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The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 5, Issue 2, April 1983)



Who were the parents and what is the ancestry of Sadie L. GOODWIN, b. 28 Nov. 1900, at Pubnico Head, Nova Scotia! She md. Ervin Winfred SMITH Sr., b. 1 Oct. 1689, at Leominster. Mass.

Who were the parents of Esther GOODWIN of Kennebee, Marr. int. pub. to Solomon WHIDDEN 26 Sep 1781. They had eight children, five boys and three girls, Lived in Canaan, that part which became Milburn and then later Skowhegan, Maine, until Esther's death on 08 Apr 1814.

Has anyone done research on the GOODWIN surname in Manchester, England? I am trying to help a friend with the following individuals: Walter GOODWIN, b. 22 NOV. 1837, Manchester, Eng. (his mother's maiden name was Sarah BRADSHAW); his wife was Alice WHALLEY, b. 17 Jan. 1890, Manchester, Eng, (her mother's maiden name was SEDDON); they were living in Niles, OH when their son Walter was born 16 Aug. 1934. Can anyone help with additional info, on this family?

Can anyone give me the correct lineage from the original crown grant GOODWINS Palatiah and Jedidiah - granted about 1770-1785 - sons of Henry GOODWIN?

I am doing a LARKIN family History of Pubnico and E. Pubnico for my children. By definition that includes a few GOODWINS. Can anyone supply data on any GOODWINS that married LARKINS especially before 1900. This is a great help in separating LARKINS with the same first name into the right families.

Intermarriages of LARKINS with GOODWINS before 1850 especially in Nova Scotia back to 1760, or New England 1650-1800. Especially if kin to Walter LARKIN b. 1728 (where? crown grants 1771, 1784 Argyle TWP (Pubnico) Nova Scotia.) Also GOODWINS to SPINNEYS, also SPINNEY TO LARKIN. Children, parents, evidence.

Would like to correspond with anyone who has information on Stephen GOODWIN, brother of Daniel the Immigrant. Did he really immigrate to Charlestown, Mass. as stated in Stackpo1e's Old Kittery and her Families?

Want any information on A. Benjamin Franklin GOODWIN born ca. 1818 in S.C.; married Elizabeth (Betsy) COON b. 1824 in Miss. She was the daughter of Jacob COON and Nancy SMITH. They were married in 1838 in Pike County, Mississippi. I need to know who his father is, who his sister is, and any other information about the family.

Daniel Stone was the husband of Patience GOODWIN (Daughter of Daniel GOODWIN and Margaret SPENCER.) He was born 1643, married 19 Sept. 1670 at South Berwick and his will was probated (proven) 23 Apr. 1713 in Berwick. Does anyone have information on his ancestry, parents, brothers, or sisters, birthplace, etc. I will be more than glad to correspond with anyone researching this Daniel STONE.

Jotham ROSS is descended from Daniel GOODWIN as follows: 1. Daniel STONE m. Patience GOODWIN; 2. Sarah STONE m. Benjamin LIBBY; 3. Daniel LIBBY m. Abiqail ----; 4. Mary LIBBY m. Hugh ROSS; 5. Jotham ROSS m. Dorcas STONE. Dorcas STONE is reputed to have been born 2 Feb. 1786 the daughter of Zachariah STONE and Susannah FOSTER, grand-daughter of Robert STONE and Eliza ELLIOT. The ancestry is supposedly from Kennebec County, Maine. Can anyone help me prove or disprove this ancestry?

Who is Elizabeth CLARK who md. Jonathan GOODWIN at Blackberry Hill Berwick, Me. in 1770?



This is an answer to Query #1 in Vol. 2, Issue 3 and Query IV-8, Vol. 4, Issue 5.
The answer to these queries was given in reply to a query in the Autumn 1982 issue of The Genealogical Newsletter of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, submitted by Nancy Pendelton Goodwin. The Public Archives of Nova Scotia answered the query. Rosetta?s maiden name was SMITH. Documents from PANS show that Howard GOODWIN, 36, of Hammond St., Gloucester is the same as Howard GOODWIN, son of Israel GOODWIN of Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS and his wife Rosetta SMITH. Howard's wife was Bessie F. PENNINGTON of Lower Argyle NS.

The NEHG Register, Apr. 1982, p. 85 contained an article The New England Ancestry of H.R.H., The Princess of Wales by Gary Boyd ROBERTS, continued in the Oct. 1982 issue.
On p.335 some sources are listed, including a book titled Various Ancestral Lines of James GOODWIN and Lucy (MORGAN) GOODWIN of Hartford, Connecticut, by Frank Farnsworth STARR 2 vols. (Hartford 1915.) This may be a clue to the relationship of GOODWINS to Princess Diana. This was contributed by Carroll H. SMITH.

In Argyle, Yarmouth County N.S., Central Argyle Wharf Cemetery - 1982 visit, Tombstone William GOODWIN died 20 Sept. 1860 age 53 yrs widow Rebecca died 3 Oct. 1888, aged 82 y, 10m. Son William died 11 May 1891 age 47. Next plot - 2nd Tombstone - Jonathan GOODWIN - no dates, wife Ester (sp?), died 23 Aug. 1866 age 25 yr, 5 mo., Son Goreham R. died 27 July 1867 age 1 yr. 10 mo., born Sept. 1865. Jonathan may be another son of elder William? Next plot - Enogh GOODWIN - 3rd stone, died 20 Sept. 1860 aged 53 yr. - possible cousin or brother of William - 1802-1860?

Most Argyle N.S. GOODWINS are descendants of Jedidiah GOODWIN or Henry GOODWIN his father, both born Kittery Maine, both arriving about 1773. Rickers Book, History of Agyles, shows Jedidiah holding two crowns grants #29 and #49. Henry held a small grant #48 next to #49. This is on the east shore of Argyle Sound above Abbotts Harbor. Henry married 28 Feb. 1747/48 possibly Eliza Weymouth daughter of Benoni WEYMOUTH, per a forgotten (Stackpole?) reference seen at NEHGSL, Boston. Children were Jedidiah m. 1st. ---- McKENNA, 10 children; m. 2nd Lydia FROST at Argyle, children per Cattlemark list #29 - Yarmouth Museum; Daniel b. 8 Oct. 1795; Naome, no date; Abigail d. 14 Feb. 1800; Jedidiah b. 12 Dec. 1800; Karad (sp?) b. 1 Dec. 1802; Azubah (dau.) 4 July 1809; Elizabeth b. 1807 and twins Joshua and Mary born 10 June 1811. No William on that list if complete at 9 children, not 10 per NEHGSL source. Another Cattlemark List #? Argyle, N.S., Jediah GOODWIN md. ---- on 9 May 1770, children John b. 9 May 1772; ---- b. 8 Oct. 1773 died very young likely; Daniel b. 21 July 1773 lost 28 May 1782; Hannah born 20 Oct. 1777; Lydia born 31 Dec. 1779, died 25 Jun. 1790; Elizabeth b. 27 June 1784; Marcy b. 10 July 1786.

Comments - William in Query V-3 could be son of Jediah's son John. Spelling question: Jediah could have been my copying error of Jedidiah since these names were strange in 1982 and I was in a rush. This may be 7 of the 10 children credited to Jedidiah?s 1st marriage to MCKENNA. Both spellings used in 19th century. There may be more Cattlemark lists including one for Henry the father of Jedidiah and also Palatiah GOODWIN m. Sally MORTON lived 10 miles East of Argyle in E. Pubnico. The GOODWIN pubnico grants were dated 18 Nov. 1771 and 6 Nov. 1784. (Nathan GOODWIN and Palatiah in 1784). The final answer to V-3 may require the following visits: Yarmouth Registry of Deeds, Probate Court (Wills), Yarmouth Museum, Court House at Tusket nearer Argyle.

The census of 1827 will tell you how many William GOODWINS there were in 1827 in Nova Scotia by counties and townships, their number of children and sexes but no children names.

Rickers book 1840, a list of captains of shipping, includes William A. and William H. GOODWIN. In E. Pubnico Cemetery - Round Hill has a large tombstone in the SW corner near the road; William A. son of Jeremiah and Mercy J. GOODWIN. No inference is made that the two William A. GOODWINS are one and the same. The next tombstone plot is Hannah wife of Palatiah GOODWIN, died 1 May 1866, aged 65 yrs., 5 mo., my great great grandmother, daughter of Benjamin LARKIN (1767) and grand-daughter of Walter LARKIN (b. 1728) the first likely LARKIN in Nova Scotia. Her husband Palatiah b. 1799 likely son of Benjamin G. and Phebe ADAMS, was likely son of Palatiah or Peletiah (sp?) GOODWIN and Sarah SEELEY, the first GOODWIN in E. Pubnico as mentioned earlier. There is some evidence that query V-3 William GOODWIN likely born before 1816 may have a middle name or initial. After 1800 records show three names were becoming a necessity to keep the uncles and cousins and grand-children separated. It gets worse when cousins marry cousins.
Submitted by Jack Larkin BAKER, Michigan



YORK- Eliza GOODWIN WILLEY, 84, formerly of Philbrick Road, Kittery, died Tuesday at the Harbor Home where she had been a patient for the past several years.
Her husband, Walter 0. WILLEY died in 1970. She was born in South Berwick, a daughter of Edwin and Annie Robinson GOODWIN, and graduated from Berwick Academy and Shaw's Business School, Portland. Mrs. WILLEY was a member of the Middle Street Baptist Church, Portsmouth, N.H.
Surviving are a brother, Edwin GOODWIN of South Berwick.
Funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday from the Franklin G. Wilson Funeral Home, 21 Rogers Road, Kittery. Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, South Berwick.

The Register of the Malden Historical Society, Number 6, Published 1920

Dr. Richard James Plummer GOODWIN, one of the oldest physicians in Malden and for many years a member of this Society, passed away on the morning of Monday, April 19, 1920, at his home on Pleasant street. He was a native of Boston and died in his 83rd year. He was the son of Richard Hanson and Mary Ann (ROBERTS) GOODWIN and the late Henry C. GOODWIN, long a druggist here, was his cousin. Dr. GOODWIN was a pupil in the Eliot school and was graduated from the Harvard Medical School in 1859. In that year he was married in the Old North Church on Salem Street, to Josephine Louise, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Ezra ALLEN, of Boston.

Dr. GOODWIN, with his bride, came to Malden, and made his home on Pleasant Street, not far from the spot where he died. Upon the breaking out of the Civil War he volunteered as an Army surgeon, and served until its close, going then to Manchester, N.H., where he remained in charge of an Army Hospital for 20 years. Then he returned to Boston, settling in general practice with a classmate, Dr. Benjamin Franklin CAMPBELL, now deceased. Dr. CAMPBELL was at one time a member of the Massachusetts Senate, giving distinguished service. On January 1, 1890, he came here, practicing among his older patients until his retirement. He was active in Masonry in earlier years, was a member of the First Congregational Church, and actively interested in the work of this Society until prevented through the infirmities of age.
Mrs. GOODWIN died 27 years ago. Six children survive him: Mrs. George H. Walsh, Mrs. Francis L. Maraspin, Mrs. C.A. Dyer, Misses Mary and Beatrice Goodwin of Malden, and Mrs. Henry M. Slade of Fairhaven. There are also seven grandchildren.



August 28, 1915

South Berwick, Aug. 28th; The eighth annual reunion of the descendants of Daniel GOODWIN who settled in Kittery in 1652 was held Thursday, at Quamphegan Park. A social gathering took place in the morning with a basket lunch at noon followed by the business meeting at 2:00 o'clock, called to order by President Moses E. GOODWIN of Eliot. The reports of the Secretary, treasurer and auditor were read and approved. The chairman of the historical committee, Miss Sarah B. GOODWIN of Newburyport, Mass., and others made interesting remarks. A special committee was appointed to get all possible information in regard to the matter of the Daniel GOODWIN coat-of-arms and report at the next meeting which will be held in 1916 at Quamphegan Park.
Piano solos were given by Miss Alice DAY of Somersworth while some interesting readings were given by Mrs. H.M. STONE of Everett, Mass. At the conclusion of the reunion there appeared eighty-seven names on the register.
The following list of officers of the association were elected for the ensuing year:

William Farr GOODWIN patented a clockwork mechanism that enabled a doll to push a wheeled cart or chair, patented in 1868. This is from the Aug. 1981 issue of House Beautiful.

YORK COUNTY COAST STAR February 16, 1933


The Old Gaol Museum, York, recently acquired a banister-back armchair of unusual significance to the town's past. Originally owned by Jeremiah MOULTON (1688-1765), the Indian fighter, and with his initials carved upon the crest, the chair remained in the family until purchased by the museum with funds from the Eunice WIIEFLER bequest. MOULTON was the third of that name to achieve prominence in York. As a child of five, he witnessed the murder of his parents during the massacre of 1692, and was kidnapped by the Indians during the raid. His early training as a surveyor and Indian scout foreshadowed his later achievements. In 1723-24, he was one of the chief participants in the raid on Norridgewock, which destroyed that French and Indian stronghold. Later, during the siege of Louisburg, he served as colonel with Sir William Pepperell.
Surveyor, sheriff, member of the General Court, recorded and trustee of the affairs of the church and town, builder of the town of Sanford, colonel of a regiment, judge of probate and progenitor of a family that served well its town and region, Moulton was the mainstay of York during the stormy period of the French and Indian Wars. Today his descendants in this area include families of SEWALLS, LYMANS, GOODWINS, EMERSONS, FREEMANS, BOWDENS, TALPEYS, PUTNAMS, and BRAGDONS.


GOODWIN, Charles W., painter died Dec. 29, 1927
GOODWIN, Ellen A., roomer Winfield J. Lunt Bartlett, So. Gardiner
GOODWIN, Ernest A. (Annie B.) emp. 142 Maine Ave., householder, 17 Fountain
GOODWIN, Esther B. wid. Charles W. householder, 22 Cedar
GOODWIN, Frank W. (Leila B.) Sept. 321 West, householder ditto.
GOODWIN, Horace R. (Ella R.) laborer householder
GOODWIN, Sherburn ---- Ave., So. Gardiner
GOODWIN, Jonn F., roomer, 17 Fountain
GOODWIN, John H. (Odessa) papermaker, householder, 122 High Holborn
GOODWIN, Leila B. Mrs., matron, 122 High Holborn
GOODWIN, Pauline F., dental asst. 7 Maine Ave. res. 74 High Holborn

GOODWIN, Christianna C. wid Fred R. res. 67 Second
GOODWIN, Clemont S. (Jennie C.) shoemaker, householder, 29 Greenville

GOODWIN, Beatrice - r. Perley L. Butterfield School
GOODWIN, John W. (Oliva) shoemaker, householder
GOODWIN, Walter E. (Ada) baker (Augusta) r. 38 Central

GOODWIN, Adelbert S. (Mary E.) farmer Heck Rd. p.o. Litchfield RDl
GOODWIN, Harold A. (Neva M.) Laborer, Heck Rd. p.o, Litchfield RDl
GOODWIN, James H. farmer, Heck Rd., p.o. Litchfield RDl

GOODWIN, Charles E. (Louise J.) mov. to Belgrade
GOODWIN, Nelson A. (Evelyn M.)mill operator roomer
GOODWIN, Percy C. Davenport Galeville

(continued from Vol. IV Issue 4).

4. NATHAN4 GOODWIN (Richard3, Richard2, Edward1) was born in Amesbury, Mass., 14 Oct. 1714. He married first, in Amesbury, 13 Jan. 1736/7, RHODA COLBY, died in Hampstead, N.H., 29 Nov. 1765, daughter of Timothy and Hannan (Heath) Colby of Amesbury; and, secondly, MARY SMITH, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Gove) Smith of Hampton, N.H. The Goodwin family moved to Hampstead prior to 1743, where Nathan built his home beside that of his parents (Noyes, op. cit., pp. 337-8).
Children by first wife:
   i. ALPHEUS5, b. 29 July 1741; m. ABIAH HEATH.
ii. TIMOTHY, b. 24 April 1743; m. ANNA GOULD.
6. iii. RICHARD, b. 1 Aug. 1746.
iv. BENJAMIN, b. 20 Jan. 1748.
v. NATHAN, b. 15 Dec. 1750.
7. vi. THEOPHILUS, b. in Hampstead 21 Sept 1753.
vii. MARY, b. 18 April 1756.
Child by second wife:
   viii. SMITH, b. 27 May 1768; m. MOLLY COLBY.

5. ISAAC5 GOODWIN (Joseph4, Samuel3, Richard2, Edward1) was born in Amesbury, Mass., 1 April 1736. He married JUDITH NORTON, daughter of Rowland and Lydia (Fowler) Norton. His will, dated 28 Oct. 1815 and proved 6 Feb. 1821, lists property in Warner, N.H. Early letters indicate he may have lived there for a time (John French Johnson, Ledger, p. 356; Vital Records of Amesbury, Mass., 1913, p. 109).
   i. THOMAS6, b. 25 Sept 1755; m. JERUSHA COLBY.
ii. LEVI, b. 2 Jan. 1757; killed at Bunker Hill.
iii. SARAH, b. 15 Aug. 1758; m. WILLIAM HUNTINGTON.
iv. DAVID, b. 12 March 1760; m. (? Mrs.) SALLY EASTMAN.
v. LYDIA, b. 2 Jan. 1762, m. RICHARD BROWN.
8. vi. WILLIAM, b. 9 May 1764.
vii. JOSEPH, b. 26 April 1766.
viii. EZRA, m.----. Had issue.
ix. ISAAC, b. 13 May 1769; m. POLLY HOYT. Three children were named in his will: Ephriam, Willebi and Amos.
xi. JUDITH, m. TIMOTHY CURRIER (one record states she m. ---- Bayley. (Was he her first husband?).

6. RICHARD5 GOODWIN (Nathan4, Richard3, Richard2, Edward1), born in Hampstead, N.H., 1 Aug. 1746, died 30 May 1821 and buried with other members of his family in the Northville Cemetery (Edmund Wheeler, History of Newport, N.H., 1879, pp. 398-399, 554; the statement that he died 28 May 1755, Noyes, op. cit., vol. 1, p. 412, is in error). He married first, in Hampstead, 19 Dec 1765, ELIZABETH HEATH, daughter of Bartholomew and Hannah (Kelly) Heath; and secondly, ----.

Richard5 Goodwin was a soldier in the American Revolution and served as a private in Capt. Benjamin Emery's Co., Col. Baldwin's Regt., raised to re-enforce the Continental Army in New York 20 Sept. 1776 (Hammond, op. cit., vol. 2, pp. 429-430). He was also a member of Capt. John Hale's Co., Col. Gerrish's Regt., at Saratoga in 1777 (ibid., vol. 1, p. 408).
Richard Goodwin was the first of the family to locate in Newport, having settled there about 1780 on what was later known as the Dr. Corbin place.

Bartholomew Heath of Haverhill, Mass., and Hampstead, N. H., the father of Mrs. Goodwin, was a soldier in both the Colonial and Revolutionary Wars. He was a member of Capt. John Eastman's Co., Col. Thomas Bartlett's Regt., serving at West Point in 1780 (Hammond, op. cit., vol. 3, p. 124). His wife, Hannah Kelly, was a daughter of Capt. Richard Kelly of the Colonial Troops, who died 18 June 1774 and of "widow Hannah Kelly" nee Bartlett, a recognized patriot of the Revolution, having loaned £75 "in hard money or paper money eauivalent to hire the men called for" service from Amesbury, Mass. (Merrill, op. cit., p. 283).
Children by first wife:
   i. ELIZABETH6, b. in Hampstead 24 Nov. 1766; d. 20 Aug. 1848, her name given as "Betsey" on the tombstone in the Northville Cemetery (Wheeler, op. cit., p. 401: family letters); m. in Concord, N.H. 17 Sept. 1792. her maternal cousin, NATHAN GOULD, b. in Hopkinton, N.H., 21 Feb. 1767, d. in Newport 15 April 1844, son of Gideon and Hannah (Heath) Gould.
They lived on property later inherited from his father in Cheshire County, now Sullivan County, N.H., adding to the original farm and operating a stopping place for travelers and teamsters on the old Cornish Pike.
Gideon Gould, the father of Nathan, lived on Beech Hill, near Hopkinton, and served in the Revolution under Cape Benjamin Emery, Col. Nahum Baldwin's Regt., to New York in 1776, and in the same troop with his brothcr-in-law, Richard Goodwin (Hammond, op. cit., vol. 1, p. 430; A. S. Batchellor, ed., Miscellaneous Revolutionary Documents, New Hampshire State Papers, vol. 30, p. 67). His wife, Hannah Heath, was a daughter of Bartholomew Heath, soldier of the Revolution from Hampstead. Their daughter, Alvira, b. 9 March 1794; m. her cousin John Goodwin (see below, 8, v.).
9. ii. MOSES, b. 28 Dec 1768.
iii. BENJAMIN, b. 26 April 1770.
Child by second wife:
   vi. ELIZABETH, m. Jonathan Wakefield.

7. THEOPHILUS5 GOODWIN (Nathan4, Richard3, Richard2, Edward1), born in Hampstead, N.H., 21 Sept. 1753, died 7 March 1798 and buried in the same lot with his brother in Northville. He married 9 March 1773 ABIGAIL ADAMS of Rowley, Mass., born 2 Sept. 1750, daughter of Israel and Deborah (Searl) Adams. Theophilus Goodwin came to Newport, N.H., in 1784 from Dunbarton, N.H., and settled near his brother Richard. He served at Bunker Hill, was on an expedition to Rhode Island and at Ticonderoga. The earliest record we find he was serving as a "Fifer" in the company of Capt John Calef. Most of his Revolutionary services were under this command (Isaac W. Hammond, ed., Rolls of the Soldiers in the Revolutionary War (New Hampshire State Papers, vol. xiv), vol. 1 (1895), pp. 224, 380, 489, 501, 514, 538-9).
   i. DEBORAH6 b. 12 Sept. 1776; m. RALPH CHAMBERLAIN.
ii. BETSEY, b. 31 Dec. 1780.
iii. POLLY, b. 2 Feb. 1783; m. JEREMIAH KELSEY, son of Roswell and Hepsibah (Bellows) Kelsey, early settlers from Killingworth. Conn. Children (surname Kelsey): 1. Willard, a physician, d. in Maine, 2. Mary, a teacher, went to Ohio, 3. Ira, went to Ohio, 4. Harriet, d. unm.
iv. MOLLY, b. 3 March 1785.
v. RHODA (twin), b. 30 April 1791; m. 6 July 1808 DAVID REED, a soldier in die War of 1812. Went to Plainfield, Vt. Child (surname Reed): 1. Isaac A., b. in 1814; studied dentistry and settled in Newport, Vt.
vi. RUTH (twin), b. 30 April 1791.
vii. ISRAEL, b. 14 Feb. 1793. He was called "Judge," was a merchant in Croydon, N.H., and removed to Plainfield, Vt., where several members of the family had preceded him. He was State Senator for two years and later removed to Montpelier, Vt.

8. WILLIAM6 GOODWIN (Isaac5, Joseph4, Samuel3, Richard2, Edward1) was born in Amesbury, Mass., 9 May 1764. He married there, 31 July 1785, MARY BADGER, also called Molly, daughter of Obadiah and Mary (Martin) Badger. It is stated in The Representative Citizens of Paulding County, Ohio, 1902, p. 154, that William "fought valiantly during the entire Revolutionary War." However, it has not been possible to distinguish his service record from those of others of the same name.
William is mentioned in the will of his father, dated 28 Oct. 1815. The last record found for his wife is that of the birth of her youngest child Dorothy, born 19 Aug. 1802 (Vital Records of Amesbury, Mass., 1913, pp. 109, 270, 386; John French Johnson, Ledger, p. 357; family letters).
At least three of the Goodwin sons, Abner, John and Joseph resided for a time in Warner, N.H., formerly township No. 1, granted by Massachusetts in 1735/6, and settled by men from Amesbury, once known as New Amesbury. Their uncles, Stephen and Benjamin Badger, were among these settlers.
Obadiah Badger, father of Mary Badger, was an "Armorer" and served as a private in the Colonial and Revolutionary Wars. He was a member of Capt. Timothy Barnard's Co., which answered the alarm of 19 April 1775, and marched to Lexington and Concord. He was born in Newbury, Mass., 19 April 1727, died in Amesbury 29 Dec. 1821, and his widow died 24 June 1823 (Vital Records of Amesbury, Mass., 1913,p. 518; U.S. National Archives, Pension record No. S-32-687; Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, 1896, vol. I, p. 435).
i. ABNER7, b. in Amesbury 4 Oct. 1786; living in Warner in 1814; m. there. 12 April 1807, BETSEY DAVIS (Vital Records of Amesbury, Mass., 1915, pp. 108, 360; New Hampshire Vital Records). Abner was employed in Warner by his uncle, Benjamin Badger. He later moved to Hocking County, Ohio, then settled near Elmira, N.Y.
ii. BETSEY, b. 19 Feb. 1787; m. ---- SHIPLEY.
iii. ELIJAH, b. 24 Feb. 1789.
v. JOHN, b. in Amesbury 15 Jan. 1794; m. in Newport, N.H., 13 March 1816, ALVIRA GOULD, daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Gould (q.v., No. 6, i.) (Vital Records of Amesbury, Mass., 1913. p. 109). John Goodwin enlisted 11 Sept. 1814 for 90 days service in company of Capt. Jonathan Bean, Warner, N.H., War of 1812. He was issued Bounty Land in Liberty Township, McKean Co., Pa., and had moved to Hocking County, Ohio, by 1835 (Walter Harriman, History of Warner, N. H., 1735-1870, p. 435; Wheeler. op. cit., p. 401).
vi. WILLIAM, b. 15 Sept. 1795.
vii. JOSEPH, b. in Amesbury 14 May 1797; m. in Warner, N.H., 24 March 1822, MARY PEASLEE. He enlisted 11 Sept. 1814 for service in Capt. Jonathan Bean's Co., Warner, for War of 1812 (Walter Harriman, op. cit., p. 485).
viii. Benjamin, b. 15 Feb. 1799.
ix. NATHAN, b. in Amesbury 19 Oct. 1800; m. in Poultney. Vt. DIANTHA HULL. He resided for a time in White Hall. N.Y, and in 1827 moved to Union Furnace. Ohio.
x. DOROTHY, b. 19 Aug. 1862; m. ---- SAXTEM.

9. MOSES6 GOODWIN (Richard5, Nathan4, Richard3, Richard2, Edward1), born 28 Dec 1768, died in Newport, N.H., 22 Jan. 1863. He married there, 6 Aug. 1794, SALLY STANNARD, born 3 Oct. 1771, daughter of William and Mindwell (Buell) Stannard, who were among the earliest settlers in the town from Killingworth, Conn. (Wheeler, op. cit., pp. 399, 535).
Moses Goodwin came to Newport, with his father in 1780 and resided on Oak Hill.
i. ALPHEUS7, b. in Newport 24 July 1795; m. (1), 8 Nov. 1818, REBECCA DARLING; m. (2), 8 April 1874, JUDITH C. AVERY. He built and operated the mill on Morse Brook and later moved to Craftsbury, Vt.
ii. MINDA, b. 1 Feb. 1798; m. WILLIAM STANNARD. They moved to Ohio.
iii. WILLIAM S., b. in Newport 22 Nov. 1805; m. DOROTHY COOPER of Croydon, N.Y.



One of our members, Mahlon G. ERICKSON, recently sent us a copy of p. 152 from Suffolk Manorial Families and called our attention to the fact that the wife of Stephen WOODGATE was Katherine daughter of William HOVELL, alias SMITH. Her first husband was John WHITER (so WHITER was not her maiden name as we had it listed on the chart we gave out at the first reunion which had the supposed English lineage of Daniel GOODWIN). Stephen WOODGATE was the son of Stephen WOODGATE and his wife, Cecily ----. Both these W0OGATES were of East Bergholt, Suffolk Co. England. The elder one was listed as being a clothier as well as his son.
William HOVELL alias SMITH of Haughley Co. Suffolk, gentleman, born abt. 1510 md Anne, d/o Richard TURNER, of Norton, Co. Suffolk were the parents of Katherine, wife of Stephen WOODGATE. John Goodwin md. Elizabeth WOODGATE d/o Katherine and Stephen. (See English Goodwin lineage Vol. 1, Issue 3, Goodwin News), The parents of William were William SMITH, otherwise called William HOVELL, of Magna, Co. Suffolk, and wife Joan. His will dated 26 Jan. 1540 and proved the following March.



From: J. Larkin BAKER Sr., Ann Arbor, MI

1. Son 2. Margaret Probert LARKIN b. 7 Nov. 1902 Pubnico, NS, md. John Bowers BAKER ? marriage certificate md. 18 Jun. 1927 Cranston, RI 3. Alicia BRAND b. 1863 d. 1908, both Pubnico, md. Amsdon Locke LARKIN - tombstone Pubnico Head Cemetary. 4. Hannah (Marie?) GOODWIN b. 11 Dec. 1834 d. 24 Dec. 1897 md. John INGRAM BRAND - Tombstone Pubnico Head Cemetary. 5. Possibly Palatiah GOODWIN b. 16 Nov. 1799 d. 20Nov. 1873 md. Hannah LARKIN dau. of Benj. & Sarah SALLOWS LARKIN - PG from Argyle TWP (Pubnico?) source Margaret MESSENGER letter. 6. Possibly Benjamin GOODWIN no dates md. Pheobe ADAMS - heresay 7. Possibly Palatiah GOODWIN or brother Jedidiah, both born in Kittery, both Crown Grants Argyle TWP NS 1770-1784; Palatiah md. Sarah SEELEY; Jedidiah md. (1st) McKENNA (10 ch.) md.(2) Lydia FROST (9 or 10 ch.) 8. Possibly Henry GOODWIN md. Bridget WELCH Kittery 9. Possibly William GOODWIN b. Kittery Maine 10. Possibly Daniel GOODWIN md. 1654 Margaret SPENCER at Kittery.

From: N. H. STEPHENS, Oak Bluffs, MA.

1. William CHADBOURN, at Berwick on "Pied Cow", 1634 m. 5-8-1610 Helen TOWNLEY, b. Eng. 2. Patience CHADBOURN bp. 161[??] m. Thomas SPENCER 3. Margaret SPENCER m. 1st Daniel GOODWIN 4. Elizabeth GOODWIN md. 1st Zachariah EMERY 5. Elizabeth EMERY b. 11/27/1687 m. Nathaniel TARBOX, 2nd John GRAY esq. Capt. French & Ind. War 6. Olive GRAY m. 1749 Nathan WOODMAN 7. Moses WOODMAN b. 1766 m. Abigail LEAVITT 8. Eliza WOODMAN b. 1799 md. 1822 James PAGE 9. Moses PAGE b. 1829, m. Clara MCQUESTON 10. Elmer E. PAGE b. 1861 m. Annie M. ROSE 11. Richard C. PAGE b. 1883 m. Bernice STAPLES (my parents).

From: F. N. Sheffield LAMB, Pollok, Texas.

1. Daughter 2. Maggie Erna WAGGONNER b. 30 Sept. 1908, San Aug. md. Walter Earl SHEFFIELD 3. Emma Evilee GOODWIN b. 6 Apr. 1885, San Aug. md. John Lycurgus WAGGONNER 4. Christopher Rankin GOODWIN b. 2 Feb. 1846, Miss., md. Milla ArKaty LAMBRIGHT A. Benjamin Franklin GOODWIN b. 19 Nov. 1818 (?) S.C., md. Elizabeth COON. 5. All above information on family records and census 6. Christopher Benjamin GOODWIN (name hearsay from gr. granddaughter).

From: D. Sinclair SCRIBNER, Las Vegas, NV

1. Son 2. Harold Goodrich SCRIBNER b. 19 Mar 1906 Benton, ME, md. Gwendolyn SINCLAIR; ME V.R. (Birth Cert.) 3. Blanche May GOODRIDGE b. 29 May 1882 Canaan, ME, md. Eugene Guy SCRIBNER; Town records Canaan, ME 4. Andrew J. GOODRIDGE b. 08 Jul 1854 Canaan, ME, md. Dorcas T. JACOBS; Town rec. Canaan, ME 5. Eleanor WHIDDEN b. 21 Jan, l831 Canaan, ME, md. Charles GOODRIDGE; Town rec. Canaan, ME 6. John WHIDDEN b. 01 Dec 1799 Canaan, ME, md. Eliza BUZZEIX Source as above 7. Esther M. GOODWIN b. 1781 Winslow, ME, md. Solomon WHIDDEN; Town rec. of Winslow, ME (Int. pub. 26 Sep 1781)

From: J. K. LYMAN, Eliot, ME

(He goes back to Daniel GOODWIN and wife Margaret SPENCER through their following three lines:) 1. i. Thomas GOODWIN md. Mehitable PLAISTED ii. Thomas GOODWIN md. Elisabeth BUTLER iii. Ellsha GOODWIN md. Sarah(LORD ?) iv. Daniel GOODWIN md. Sarah HOBBS v. Elisha GOODWIN md. Anna LIBBY vi. Daniel GOODWIN md. (2) Mary NASON vii. Daniel GOODWIN md. Mary Abigail LORD viii. Daniel GOODWIN md. Mary Alice MARTIN ix. Margaret GOODWIN md. Joseph Kenneth LYMAN x. Son 2. i. James GOODWIN md. Sarah THOMPSON ii. Mary GOODWIN md. Richard LORD iii. Keeiah LORD md. William NASON iv. Nathan NASON md. Polly EMERY v. Mary NASON md. Daniel GOODWIN (Rest same as above line) 3. i. Elizabeth GOODWIN md. Phillip HUBBARD ii. Phillip HUBBARD md. Elizabeth ROBERTS iii. Joseph HUBBARD md. Sarah EMERY iv. Mary HUBBARD md. Job EMERY v. Polly Emery md. Nathan NASON (Rest same as above 2 lines) From: L. JAMES, Napoleon, MI. 1. Son 2. Harvey JAMES married 1902 Illinois, Maude WILLIAMSON 3. Job JAMES, married 1840 Canada, Hannah MOORE 4. Ezekiel JAMES, married 1807 Canada, Ruth LUNDY 5. Ezekiel JAMES, married 1775 Penna. Kezia HARVEY 6. John JAMES, married 1735 Penna. Ann BAKER 7. Thomas JAMES, married 1712 Penna., Mary GOODWIN (A Quaker) b. 25 Dec. 1686

ADDITIONS Wayne C. PATTERSON, Route 3. Box 315 Fairgrove, MO 65648, has traced his pedigree back one more generation. His lineage is listed in Vol. IV, Issue 5. The following information should be added to it; Jonathan GOODWIN, d. 14 Jan. 1831. L. Penns Neck Twp., Salem Co., NJ. Md. Mary ----. Death cert.of Lydia, Vol. AD, p. 466, NJ ? Craig?s Sal. Co. Gen. Data, Vol. 1. p. 319.