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The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 4, Issue 2, Jan. 1982)


THE GOODWIN OAK (reprint, edited)

From Marietta Jo GOODWIN Blazek

1. Daughter

2. George Fredrick GOODWIN b. 28 Feb. 19--, McCrory, Ark. m. Marietta M. DUNN (Parents birth Cert. & Marr. Lic.)

3. George Robert GOODWIN b. 12 Sept 1890 Bessemer, Ala. m. Winnie Ann PARK (Family Bible, tombstone & Death Cert.).

4. James H. GOODWIN b. 29 May 1849 Bessemer, Ala., m. Margret CROTWELL 1870 (Death Cert. & marr. rec. from Ala marr. book)

5. Mark GOODWIN, Jr. b. 1806, Laurens Co., S.C. m. Tabitha ---- (Census records, Land records)

From Helen Genevra Winn King

1. Helen Genevra WINN b. 24 May 1903 Berwick, Me. m. Victor Emmanuel KING (Berwick Me. & Dover N.H. Town Records).

2. Albert Henry WINN b. 2 May 1869 Berwick, Me., m. Genevra Linnell WORMWOOD (Berwick, Me. & Otisfield, Me. Town Records).

3. James Alvin WINN b. 29 Sept. 1827 Tamworth, N.H. m. Lucretia BURROUGHS (Winn - A Family History).

4. James Goodwin WINN b. 30 Jan. 1800 Lebanon, Me. m. Lydia STORER.

5. Olive Plaisted GOODWIN b. 9 Aug. 1772 m. Ebenezer WINN.

6. James GOODWIN (Capt.) b. about 15 May, 1737 m. Sarah GRIFFITH.

7. Thomas GOODWIN b. 12 July 1697 So. Berwick, Me. m. Elizabeth BUTLER.

8. Thomas GOODWIN b. 1660-1665 Kittery, Me., m. Mehitable PLAISTED.

9. Daniel GOODWIN b. Mar. in Kittery, Me. m. Margaret SPENCER.

10. Daniel GOODWIN m. Bridget ----

11. Daniel GOODWIN b. 1590 Gt. Oakley England

From Christine Knowlan

1. Son.

2. Daughter.

3. Eunice (GOODWIN) STEWART b. 11 Nov.1893 d. 29 Nov. 1976 m. Lloyd C. STEWART

4. Edmond A. GOODWIN b. 3 Aug. 1871 d. 10 Oct. 1947 m. Sadie F. WILLIES.

5. Silas GOODWIN b. 19 Oct. 1834 d. 28 Aug. 1899 m. Rosanna THUKSTON.

From Ardell J. Parkman Lynds

1. Daughter.

2. Son.

3. Earl PARKMAN b. 21 Mar. 1892 Me. m. Violet HART.

4. Mertie GOODWIN b. 10 Mar. 1872, Canaan, Me. m. Jedediah PARKMAN.

5. Adelaide FLANDERS b. 14 Oct. 1840 Cornville, Me. m. John GOODWIN (8th cousins).

6. Mary FROST b. 20 Sept. 1817 Cornville, Me. m. Jonathan FLANDERS.

7. Rev. Henry FROST b. 6 Aug. 1785 Berwick, Me. m. Sophia GILMAN.

8. Jane EMERY m. 4 Dec. 1777 Maine Simon FROST

9. Jane FROST b. 10 May 1728 Winter Harbor, Me. m. Caleb EMERY.

10. Margret GOODWIN m. 15 May 1705-8 Winter Harbor, Me. m. James FROST

11. William GOODWIN & Deliverance Taylor son of Daniel & Margaret SPENCER

From Margaret Lois Barber Jizba

1. Daughter.

2. Edith Rebecca HOBBS b. 5 Aug. 1881 Decatur, Ne m. John Lawrence BARBER (Nebraska death cert.).

3. Henry Austin HOBBS b. 17 Sept 1857 West Cambridge, Mass. m. Mary Ethel HARRIS (birth cert. Mass.).

4. Lorenzo HOBBS b. 10 Apr. 1827 Wells, Me. md. Mary Malvina FROST (Vital Records, Wells, Me.).

5. Warwick HOBBS b. 30 Nov. 1789 Wells, Me. md. Hannah BARKER (Vital records, Wells, Me.).

6. Mary HUBBARD b. 2 Nov. 1763 Wells, Me. m. William HOBBS (Vital rec, Wells, Me.).

7. Warwick HUBBARD b. 3 Aug. 1731 Berwick, Me. m. Mary LITTLEFIELD (vital Rec, Berwick, Me.).

8. Moses HUBBARD b. 8 July 1731 Berwick, Me. m. Abigail HEARD (Noyes, Libby, Davis Gen. Dic. of Me & NH).

9. Elizabeth GOODWIN b. about 1665 m. Phillip HUBBARD, (Noyes, Libby, Davis Gen. Dic. of Me & NH).

10. Daniel GOODWIN Immigrant m. Margaret SPENCER (Noyes, Libby Davis Gen. Dic. of Me & NH.)


1. Son

2. Martin F. GOODWIN b. 12 Sept. 1875 Wolfboro, N.H. m. Clare RICHARDS

3. Joseph W. GOODWIN b. 13 May l838 m. Ellen A. FURBER

4. Elisha GOODWIN b. 7 Dec. 1793 Kittery, Me. m. Betsey GILMAN

5. Jeremiah GOODWIN bapt. 15 Apr. 1752 m. Mary REMICK

6. Elisha GOODWIN bapt. 9 Oct. 1726 So. Berwick, Me. m. Sarah ----.

7. Thomas GOODWIN b. 12 July 1697 m. Elizabeth BUTLER

8. Thomas GOODWIN b. ---, m. Mehitable PLAISTED

9. Daniel GOODWIN settled in 1652 Kittery, Me. m. Margaret SPENCER

Ms. Carroll W. SMITH, Calif. has found a fifth line of descent from Daniel GOODWIN and wife Margaret SPENCER, this one is through their son, Moses.

1. Moses GOODWIN md Abigail TAYLOR

2. Martha GOODWIN md James GRAY (VR Kittery, Me.)

3. Taylor GRAY md. Tabitha MURCH (Church records)

4. Anna GRAY md. Charles THOMES (VR. ^iddeford)

5. Joseph THOMES md. Katherine BACON

6. Fred R. THOMES md. Olive HUTCHINS

7. Charles H. THOMES md Carrie E. LEAVETT

8. Arlene Grace THOMES md Henrv J. SMITH

9. Carroll W. SMITH

[HAPPY BIRTHDAY Belated birthday greetings go to the father of Carroll W. SMITH, Henry J. SMITH, who was 99 this September [1981] and is still active.]

Additional sources: Gen. Dict, of Me. and N.H. by Libby-Noyes, Maine Wills and 01d Kittery & Her Families by Stackpole and also his History Gorham, p. 791. Clues to this came in response to a query in Downeast Ancestry. It pays to subscribe to this magazine if you have Maine lineage.

[Possibly from Mr. R, B. HALES, location unknown];

1. Son.

2. Daughter.

3. Ray Coleman BUSHNELL b. 18 June 1889 Walla Walla, WA m. Vera Belle GILL

4. Charles Frederic BUSHNELL b. 9 Sept. 1848 Albany, N.Y. m. Emma SHAFER.

5. Seaman Sedgewick BUSHNELL b. 14 Oct. 1807 Starksborough, VT m. Sabrina BROWN (Bushnell Family Gen. by G.E. Bushnell Nashville, Tenn. 1945).

6. Samuel BUSHNELL b. 9 May 1773 Canaan Falls, CT m. Pedee BECKLEY.

7. Abraham BUSHNELL b. 27 Dec. 1744 Saybrook CT m. Mary ENSIGN.

8. Temperance WARREN b. 16 May 1720 m. Stephen BUSHNELL.

9. Abraham WARREN b. about 1672 of Hartford, CT m. Experience STEVENS.

10. Elizabeth CROW b. about 1650 of Hartford, CT m. William WARREN.

11. Elizabeth GOODWIN m. John CROW * (Pedigree charts on file in Salt Lake City Gen. Library)

*Note: According to Genealogical Notes of New York and New England Families, Compiled by S. V. TALCOTT, pub. in 1883, Elder William GOODWIN d. in Farmington, 11 Mar. 1673, ae. about 75 years. He left his estate by will to his only child Elizabeth, wife of John CROW.
Another mention of William GOODWIN is in History of Hadley. Mass. by Sylvester Judd. "Ruling Elder William GOODWIN in Hadley, Mass. came from Hartford, Conn." This bears out what was in the genealogy by TALCOTT which states that he moved to Hadley. JUDD genealogy has him in Hadley in 1659, in the Congregational Church.

From Carla J. Foster for Ora A. WILLIAMS

1. Ora A. WILLIAMS b. 20 Mar. 1894 Lexington, Me.

2. Josiah Parker WILLIAMS b. 17 Oct. 1863 Embden, Me. m. (1) Sadie GOULD (2) Irene LONGLEY (Lexington, Me. Vital Rec).

3. John G. WILLIAMS, b. 1829 Lexington, Me. m. Susan W. CHURCHILL (Lexington, Me. Vit. Red., New Portland, Me. Vit. Rec.,).

4. Silas WILLIAMS b. 1793-1800 Me. m. (1) Alice GOODRIDGE (2) Mary GOODRIDGE (Sister) [Fed. Census Rec., New Portland, Me. Vit. Rec, Hist. of Industry, Me.]

5. John GOODRIDGE b. 1773 Alfred, Me. m. Hannah GOODWIN b. 1778 (Goodridge Genenealogy & Hist. of Industry, Me. By Hatch).

6. Hannah GOODWIN b. 4 May 1778 Shapleigh, Me. m. (1) Wm. EMERY (2) John GOODRIDGE (GOODRIDGE & GOODWIN Gen. - Daughter of Benj. Goodwin)

The GOODRIDGE Genealogy by Edwin Alonzo GOODRIDGE, Published 1918; Maine State Library, Augusta, Maine
[Ed. Note, Sept. 2009: Also available on Google Books; see pg. 126]

(6) John GOODRIDGE (John5, Benjamin4, Josiah3, Benjamin2, William1) born 17 Mar. 1773, son of John and Martha (Holmes) GOODRIDGE. In 1805 he moved from Alfred to Industry, Me. He m. 5 Oct. 1799, Hannah GOODWIN, born Shapleigh, Maine, 4 Mar. 1778, daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Shockley) GOODWIN.

a. Henry GOODRIDGE b. 30 Mar. 1800 Alfred, Me.

b. Mary GOODRIDGE b. 22 Oct. 1802 Alfred, Me.

c. *Alice* GOODRIDGE b. 22 Sept. 1804 Alfred, Me. m. m. Silas WILLIAMS 9 Oct. 1823 in Gilman Pond, New Portland, Me.

d. Lois GOODRIDGE, b. 6 Aug. 1806 Industry, Me.

e. John GOODRIDGE b. 8 Nov. 1808 Industry, Me.

*Notes by Carla FOSTER, Bingham, Me.:

* Silas WILLIAMS m. 2nd., Mary (GOODRIDGE) DAVIDSON, widow of Daniel Davidson, 17 March 1844, also in New Portland, Me. (records). Alice GOODRIDGE was the mother of the children of Silas WILLIAMS, and had died by 1844, when Silas married her sister, Mary.

* John GOODRIDGE may have had son, Nathan, b. ca. 1812, with whom he was shown living in the 1850 census of Lexington, Me. (old Gilman Pond Plt.)

* Daughter Lois m. Thomas BUTLER, and also lived in Lexington, Me.



History of Industry, Maine., by Hatch p. 626:
John GOODRIDGE, born in Alfred, Me., 17 March 1773, married Hannah GOODWIN, published 5 Oct. 1799. Hannah was born in Shapleigh, Me., 4 May 1778. He settled on the farm near Goodridge Corner, Industry.
His log cabin was afterward occupied by Elisha LUCE. After a few years sojourn, John moved away, and all traces of him has been lost.

a. Henry b. 30 Mar. 1800

b. Mary b. 22 Oct. 1802

c. *Alice* b. 22 Sept. 1804 (see Ora WILLIAMS line) m. Silas WILLIAMS, 1823

d. Lois b. 6 Aug. 1806

e. John b. 8 Nov. 1808

*Note by Carla FOSTER, Bingham, Me.:
John GOODRIDGE moved to Lexington, Me. in 1818, one of the very early settlers. This is the reason "all trace of him lost" in Industry. Lexington is now an unorganized township, run by the state, and is located in Somerset Co., 10 miles north of New Portland, Me., in the Dead River Country. In 1850 Census of Lexington, Me., John GOODRIDGE is living with Nathan GOODRIDGE, possibly a son or nephew. Hannah GOODWIN his wife must have died before this time. Cannot locate graves or stones for either one in the Lexington Cemetery. John is not listed in the 1860 census, so prob. died bet. 1850-60.

1850 Fed. Census of Lexington, Somerset Co. Me.

Nathan GOODRIDGE 37, b. ME.
Mary 37, b. ME.
Cyrus 11, b. ME.
John GOODRIDGE 76, b. ME.

Thomas Butler 46, b. ME.
Lois 44, b. ME.
Hannah 9, b. ME.
Henry 1, b. ME.

(Ora WILLIAMS Line:)
Silas WILLIAM, Sr. 50, b. ME.
Mary 48, b. ME. (Sister to Alice GOODRIDGE)
Dorcas D. 22, b. ME.
Sally D. 16, b. ME.
John G. * 21, b. ME.
Hannah 19, b. ME.



What was the ancestry of Anna HANSON of Brookfield, N.H. who md Joseph GOODWIN 23 Dec. 1807. He was the son of Daniel GOODWIN and his wife Mary DOWNS.

Parentage wanted of George S. GOODWIN who was the father of Albion GOODWIN of So, Berwick, Maine, who d. 1945. Albion's wife was Mary DUFFY who came from Ireland.

Lineage of Amanda GOODWIN who md Hosia Halcum GEORGE in 1875 (?) in Alabama.

Wanted ancestry of Simeon GOODWIN who md. Mary GOODRICH. He was b. 1762, died on 21 April, 1836

Benjamin GOODWIN m. Edea LEE, lived New York State in early l800's. Need parents names, all dates and places. Where in New York State did Benjamin and Edes live?

Major Micajah HORTON m. 1800, Colchester, New York, Hannah WILLIAMS of Norwich, Ct., b. 15 Sept. 1773. Need her parents, other ancestors, dates and places.

Ancestry of Silas GOODWIN, b. 19 Oct 1834, d. 28 Aug. 1899, md Rosanna THURSTON. Possibly these events happened in Strong, Me.

Does anyone own or know of any piece of furniture made by Nathaniel KNOWLTON, Sr. (1789-1874) cabinetmaker of Eliot? He lived near Raitt Hill and in later life was a carriage-maker.

I am trying to identify a picture which I believe to be that of Elizabeth R. HILL (1811-1886), d/o Samuel HILL of Eliot & his wife Elizabeth RAWSON and wife of Ivory GOODWIN (1808-1868) of So. Berwick.
Does anyone have pictures of Hills or Goodwins with which mine might be compared?



These following inscriptions are taken from the Mt. Rest Cemetery and sent to us by Mrs. W. B. WING, Marysville, Cal.

* Alonzo J. GOODWIN, d. 31 Aug. 1904, ae 75 yrs. 7 mos., 14 ds.

* Sophia E., his wife, d. 22 Sept. 1907. ae 76 yrs., 6 mos., 16 ds.

* Nellie A., their dau., d. 17 Dec. 1861, ae 3 yrs., 6 mos.

* Earl, son of Fred & Melissa GOODWIN, d. 30 May 1885, ae 3 mos., 5ds. (Grandson of Alonzo J. and his wife, Sophia)

* Charles A. GOODWIN, 1853-1929 (Son of Alonzo J. and wife, Sophia).

* Cora M. TUTTLE, his wife, 1862-?

Somerset County Maine Census of 1810:

* Living in Athens - Joseph Goodwin 1 in Household

* Living in Harmony - Ichabod Goodwin 9 in Household

* Living in Fairfield - James Goodwin 7 in Household

* Living in Fairfield - Daniel Goodwin 13 in Household

From: Mrs. David Christiansen

Sarah Smeed Goodwin b. Nashua, N.H. 9 Jan. 1857 d. 14 Mar. 1924 buried at Fitchburg, Mass. (Maternal Family name Allen) m. Charles Alonzo Sherwin b. 1 Dec. 1853 at Milledgeville, Ga. d. May 1935 buried at Fitchburg, Mass. (Maternal Family Name was Hancock. They had four children.)



Portsmouth Herald, 24 Oct. 1981

Kittery - Georgia Gerry GOODWIN, 69, of 170 Rogers Road, wife of Daniel A. GOODWIN, died 23 Oct. in a Portsmouth N.H., hospital.
She was born here, the daughter of William E. and Lillian Manson GERRY. Besides her husband, she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Gordon MAINE, and Mrs. Ruth BURKET, N.H.; a brother, Elmer; nine grandchildren and four great- grandchildren.
Funeral services were held Tuesday at the Franklin G. Wilson Funeral Home, 21 Rogers Road here. Interment will be in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Eliot.

The Union Leader, Manchester, N.H. 16 Nov. 1981

Warren, N.H. - Harry L. GOODWIN, 91, of Route 25B, a former longtime conservation officer, died Saturday at the McKerley Health Care Center in Laconia after a brief illness.
Mr. GOODWIN was born in Warren, lived for a time in the Sanbornton-Laconia area and the Orford-Wentworth area, and returned to Warren in 1926. He worked 33 years as a conservation officer for the N.H. Fish and Game Department, retiring in 1958.
A former Grange member, Mr. Goodwin was also a 50 year member of the Moosehillock Lodge No 63, F & A.M., and was its treasurer for 30 years. He was the widower of Bertha (Gale) Goodwin, who died in 1973.
Members of his family include a son, Everett "Pete" GOODWIN; a sister, Mrs. Richard BURLEIGH; a grand-daughter, two great grand children and three great- great-grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held Wed. at 2:00 p.m. in the Warren United Methodist Church- Burial will be in the Warren Village Cemetery. Friends and relatives may call at the LaFontaine Funeral Home in Plymouth Tuesday from 7-9 p.m., with Masonic services at 7:30 p.m.

HAROLD S. GOODWIN, Sanford, 24 Aug. 1981
Harold Shapleigh GOODWIN, 90, of Country Club Road No. 3 died early Monday at his late residence. He was born at Lebanon, the son of Oren and Rose Shapleigh GOODWIN and resided here most of his life. He was a shipping room overseer at the former Goodall-Sanford textile mills here until 1954. He was a 50 year member of Preble Lodge, AF & AM, a member of Bauneg Beg Grange and the Odd Fellows and a former member of the Order of Redmen.
He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Mrs. Blanche Roberts GOODWIN; a son, Dorrance, and a daughter, Faye GOODWIN; and a sister, Idella CROSSLAND.
Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Heald Funeral Home, 61 Main St., Springvale. The Rev. Frederick Robie, pastor of the North Parish Congregational Church, will officiate. Interment will be in Oakdale Cemetery.

Washington, D.C. - Mrs. Jean M. GOODWIN, wife of the late Navy Capt. Harold L. GOODWIN, formerly of South Berwick, Me., died Monday, Nov. 23, 1981, in Washington.
Memorial remembrances may be made to Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine.

Foster's Daily Democrat, 13 July 198l, Dover, N.H.

Payson H. GOODWIN Sr., 67, of Rt. 109, died Friday July 10, 1981, at his home in Sanbornville. Born in Center Ossipee, he had been a resident there before moving to Sanbornville 10 years ago.
Prior to retirement five years ago, Mr. GOODWIN had been employed as a meatcutter and grocery clerk for most of his life.
Members of the family include his wife, Sylvia (ALLEN) GOODWIN; two sons, Payson GOODWIN Jr. and Michael GOODWIN; three daughters, Mrs. Emily LEPAGE, Miss Elizabeth GOODWIN and Miss Michelle GOODWIN; two sisters, Mrs. Doris VEZEAU and Mrs. Orel WITHERELL; seven grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.
A Mass of Christian burial was celebrated at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Center Ossipee. Interment was in the family lot in Grant Cemetery, Center Ossipee.
Lord Funeral Home, Center Ossipee, was in charge of arrangements.

Foster's Daily Democrat, 21 Oct. 1981

SEABROOK - Mrs. Anne M. (KOUZA) GOODWIN, 68, of Falling Mill Road died Tues, Oct. 20, 1981, at Exeter Hospital.
Born Aug. 24 1913, in Greenland the daughter of Adam and Caroline (ARCHIE) KOUZA, she had moved to Seabrook after her marriage 43 years ago.
She was employed as floor supervisor by Welpro Inc. for 16 years.
Members of her family include her husband, Edward F. GOODWIN, of Seabrook; a son, Edward W. GOODWIN; a daughter, Mrs. Trudy ATKINSON; four brothers, Stanly BABULA and Paul BABULA, Arthur BABULA and Walter BABULA; four sisters, Mrs. Julie RUTTER, Mrs. Helen CLAUSON, Mrs. Alberta CASSO and Mrs. Mary Jane TOSI; five grandchildren; and several nieces, nephews and cousins. The funeral was held at the Ronald A. Remick Funeral Home, Hampton. Burial was in Smithtown Cemetery.

On the 5th of Oct. 1981 George MASSUD died in Portsmouth, N.H. after a long illness. He was born in Mexico and lived in Warren, R.I. before coming to Portsmouth. He was 83 years old.
He survived by his wife, Ella Gertrude EMERY, who is a direct descendant of Daniel GOODWIN of Kittery, Me. She is the daughter of John Lord EMERY and his wife, Manie GOODWIN.

FOSTER'S DAILY DEMOCRAT, DOVER, N.H., September 12, 1981

Robert E. GOODWIN, husband of Avis L. GOODWIN, father of Katheryn, Valerie and Madolyn GOODWIN, brother of Mrs. Helen Nichols of Hampton, and uncle to one nephew, died Friday, Sept. 11 at the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital after a brief illness.
The Tasker, Chesley, and McGill .Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Services will be held at the funeral home on Monday at 1:30 p.m. Visiting hours will be Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. and from 7-9 p.m.

THE MILLVILLE DAILY, New Jersey Thursday, January 15, 1981

Alcina E. (GOODWIN) ZIMMERMAN, 84 of 23 Cedar St. died Wednesday night in the Cumberland County Medical Center.
She was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church, Shekinah Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Millville Republican Club and the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Surviving are a son, Raymond J. ZIMMERMAN, Jr.; two daughters, Fola BEVAN and Alcina RILEY,; a brother, Algernon GOODWIN, 11 grandchildren and 10 great- grandchildren.
Services will be held 10 a.m. Saturday at the Rocap-Shannon Memorial Funeral Home. Burial will be in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Friends may call one hour prior to services at the funeral home and Eastern Star services will be conducted it 9:30 a.m.
Surviving Alcina ( GOODWIN) Zimmerman are the children of Eva May CALLAHAN; Hugh CALLAHAN, Jr. and Maureen (CALLAHAN) OSTDAHL and the children of Maurice Goodwin ZIMMERMAN, Mary Zimmerman BAYER and Maurice G. ZIMMERMAN, Jr, Eva and Maurice both died in 1965.

[What this obituary does not say: Mother was a very bright, self educated woman. She was active in many community projects - the PTA, her church, and the DAR, and her political party. She was very versatile; she could can, sew, crochet, embroider, and tat. She was the kind of person her neighbors consulted when they needed advice. Like Edna St. Vincent Millay's mother, "She had a bit of granite in her."

Mrs. Fola BEVAN also sent an interesting clipping from the Millvilla, N.J. newspaper for 17 Oct. l981 which shows a picture of her cousin Chester H. GOODWIN 3rd who is 49 years old and the mayor of Millville finishing a 10.4 mile Cops Run For Kids. He was one of the first three to finish. The run was to raise donations for the Sunshine Foundation whose goal is to bring happiness to the lives of seriously ill children by fulfilling their dreams for special trips.]



There is a book available from Robert Shuhi Books, Box 268, Morris, CT 06763, entitled The Goodwins, by Alice DINSMOOR, pub. in 1931, l84 pages and illustated. It is a history of her family around Elgin, Illinois.

The Guardians

Those of you who are interested in the William and Ozias GOODWIN family will find some information on William in The Guardians by Doris H. WACKERBARTH. This is a biographical account of the earliest setlers of Mass Bay outposts at the time of King Phillip's War. Two judges of Charles 1 were secret refugees for over eleven years in Hadley, some of the time in the home of William GOODWIN. It is available [in 1982] from The Country Squire, Granville, Ma 01034



Many of us, as I am, are proud to be able to claim Mehitable PLAISTED, daughter of Roger PLAISTED, killed by Indians in 1675, wife of Thomas GOODWIN, as one of our progenitors.
Much has been written about the capture of Mehitable by the Indians in 169O and after being taken captive to Canada was brought back in 1695 by Captain Matthew CAREY. Dotty KEYES, who is now our Vice-President, did a very well researched and interesting booklet entitled Roger Plaisted Memorial 1675-1975. Other sources about Mehitable are contained in Cotton MATHER'S Magnalia and New England Captives Carried to Canada by Emma L. COLEMAN.
Roger PLAISTED chr. 1624, Mildenhall, Wiltshire, England. Killed by Indians 16 Oct. 1675 Salmon Falls, N.H. Married Olive COLEMAN.

1. Roger PLAISTED md Ciecile ----

2. John PLAISTED md Alice SNOW


4. William PLAISTED

5. Robert PLAISTED

6. John PLAISTED md Joan

7. Robert PLAISTED

8. Thomas PLAISTED md Matilda

9. William de PLEISTEDE

10. Robert de PLESSITIS md Ela BASSET*

11. **John du PLESSIS md (1) Christiana, daughter and heiress of Hugh de Sandford of Hook Norton, Oxon

12. Radulphus du PLESSIS of Normandy 1180.

BASSET Lineage:

1. Ela BASSET md Robert de PLESSITIS (He sold land at Honington, N. Wilts, 1272)

2. John BASSET md Alicia Thomas BASSET of Bolinton

3. Thomas BASSET (Baron of Hedenton) md Adeliza who was daughter of Reginald de DUNSTANVIILE, Baron of Castle Combe [who] md. Isabella who drowned 1184 at Rochester. She was daughter of Raymond, Count of Toulouse, buried at Rochester.

Condensed from chart in Plalsted Family of North Wllts by A. H. PLATSTED. Sources for the chart were, in part, The Baronage of England by DUGDALE 1675, Parish Registers of Mildenhall (1560-1750) and Chilton Foliat (1530-1750); Subsidy and Muster Rolls for Wilts., History of Wiltshire (Vol. 3, Pt. 5, p. 12 by Sir Richard HOARE, Histoire Genealogique de la Maison du Plessis De RICHELIEU by Andre du CHEONE, 1631.

An interesting note is that Peter, the brother of John du PLESSIS who md Christiana was the ancestor of Armand Jean du PLESSIS, Duc of RICHELIEU, Cardinal of France abt. 1585, and his other brother, Lawrence, accompanied Guy de LUSIGNAN, King of Jerusalem, to the Holy Land.

**John md (2) Margery de NEWBURGH, sister to Thomas, Earl of Warwick. John adopted the SANDFORD Arms and was buried in Missenden Abbey, Bucks. No children of this marriage.



South Berwick has long been a mecca of family gatherings, but it was reserved for the year 1908 to witness the first rally of the clans of one of the largest and most influential families of them all.
It was in the brain of Miss Sarah Goodwin that the idea of a Goodwin family reunion first took shape and to her efforts and those of her brother Thomas J. Goodwin, is due its successful outcome in the meeting at Quamphegan park on Tuesday, August 11, where some eighty descendants of Daniel Goodwin, the emigrant, enjoyed a social day together and organized for further action.

Daniel Goodwin was the son of Daniel and Dorothy Goodwin of Yoxford, in Suffolk County, England, and came to this country with his brother Stephen, who settled in Charlestown, Mass. He married first a daughter of Thomas Spencer who purchased from the Sachem Rowles the entire tract of land on which the village of South Berwick, including Great Works, now stands, second, Mrs. Sarah (Sanders) Turbet, daughter of John Sanders and wife of Peter Turbet.

The date of his coming is not definitely known, but the Kittery records show these grants of land to him; December 16, 1652, a marsh adjoining Barnard Squirer's lott; July 15, 1656, ten acres of meadow land by Wilcox's pond; June 24, 1659, ten acres of swamps, five on ye upper end of Humphrey Chadbourne's meadow on the further side of Obonnibessie pond, and five acres near York pond; May 28, 1670, one hundred acres on the north side ye pond; March 4, 1673/4 sixty-nine acres upland marsh and swamp at the place called Slut's Corner.

Daniel Goodwin's name heads the list of the founders of the First Parish Congregational church, June 4, 1702, and as Mrs. Sarah Goodwin, a widow, was admitted to that church in 1703, he did not long survive. His children were Daniel, [who] married Amie, daughter of Miles Thompson, William, who married Deliverance, daughter of John Talor; Moses, who married Abigail ---,; Thomas, who married Mehitable Plaisted who though carried into captivity in Canada bv the Indians in March, 1689-90, - where she remained five years, lived to return, and bore two sons; Thomas, born July 12, 1697, and Ichabod, born June 17, 1700.

The farm in Berwick on which Thomas and Mehitable lived is the one now owned by Hon. George S. Goodwin, a grandson of Captain James Goodwin, who was a qreat - grandson of Daniel Goodwin and who married Sally Griffith.
After an informal dinner, those present at Quamphegan Park elected Mr. John E. Hobbs of North Berwick, chairman and Moses E. Goodwin, of Eliot, secretary pro tem. Thomas J. Goodwin of South Berwick, Richard L. Goodwin of South Berwick, Moses E. Goodwin of Rockport, Mass., and Warren Goodwin of North Waterboro, Me., were chosen to formulate an organization and nominate officers. They recommended the officers should be a president, a corresponding secretary, a recording secretary, an executive committee of three with power to fill vacancies in the list of officers occurring between the annual meetings and take such action as would best advance the interests of the association, and a historical committee of four. They recommended that the meeting should be at the call of the executive committee. The following officers were unanimously elected.

President, Thomas J. Goodwin, South Berwick; vice presidents, Richard L. Goodwin, Berwick, Alpheus Goodwin, Rockport, Mass., Warren Goodwin, North Waterboro, Me.; corresponding secretary, Wilbur D. Spencer, Berwick, Me.; recording secretary, Mrs. Ella E. Plumer, Rollinsford; Treasurer, True E. Goodwin, South Berwick, Me.; executive committee, Moses E. Goodwin, Thomas J. Goodwin, Richard L. Goodwin; historical committee, Mrs. Jeremiah J. Goodwin, Portsmouth, Wilbur D. Spencer, Berwick, John E. Hobbs, North Berwick, Eugene F. Weeden, Somersworth.
Letters were read from Almon J. Goodwin of Pawtucket, R.I., John S. Goodwin of Chicago, author of a pamphlet in regard to the Goodwin family, and from Sarah D. Goodwin of Newburyport, daughter of Daniel Goodwin, born in Eliot July 9, 1825, son of John and Mary Hill Goodwin, who went to New York, then to Newburyport, Mass., married Sarah Blanchard Tilton, and was blessed with five children. He died at 80 after an honest life. Miss Goodwin referred to Amos Gordon Goodwin of Saco, a classmate of Oliver Wendell Holmes, who, though he died at 40, was the foremost lawyer of the county, also to researches which have traced the family lineage back to King Harold of England, who before he became king had named for him Goodwin's Sands on the coast, where the lightship bearing the Marconi apparatus for wireless telegraphy between South Portland, England, and Boulogne, France, bears on its side the name, East Goodwin.
The will of Margaret Goodwin, made long before 1652, shows the family there eminent for piety, and a very old book owned by the writer speaks of Thomas Goodwin, an eminent divine. In closing, Miss Goodwin spoke of the Goodwin name as a good name, good to win and which would win good to those who bore it.

Mr. John E. Hobbs spoke of the fact that Daniel Goodwin was a ship-builder and that his father-in-law, Thomas Spencer, married a daughter of William Chadbourne, one of three carpenters who came to Gt. Works to set up the first sawmill on the American continent, under contract with Captain John Mason, the original contract on parchment being now in the Massachusetts Historical society's archives. This contract made in 1623, says that Captain Mason is shipping two mills, a saw and grist mill to Newichiwannock, by the first conveyance obtainable. The mills arrived on the ship Pied Cowe, July 18, 1626, and were set up by Chadbourne, John Goddard and William Ward, who also helped build the church erected in 1652 at Oldfields.

After votes of thanks to Mr. Hobbs and Mrs. Plumer for their help to the association, they adjourned to a date to be fixed by the executive committee.

Among those present not yet mentioned were:

* Mrs. Fannie Goodwin Hooper, Helen Goodwin Fall, Somerville, Mass.;

* Dearborn J. Goodwin, Luella T. Goodwin, Beverly, Mass.;

* Maritta Hammond, Myra A. Hammond, New Bedford, Mass.;

* Mrs. Annie Hassett, Lowell, Mass.;

* Thurman T. Goodwin, Bristol;

* Iva Goodwin, Springvale, Me.;

* Mrs. Annette Shorey, East Rochester;

* Mrs. Sarah Randlett, Mrs. T. W. Ingham, Ward Hill, Mass.;

* Mrs. Sarah J. Raitt, Fitchburg, Mass;

* Charles N. Goodwin, Concord;

* Leo Stiles, Mrs. Fannie G. Stiles, Charles A. Goodwin, Mary Goodwin Bennett, Dover;

* Albert A. May, Rose E. May, Meriden, Conn.;

* Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin, Middletown, Conn.;

* Edmund C. Goodwin, Rollinsford;

* Celia Mills Goodwin, Amy G. Wilson, Mrs. Jeremiah P. Goodwin, Roger I. Goodwin, Francis S. Shapleigh, Eliot, Me.;

* Willis J. Goodwin, Portsmouth;

* Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Goodwin, Boston;

* Mrs. Flavel H. Goodwin, Peabody, Mass.;

* Edward J. Goodwin, Brooklyn, N. Y.;

* Herbert E. Goodwin, Dorchester, Mass.;

* Joseph Wilson Hobbs, North Berwick, Me.;

* Mrs. Fred Pert, Mrs. Andrew Goodwin, South Eliot, Me.;

* Horace F. Neal, Sadie Spencer, Etta Spencer, Mary I. Lord, Mrs. Thomas J. Goodwin, Sadie Goodwin, Elmer Webster, Kitty F. Goodwin, John Goodwin, Wallingford Goodwin, Mrs. Mandana Quimby, Eva Quimby, Frederick Andrews Hobbs, Cassandra A. Hobbs, Mrs. Edwin Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs. David N. Cheney, Mrs. Jane Young, John Henry Young, Mr. and Mrs. Horace J. Goodwin, Morrill Goodwin, Bessie Kershaw, James W. Goodwin, Harvey Goodwin, Mrs. Nancie Cook, Mrs. Arthur Goodwin, Mrs. Addie Knowlton, Mrs. Albert Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Ross, Ruth Ross, Mrs. Oscar Hooper, Miriam Hooper, Etta Hanscom; Sarah F, Goodwin, Mary Emery, South Berwick;

* Mr.; Mrs. Sarah R. Goodwin Hobbs, James W. Butler, Berwick, Me.


Compiled by Daniel Gage Annis and George Waldo Browne 1914


Abbie Adella Goodwin and Albin Corthell, Dec. 26, 1892.
Daniel W. Goodwin and Sarah A. Moody, May 10, 1873.
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Esther M. Goodwin and Henry J. Whittemore, Apr. 21, 1862.
Frances E. Goodwin and James A. Nichols, May 17, 1862.
George N. Goodwin and Susie A. Barker, Sept. 28, 1872.
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John Goodwin and Caroline W. Bolles, Mar. 17, 1863.
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Martha Goodwin and Joshua C. Watts, 1821-22.
Mary Ann Goodwin and John W. Fling, Nov, 30, 1857

Goodwin, Gooden, Gooding;

Abbie Adella, 31, and Albin Corthell, 49, Dec. 28, 1892.
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Sarah H. and William P. Richardson, Dec. 10, 1855.