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The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 5, Issue 3, July 1983)



Query V-18
Parentage of Mary GOCDWIN wanted. She md. Josiah TYRELL 1 Jan 1723/3. Josiah TYRELL b. 19 Aug. 1695, d. 17 Feb. 1767, the son of John TYRELL whose father was Roger TYRRELL. Probably Milford or New Haven, CT.

Query V-19
Ancestry wanted of Margaret Jane GOODWIN, born ca 1831 Schagitoeke, N.Y. Married as his second wife, Thomas CASSELL, b. 15 Jan 1882 in Gateside, Fife bounty, Scotland, d. ll Mar. 1882 Hebron, N.T. Had children Doratus, Charles, Andrew and Albert.

Query V-20
Who is Elizabeth CLARK who mar. Jonathan GOODWIN at BH in 1770?

Query V-21
Amanda GOODWIN born 1860 Ala., married Hosia H. GEORGE 1875 Ala. She died 1883 in Texas. Any information would be greatly appreciated



These answers were sent in by Harold (Terry) Goodwin, Ontario

Query Answer V-13

Stephen GOODWIN: I suspect he and Daniel went to Virginia in 1635. (Editor's note: 0n p.734 of Passenger and Immigration Lists Index edited by William Filby with Mary K. Meyer Vol. 1, Daniell GOODWIN n.a. Va. 1638 and on p. 735 Stephen GOODWIN n.a. Va. 1635. Their source reference was Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666 Pub. Richmond, Va. W.C. Hill Printing Co. 1912, Reprint Baltimore Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc. 1960.) They are listed as head rights for a mariner William BARKER (they had an uncle by that name) See Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent reprinted by Gen. Pub. Co. Baltimore, pages 35 and 100. What I don't know yet is how they got from Virginia to New England. I think they may have gone in the spring of 1644 when Daniel GOOKIN (no relation,) was kicked out because of the work of Rev. Wm. TOMPSON a missionary from Mass. (This man is also an ancestor of that branch of the Goodwin family that moved to North Berwick.) Samuel GOODWIN married Anna Tompson GERRISH. John S. GOODWIN lists Stephen in Salem in l664 but no source record and I have not seen any other. Other oral history says Charlestown. I have checked and cannot find any confirmation. Any Information from about 1644 to 1652 "near Plymouth" Mass. of course would be appreciated.

Query Answer V-14

Lucy (Morgan) GOODWIN: See p. 230 Suffolk Manorial Families by J.J. MUSKETT. She was the mother of James Junius GOODWIN who commissioned The Goodwins of Hartford. Conn. The NEHGR article seems to put the connection through the Morgan side; I have read but do not follow it. The Goodwin family that Lucy married is not our Goodwin family although they may have known each other in England. They were from Blocking (?) Braintree, west of East Bergholt. Starr and Waters and others did lots of work for J.J. GOODWIN and that is why we feel that "our" Daniel came from Yoxford, his father Daniel buried there in 1625 and grand-father, John, of East Bergholt. James J. GOODWIN married Josephine Sara LIPPINCOTT. My mother, Alice H. HAPGOOD, was a companion to Cousin Sara before Mother got married in 1919. The Morgan family, incidentally, is the same as the J.P. M0RGAN of financial fame. Among other things they originally ran a tavern in Hartford and a stagecoach to Albany, NY. My Mother's mother was Mary Morgan SMITH of Hartford, Conn.

This answer was sent in by Mrs. Frank W. HOWARD, Augusta, ME

Query Answer V-15

Daniel Wadelstensteen, Dutch, b. about 1643, d. 1713, m. 19 Sept. 1670 Patience CHADBOURNE, dau. of Margaret Spencer CHADBOURNE, b. 1651, d. 1716, of Kittery. He had a grant in Kittery in 1699. He dropped the first part of his name and changed "steen" to "STONE".
Source - Kittery and Her Families by Stackpole; Henry Adams of Somersetshire England and Braintree, Mass. by J. Gardner BARTLETT 1927
Patience was b. 1651, 3 years before Margaret SPENCER m. Daniel GOODWIN. She had 2 brothers; David and Adam, b. before Margaret m. Daniel.


Flagon and Trencher
421 Summit Ave.
South Orange, N.J. 07079
17 May 1983

Dear Mrs. Sharp,
Flagon and Trencher: Descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers was founded by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. and myself late in 1963. The purposes of F&T are: "Collecting and disseminating among its members, and eventually to others, information concerning taverns, their keepers, recipes, customs, & c; Building a body of genealogical records showing descent from tavern-keeping ancestors; Creating for members through dinner meetings and other means the spirit of good fellowship and friendship inherent in these purposes." We also teach that the Taverner was respected, and frequently appointed by public officials. Membership is limited to those who can prove direct descent from a person who conducted a tavern/inn/ordinary/ house of public entertainment, or other type of hostelry prior to 4 July 1776.
We have one dinner meeting a year, but the membership has grown so large (over 500 active members) that states and regions are going to be permitted to hold their own dinners, hopefully with colonial dishes and talks about colonial inns, customs, $ c. For the rest of this year, life membership is $20.00, which includes a membership certificate and a bronze clasp or pendent. (Next year, the application fee will be raised, when we start paying a genealogist to examine applications; I have never taken any compensation.)
Everything about F&T is simple, unpretentious: no black tie, no ribbons or medals, no ceremony. That's about it.

Sincerely Yours,
Kenn Stryker-Rodda
Keeper of the Tavern Records.



From: York County Coast Star, Wednesday June 1, 1983

Arabella G. GOODWIN, 72, of Somersworth, N.H. Died May 28 at a Dover, N.H. hospital.
She was born in Berwick, the daughter of Louis and Celia Emery GUPTILL, was a lifetime resident of the Somersworth-Berwick area and attended Berwick schools. She was a member of the United Methodist Church of Berwick, the OES, and the Pythian Sisters.
She was employed as a secretary of the University of New Hampshire for 10 years and was a nurse's aide for 12 years at the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Dover. She received her training as a practical nurse at York Hospital. For several years she was in charge of the box office at the Hackmatack Theater of Berwick.
She is survived by her husband. Frank C. GOODWIN, Sr. of Somersworth; one son, George PIKE Jr. of Rochester, N.H.; one daughter Mrs. Raymand (Frances) FOURNIER of Berwick; one brother, S. Carlton GUPTILL of Berwick; six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Also surviving are five stepsons, Robert GOODWIN of Salem, Mass., Truman GOODWIN of Ramstein, Germany, David GOODWIN of Swampscott, Mass., Frank Goodwin, Jr., with the Marine Corps in Hawaii, and John GOODWIN of Marblehead, Mass,; and two stepdaughters, Patricia WARE and Janice HOUSEMAN, both of Marblehead, Mass.

From: York County Coast Star June 8 1983

Marjorie Cournoyer GOODWIN, 72, of 363 State Road, Eliot, wife of Roland A. GOODWIN Sr., died at the Goodall Hospital in Sanford June 1.
She was born in Kittery, the daughter of Frank and Marlon Philbrick COURNOYER.
She was a member of the Eliot United Methodist Church, the Lioness Club and the John F. Hill Grange, No. 393. She is survived by her husband, three daughters; Joyce GOODWIN, Mrs. Virginia ELWELL and Mrs. Ann EMERY, all of Eliot, two sons, Paul F. of Eliot, and Roland A. Jr. of Manchester, N.H. and Guam; 14 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.



Daniel Goodwin and Hannah Junkins Married July 14 1825
Daniel Goodwin and Mary Nason Married November 16 1828
Daniel Goodwin Jr. and Mary A. Lord Married Sept 16 1861
Joseph H. Butler and Gertie H. Goodwin Married Feb 14 1883
Irving E. Goodwin and Mabel Raitt Married May 30, 1888

(Editor's note: The last two Goodwins listed their middle names first and were called by those names)

Hannah G. Goodwin Born Sept 24, 1862
Willie S. Goodwin Born December 15, 1863
Edgar I. Goodwin Born Oct. 10, 1865
George Wallace Goodwin born October 2nd 1867
Frank Lord Goodwin born May 4, 1869
Elbridge A, Goodwin Born December 30 1871
Hattie E. Goodwin Born January 15 1874
Lilla B. Goodwin Born November 15 1874
Daniel A. Goodwin Born March 21 1878
Grace Goodwin Born May 1 1880
Manie Goodwin Born February 20 1882

Job Meads Hattie E. Goodwin married June 27 1894

Daniel Goodwin born January 26 1804
Hannah Goodwin Born January 9 1803
Mary Goodwin Born November 24 1793

(Editor's note: These were his two wives. The maiden name of the first was Junkins and the latter Nason.)

Anna Goodwin Born August 21 1825
(Child of first wife) (Ed. note)

Nathan N. Goodwin Born December 16 1828
Elisha Goodwin Born August 4 1830
Daniel Goodwin Born October 11 1832
Marshall Goodwin Born February 2 1835
Franklin Goodwin Born April 10 1836
Mary A. Lord Born November 10 1842
(Note: After birth of Elisha the hand writing was that of another person. Perhaps earlier entries were by Elisha, father of Daniel Goodwin)

Mary Nason Died Mar 27 1821 Aged Aged 48
Nathan Nason Died November 8 1827 Aged 58
(Note: Above are parents of Mary Nason)

Nathan Nason Died April 28 1834 Aged 21
Elisha Goodwin Died March 6 1837 Aged 7 years
Sarah Ann Dove Died November 19 1837 Aged 31
Ann M. Nason Died July 4 1838 Aged 23
Almira Nason Died Feb 18 1839 Aged 30
(Note: Three above were sisters of Mary Nason)

Frederic Nason Died May 29 1821 Aged 9 years
Franklin Goodwin Died April 28 1841 Aged 5 years
Nathan N. Goodwin Died August 24 1843 Aged 15 years
(Note: Drowned)

Anna Merril Died April 19 1846 Aged 21 years
(Editor's note: This was the daughter of Daniel and Hannah (Junkins) Goodwin. She md. William C. Merrill)

Hannah Goodwin, the wife of Daniel Goodwin, Died December 1825 aged 22 years
Mary Goodwin, the wife of Daniel Goodwin, Died March 6 1877 Aged 89
Daniel Goodwin Died December 28 1880 Aged 77
Grace Goodwin died October 1 1881 Aged 17 months
Willie S Goodwin Died September 17 1882. Aged 19 years.
G. Wallace Goodwin Died Feb. 26, 1873. Aged 25 yrs, 4 mo.
(Note: The last three deaths were written on a scrap of lined paper and put in with the family bible pages)

These record pages from the Goodwin family bible were given to me by Josephine (Butler) York, my first cousin. I have no knowledge of where the bible is but the pages are in my possession and copied exactly as they appear in the original.
Starting in Vol. II, Issue 4, in the "Life Story of My Paternal Grandfather" and continued in following issues there is mention of some of the people recorded in this bible.

Alice B. Goodwin SHARP



Shourds: History Genealogy of Fenwick's Colony (1876; Reprinted 1976 by Gen. Pub. Co., Baltimore.)

The following was printed with permission (1983) from the Gen. Pub. Co. Baltimore, MD.

John GOODWIN was the son of John and Catharine GOODWIN, of the parish of St. Buttolph, in Algate, London. He was born 25th of 10th month, 1680, and emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1701. From thence, the following year, he removed to Salem, and in 1705 he married Susannah SMITH, the oldest daughter of John SMITH, of Smithfield; they had four children - John, Mary, Thomas and William GOODWIN; the two oldest died young.

1. Thomas GOODWIN was born in 1721, and married Sarah MORRIS, the daughter of Lewis MORRIS, of Elsinborough, in the year 1743. Thomas and his wife lived on her property that she inherited from her father in Elsinborough until 1656, when they sold it to Samuel ABBOTT, and purchased the property in the town of Salem of John MASON. The said property was located on Broadway Street, and in the spring of 1757 they removed to Salem. In the 10th month, 1765, Sarah GOODWIN, wife of Thomas GOODWIN, died, aged forty-one years, leaving no children. Thomas GOODWIN'S second wife was Sarah SMITH who lived but a few years after her marriage, and departed this life in the year 1783. Thomas remained single for twenty years, and in 1803 he died, aged nearly eighty-two years, leaving his estate to his great nephews and nieces.

2. William GOODWIN, the youngest son of John and Susannah GOODWIN, was born in 1723, and in 1744 he married Mary MORRIS, second daughter of Lewis MORRIS; they lived in Elsinborough on her share of her father's estate; they had five children - John, Lewis, Susannah, Mary and William GOODWIN.

* John GOODWIN, their oldest son, was born in 1745, and in the year 1772 he married Sarah HALL, daughter of Clement and Margaret HALL. It was one of the first marriages that took place at the present Friends' meeting house in Salem. John GOODWIN'S wife lived but a short time after they were married, leaving no children. Mary GOODWIN, the mother of John GOODWIN, died in 1776, and consequently the property belonged to him after his father's death. John did survive his mother a few years, making a will and leaving his right of the real estate to his nephew, William GOODWIN, the son of Lewis GOODWIN.

* Lewis GOODWIN, the second son of William and Mary GOODWIN, married Rebecca ZANES, of Salem, daughter of Susan ZANES; they had two children - John and Susan GOODWIN.

John married Abigail CARPENTER and had three children - Lewis, William, and Thomas GOODWIN. Lewis GOODWIN'S second wife was Rachel NICHOLSON, the daughter of William NICHOLSON, of Mannington, and they had three children - William, Thomas and Morris GOODWIN.

William, the oldest son, married Huldah TOWNSEND, daughter of Daniel TOWNSEND, of Cape May.

Thomas GOODWIN married Sarah JEFFERIS, daughter of Joshua JEFFERIS.

Morris GOODWIN married Sarah SMITH.

* Susannah GOODWIN, oldest daughter of William and Mary GOODWIN, was born in 1750, and in 1773 she married John MASON. He was a widower when he married Susannah GOODWIN; his first wife was Ann HALL, daughter of William HAIL, Jr. They lived and owned on Broadway Street in Salem, which property is now owned by Morris HALL. John MASON and Ann his 1st wife had one daughter named Sarah, and she married Edgar BROWN. John MASON and his wife Susannah had six children - William, Mary, Ann, Thomas, Elizabeth and John G. MASON.
  1. Their oldest son William, died in 1776.
  2. Mary MASON married Abner BEESLEY and had four children - Mary, William, Benjamin and Thomas BEESLEY. Her second husband was Job WARE, who had two children - Job and Elijah WARE.
  3. Ann MASON was born in 1778, and married Joseph THOMPSON, son of Joshua THOMPSON; they had four children - Susan, the oldest married Joseph PANCOAST; Elizabeth, the second daughter died in her fifteenth year; Sarah THOMPSON married Thomas SHOURDS; Ann THOMPSON married Thomas FOGG.
  4. Thomas MASON, their second son, was born 1780. About the year 1812 he married Hannah HANCOCK, daughter of Joseph HANCOCK; he and his wife lived but a short time after they were married, leaving one child - Hannah MASON, and she married Richard M. ACTON.
  5. Elizabeth MASON was born in 1782, and she died single in the twenty-fourth year of her life.
  6. John Goodwin MASON was born in 1785; he never married, and died in 1839 in the fifty-fifth year of his life. John MASON, their father, died about 1787; his widow, Susannah MASON, married Joshua THOMPSON and had two children - William and Joshua THOMPSON.
* William GOODWIN Jr., was born in 1758, and married Elizabeth WOODNUTT, of Mannington; he and his wife had six children: 1. Prudence, the oldest, married Atkinson Conrad. 2. Mary GOODWIN married Jonathan WOODNUTT. 3. Rachel GOODWIN married Preston C. WOODNUTT. 4. Sarah GOODWIN married Henry DENNIS, her second husband was Jonathan WOODNUTT. 5&6 Elizabeth and Abigail GOODWIN always remained single; they were remarkable for their kind and sympathetic feelings, always willing to assist the poor and afflicted, going and looking after them in the abodes of poverty, and administering to their wants as far as their circumstances would allow; they continued in their noble deeds of philanthropy until old age and as long as bodily strength permitted them to do it.



From: Thomas M. NICHOLS, Vancouver, B.C
  1. Son
  2. Ira C. NICHOLS, b. 26 April 1902, Providence, R.I., md. Elizabeth MATTHEW
  3. Thomas B. NICHOLS, b. 24 May 1871 S. Windham, md. Irene Louise CALEF
  4. Charles A. NICHOLS, b. 22 April 1842, Vassalboro/Windham, md. Emily SAWYER
  5. Charles NICHOLS b. 28 Dec. 1811 Berwick, md. Esther OWEN
  6. Dorcas BUFFUM, b. 10 Sept. 1773 Berwick, md. Samuel NICHOLS
  7. Dorcas HUBBARD, b. 26 Jan. 1756, md. Caleb BUFFUM
  8. John Heard HUBBARD, b. 23 Aug. 1735, Wells, md. Hannah NEAL
  9. Moses HUBBARD b. 8 July 1700, Kittery, md. Abigail HEARD
  10. Elizabeth GOODWIN, d. before 16 Dec. 1736, md. Philip HUBBARD


THE INDEPENDENT Salmon Falls, N.H. 1916

The ninth annual reunion of the descendants of Daniel GOODWIN, who settled in Kittery in 1652, was held at Quamphegan Park, South Berwick, Me., last Thursday, August 31. Owing to various reasons, the attendance was not as large as usual, about sixty-five being present.
The business meeting was called at 11:30 a.m., the President Roy C. GOODWIN of South Berwick, presiding. Prayer was offered by Rev. Bernard Copping, pastor of the Congregational church in Salmon Falls. The report of the executive committee was made by Mrs. Henrietta W. GOODWIN of Dover, after which the President appointed a committee of three - Charles PLUMER, of Rollinsford, Mrs. J. J. GOODWIN of Portsmouth, and Miss H. Blanche GOODWIN of Dover, to nominate officers for the ensuing year.
The meeting then adjourned for dinner, which was served in the dining hall by Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. SWASEY and assistants.
At two p.m. the business meeting resumed, and reports of the secretary, treasure, and auditor were read and accepted. Mrs. J.J. GOODWIN made a report for the committee on the GOODWIN coat-of-arms, and it was voted to continue that committee for another year, hoping they may ascertain the English origin of the family, accurately, and thus be enabled to find the coat-of-arms belonging to Daniel GOODWIN, the emigrant.
Miss Sarah B. GOODWIN of Newburyport, Mass. read the names of seven persons connected with the family whose deaths had occurred since the last meeting: Miss Sarah Elizabeth GOODWIN, Mrs. William A.H. GOODWIN, and Mrs. Sarah S. RAITT of South Berwick, Daniel GOODWIN and John SHAPLEIGH of Eliot, Mrs. Lizzie Raitt LEAVITT of York and Mrs. Alice Jane GOODWIN of South Eliot.

The report of the nominating committee was read and it was accepted, the following officers being elected:
A very entertaining program was given consisting of piano and mandolin duets by Misses Annie WILLIAMS and Marian GRASON of South Berwick; a song by Miss WILLIAMS; a vocal duet by Misses Eva LAMBERT of Kittery and Evelyn GOODWIN of York and recitations by Mrs. Annie W. Baer of Rollinsford. Mrs. BAER's part of the program was especially good, both selections receiving encores. An art exhibition and victrola selections completed the program.
Those attending were:
EDITOR'S NOTE [Alice Sharp]
This is the last in a series of reprints of the meetings of the former Daniel GOODWIN association because we don't have any more clippings of the meetings that followed 1916. If anyone has any subsequent records we would be happy to receive them so they could be printed.

My grandfather, Daniel GOODWIN, is listed in this article as one of the seven people connected with the family who had died since the last meeting. See the article on Goodwin Family Bible Records in this issue for his birth on 11 Oct. 1832 and his marriage to Mary A. LORD.

Moses E. GOODWIN, mentioned in an article in this issue, was one of the vice-presidents and a former president.

Mrs. Susan A. RAITT, was the wife of John Fairfield, Raitt Edith was her daughter. Edith's sister, Mabel, md. Edgar Irving GOODWIN. Their Raitt line is thus according to O1d Kittery and Her Families by Stackpole in the section on Raitt genealogy;
In list of these attending was the son of Jeremiah and Hannah Maria (JONES) GOODWIN. Hannah was the 1st wife of Jeremiah; his 2nd was Isabel D. WILSON. Jeremiah was the s/o of Thomas and Sally (PAUL) GOODWIN. Parents of Thomas were Daniel and Sarah (HOBBS) GOODWIN.


Among the names of the unforgotten, will readily be recalled that of Capt. Moses GOODWIN. His life of almost fourscore years was well-filled with the interests and welfare of Eliot.
His home on the Goodwin Road was pleasantly attractive; and he had a wise and thoughtful voice in public affairs and duties.
Eliot was his native town and life-long home. He was born January 29, 1815; and his departure did not occur till March 7, 1893, at the age of seventy-eight years.

The youths of long ago, went early to work and trades. And the choice of Moses was to become a ship-carpenter. It was one of the occupations that attracted attention, and was a pleasant anticipation for the boys.
Moses was apprenticed to Master Samuel BADGER, who had a yard on Badger's Island. We recognize it today as near the Ferry landing in Kittery. At this trade of ship-carpenter, he worked many years and in several yards.

One of these yards was Hanscom Yard, (in Portsmouth) widely known today as the location of the Green Acre Inn, - the summer resort of scores of people who enjoy days by the riverside in Eliot. At Hanscom Yard he was employed in building the ship of historic name and fame, the Nightingale. This boat of renown was built in 1851 by Samuel HANSCOM. It was originally designed to carry Jenny LIND to her Sweden home. Old people will remember that she was the Nightingale of their early years; and the halls of music were crowded to hear the notes that echoed from her marvelous lips and songs. But the Nightingale ship did not carry out its design. It became greatly the reverse; it collected a cargo of African Negroes, designed as slaves. (See page 172, of this issue of Old Eliot.)

Moses GOODWIN received the title of Captain in 1840. He was commissioned by Gov's John FAIRFIELD as Capt'n of Company A, Cavalry, First Division, First Brigade, Maine Militia. From that date he was usually called "Capt. Moses."
He was not only Captain, but he held many Town Offices: He was elected Town Clerk, Selectman, Town Treasurer, and Tax Collector.
He was also elected County Treasurer, and Representative to the Legislature at Augusta.
He married Margaret KENNARD; the children were: Albert, Moses E., Edwin K., Maggie A., Mary Alice.

Copied from a volume of Old Eliot, p. 190-1, compiled by John L. M. WILLIS. M.D.

1870 Census Portsmouth, Rockingham, N.H.
Film #M593 848

P. 90
GOODWIN, Ichabod, 71 Retired Merchant Birthplace Me. RE $10,000 Pers. $6,000
  Sarah P. 62 Keeping House Birthplace N.H.
  Hope 36 No Occupation Birthplace N.H.
WINDER, Abby 38 No Occupation Birthplace N.H.
  Willie 18 Midshipman Birthplace N.H.
*DEWEY, George 30 Lt. Navy Birthplace Vt.
  Susan 24 Birthplace N.H.

*Personal estate for Lt. Dewey was $1,000; Susan and Hope were the daughters of Ichabod and Sarah GOODWIN.

STEVEN, Mabel 8 Birthplace N.H.
FIELDING, Bradford 7 Birthplace N.H.
SULLIVAN, Sophia 28 Domestic Servant Birthplace Ireland
  Lizzie 22 Domestic Servant Birthplace Ireland
QUINN, Maggie 18 Domestic Servant Birthplace NH
ROSE, George 21 Coachman Birthplace NH

P. 31
GOODWIN, Ivory 63 Store Clerk Birthplace Maine
  Deborah 60 Keeping House Birthplace Maine
  Edwin H. 23 Laborer Birthplace NH.
  Emma J. 15 att. school Birthplace NH

P. 35 (In list of people living at a hotel in Portsmouth.)
GOODWIN, Fannie F. 28 Domestic Servant Born Me.

P. 14
MEADS, John 42 Works in stocking mill Born England Personal estate, $100
  Dinah 41 Keeping House Born England
  Eliza 20 Works in stocking mill Born England
  Hannah 19 Works in stocking mill Born England
  *Job 18 Works in stocking mill Born England
  Dinah 16 Works in stocking mill Born England

* Job later became the husband of Hattie Eliza GOODWIN, daughter of Daniel and Mary Abigail (Lord) GOODWIN of Eliot, Maine.

Contribued by Dotty KEYES
John GOODWIN age 52 b. Wells (1797-1850)
Mary GOODWIN age 56 b. Wells (1794-1855)
Sarah GOODWIN age 20 b. Wells
Ophelia GOODWIN age 17 b. Wells
John Jr. GOODWIN age 14 b. Wells

This family res. in the Skinner's Mill - Laudholm Farm area. (One John, bapt. Wells in 1799 (with brother Jeremiah) to John & Sarah GOODWIN - Who are they?)

Priscilla GOODWIN aged 81 b. Wells (Harrisecket area)

(She is the dau. of Paul GOODWIN of Harrisecket; Paul mar. Susannah JACOBS; had one dau. Priscilla, bapt. 1770 in Wells He was Rev. War Soldier, Buried in the woods at Har., He d. Aug. 12, 1837. Pensioner: was 73 in 1820; wife also aged 73.)
I believe that Paul5 is son of Paul4 and Mary RICH, Nat'13, Dan'l2, Dan'l1 (This area is known as Wells Branch, across the woods to the N/E is Harriseeket Rd. where Paul GOODWIN5, Rev. War soldier resided.)

1850 Census (Cont.)

Daniel GOODWIN aged 83 b. Wells
Ebenzer GOODWIN Aged 51 b. Wells
John GOODWIN aged 40 b. Wells
Louisa GOODWIN aged 33 b. Wells
Syrenus GOODWIN aged 13 b. Wells
Joseph GOODWIN aged 10 b. Wells
Ebenezer GOODWIN aged 7 b. Wells
Mary GOODWIN aged 3 b. Wells
Family bur. Merriland Ridge Cem. recs.:
Cyrenius GOODWIN d. Oct. 22, 1859, aged 22
Daniel GOODWIN d. May 16, 1859, 88-5-0

Is this Daniel the son of Joshua5 & Eliz. (HOBBS) GOODWIN, that Daniel b. 1771? (Joshua4, Nat'l3, Dan2, Dan1)

Eleanor, wife of Daniel, d. Oct. 3, 1845 73 y.
Louisa, wife of John d. Jan. 2, 1864, 74-9-0
George GOODWIN aged 59 b. Wells
Joanna GOODWIN aged 61 b. Lebanon (KIMBALL)
Elizabeth GOODWIN aged 24 b. Wells
Martha GOODWIN aged 22 b. Wells
George GOODWIN Jr. aged 30 b. Wells
Hadassah GOODWIN aged 31 b. Bridgton (CHASE)
Sarah GOODWIN aged 3 b. Wells
Rufus GOODWIN aged 1 b. Wells

This area "Meeting House Rd."; Geo6 is son of Joseph5 & Eliz. HOBBS GOODWIN - Joshua4 & Ann - Nat'l3 - Dan2 - Dan1)

NEXT ENTRY (Next House)

*Joshua GOODWIN aged 34 b. Wells
Luci GOODWIN aged 40 b. Brownfield ME.
Joseph F. GOODWIN aged 1 b. Wells
Clement GOODWIN aged 20 b. Brownfield ME.
(* son of above George, b. 1816)
George & Joanna also had a dau. Sarah Ann b. 1818


Contribued by Dotty KEYES

  1. Haniel CLARK of Haverhill (see Gen. Dict.)
  2. William CLARK2
  3. William CLARK3 of Berwick b. c l715-1720 & d. c l771. He mar. Ruth GOODWIN, dau. of Moses & Amy GOODWIN.
Old Kittery gives Ruth's baptism as 1735; the GOODWIN Genealogy says it is 1737. What the So. Berwick Church records really say is "dau" bapt. in 1738. I doubt Ruth was b. c 1738 as she had her first child c. 1741. She might have been the dau. bapt. in 1729. I guess she was b. around 1720.

  1. Amy, bapt. So. Ber. 1741-42, mar. Isaac HANSON*
  2. Betty, bapt. - - -, mar. John HANSON*
  3. Mary, bapt. - - -, (b. c. 1747-1750) mar. Jacob LORD* in 1766. She is in both father's probate and Grandfather Moses will (c. 1770)
  4. Joanna bapt. So. Ber. 1749. (Lebanon death record - figuring backward-makes her b. 1752. Death record obviously not correct. She md. Richard WENTWORTH*
  5. William "eldest son" bapt. So. Ber. in 1753
  6. Moses bapt. Blackberry Hill (Second Church, Berwick) in 1755; was a minor at father's death.*
  7. Eleazer b. B.H. 1758; was a minor at father's death
  8. Charles GOODWIN CLARK bapt. BH 1761
  9. Charles Goodwin CLARK bapt. BH 1764 was a minor at father's death*
Note: *= estate of William3 CLARK c. 1771 of Berwick

NOTE: The last son, C.G.C. #9, became "Captain CLARK" and had a son, William CLARK Jr. who died in a prison in Quebec (date ?); (ref.) William Jr.'s estate probated in 1817. (Which War ?)

  1. Haniel CLARK of Haverhil1
  2. William CLARK2
  3. Eleazer CLARK3 b. c. 1720 (brother to William3), mar. Rachel GOODWIN, d. of Moses & Amy GOODWIN
  1. Sarah bapt. S. Ber. 1741-42; md. Alexander GERRISH in 1758 @ BH (She is named in Grandfather Moses' will)
  2. Stephen bapt. So. Ber. 1741-42
  3. Eleazer bapt. So. Ber, 1742
  4. Amy bapt. So. Ber. 1745
  5. Eunice bapt. So. Ber. 1751; prob. mar. Jedidiah WENTWORTH in 1771
  6. William bapt. So. Ber. 1753
  7. Joyce bapt. BH 1755, named in Moses' will.

  1. Haniel CLARK of Haverhill
  2. William CLARK2
  3. Josiah CLARK3 (bro. to Wm. & Eleazer), b. c l720. This may be the father of Josiah CLARK4 who was a Rev. War Soldier from Berwick and was b. in 1754; mar. Patience HANSON in 1776, was pensioner in 1829, aged 75.
To be continued in next issue

Note: In the 1870 census that lists the family of John MEADS, his son JOB, 18, later married the Hattie E. GOODWIN mentioned in the Goodwin family bible records printed in this issue.



Benjamin BASTE of Crawford md. Joan A. GOODWIN, East Machias, 1 Nov. 1854; from marriage records of Crawford, Maine.