Nov. 1694.
William Goodwyn, buried January 1743.


M.   St.Nicholas Chapel, Lynn Regis;   7th Aug. 1648, Anne Goodwin, of Norwich.
    do 8th Oct. 1694, Mr. Daniel Goodwin.
    do 30th Nov. 1740, Mr. Daniel Goodwyn10.
    do 19th April 1743, John Goodwyn7, Esq.
    do 15th Oct. 1745, Ann, w. of John Goodwine4.
    do 10th April 1763, John Goodwyn4, Esquire.
    St.Mary's, Warham, Norfolk. Died 10th Feb. buried 18th Feb. 1789, Rev. Robert Goodwyn, (Rector).


    At St. Nicholas Chapel, Lynn Regis, on marble slabs in the Chancel floor, will be found :—
N.   John Goodwyn4, Esq., four times Mayor of this Corporation, departed this life 7th April 1763, aged 90 years.
O. also, Ann4, his wife, who departed this life 12th October 1745, aged 65 years.
P. also, Mr. Daniel Goodwyn10, in this port, Land Surveyor of His Majesty's Customs : he dyed Nov. 27th, 1740, aged 29 years.
  also, John Goodwyn7, Jun., Esq., who departed this life April 10th, 1743, aged 39 years.
    At St. Nicholas Chapel, Lynn Regis, on marble slabs in the Chancel floor, will be found :—

Q.   At St. Nicholas Chapel, Lynn Regis, on a marble stone, this inscription —
    Amy Levinz, relict of Robert Levinz, Esq., and formerly wife of Daniel Goodwin, gent., died 1st January 1717, aged 72.

R.   At the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Wiggenhall, near Lynn, the following inscriptions are found on tablets on the floor, reaching from the south door across the church—
    Here lyeth the body of John Cary13, Esq., late of King's Lynn in this county, three times Mayor of that town ; he departed this life the 11th day of November, in the year of our Lord 1807, aged 72 years.
S.   Elizabeth13, daughter of Edmund Harwick6, and wife of John Cary13, Esq., of King's Lynn, who departed this life, July the 20th, 1816, in the 79th year of her age.

T.   At St. Nicholas Chapel, Lynn, a mural tablet —
    John Cary, Esq., who was three times Mayor of this town; he died upon the last day of the year 1776, in the 84th year of his age. He was one of the best of parents, and in every station of life, an honest and good man.

U.   At St. Mary's the Virgin, Wiggenhall, near Lynn Regis. Inscription on a white marble monument affixed to the wall, on the left hand side of the tower arch —
    To the memory of Edmund Harwick6, of Eau-brink, Esquire, who near this place lies interr'd, with three of his children, one son and two daughters; he died the 22nd October 1759, aged 61.

To these so mourn'd in death, so lov'd in life,
The children's parent and the widow'd wife,
With tears inscribes this monumental stone,
That holds their ashes and expects her own.

V.   At St. Andrew's the Apostle, Norwich, in the nave, beginning at the west end, will be found a tomb inscribed —
    Laurence Goodwin, late Alderman, 1725, 92; Barbara, his last wife; Mary, his 1st wife; and 3 of their children.

W.   At St. Mary's the Virgin, Wiggenhall, near Lynn Regis —
    Here lieth the body of Ann Harwick6, relict of Edmund Harwick6 , of Eau-brink: she departed this life the 13th of February 1782, aged 79 years.

X.   Copy of an Inscription upon a Massive Flagon,belonging to the Communion Plate of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Wiggenhall, near Lynn Regis.
    "The gift of Edmund Harwick6, Esquire, of Eau-brink, and Ann6, his wife, daughter of John Goodwyn4 , Esquire, of Kings Lynn, to this Church, 1760."

BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk (edition 1806, vol. iv, page 313) reports —

Y.   In the Church of St.Andrew the Apostle, Norwich, amongst the Communion plate, is a large Offering Dish, of 47 ounces weight: —
    " Ex Dono Laurentij Goodwyn, Armigeri, hujus Civitatis nuper Praetoris. To do good and communicate forget not, A0 XTL 1704."

    There are also two noble Flagons, of his gift. One weighs above 59 ounces, and the other above 58. On each is this:—
    " Altari Ecclesiae STL,Andreae, in Civit. Norvic. Consecratum 1704."

The compiler, having received from the late Mrs. Thomas Cary an original impression of the book plate used
by our great-great-uncle, Robert Goodwyn, in the year 1743, when Rector of Clippesby, Norfolk, has had it
copied; and the plate in the cover of this pedigree is a facsimile of it, in all but the Christian name and date.

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