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The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 4, Issue 1, Oct. 1981)



Source: "Brewer-Orrington-Holden-Eddington History and Families" History [section] by Mildred N. Thayer, Families [section] by Mrs. Edward W. Ames Original Source: Olde Orrington Lineage book, Brewer Lineage, books 1 and 2

Olde Orrington Lineage book, Page 110:
Capt. Benjamin Goodwin, Brewer, Me, wife Mercy died 1830;

a. Child recorded 1820

b. Romelia baptized 23 Oct. 1821 d. 1835 at 18 years

c. Sarah Jane baptized 23 Oct. 1821

d. Mary baptized 1829

e. Child died 1825

Page 45:

Charles A. Snow, b. 8 Oct. 1831 md. Martha Goodwin of Bangor 9 Nov. 1854,

Charles d. at sea 2 Sept. 1865

Brewer lineage books, 1 and 2, Page 8:
Mr. Benjamin Goodwin - Mrs. Mercy Goodwin his wife

a. Pamelia Louisa b. 15 May 1816 d. 1832

b. Laura Jane b. 23 May 1818

c. George Penny (Henry?) b. 27 Jan. 1820 d. Sept. 1820

d. George Otis b. 6 Jan. 1822

e. Caroline b. 10 Feb. 1824 d. Mar. 1824

f. Benjamin Albert b. 6 Sept 1825 d. Dec. 1825

g. Mary Maria b. 15 Dec. 1827

Page 70-Lineage of Benjamin Goodwin and Clarissa R. his wife:

a. Charles M. b. 11 Apr. 1836

b. William b. 16 Feb. 1839

c. Elizabeth b. 14 Apr. 1841

d. Francis B. b. 17 Jan. 1843 d. 7 June 1845

e. Mariah C b. 7 Jan. 1847

f. Mary F. b. 17 Jan. 1849

g. Henry P. b. 18 Mar. 1851

h. Frank b. 4 Aug. 1854

Page 61-Ivory Goodwin and Elizabeth:

a. Charles Edward b. 3 Oct. 1839

b. Elizabeth b. 22 July 1842

NOTE: Orrington became a town in 1788; Brewer set off in 1812; Holden set off from Brewer in 1852. This may clear up any differences in the name of the towns at different dates.
Thanks to Ms. Ladd, E. Holden, Me. for this information.

Answer to Query #III-7
Benjamin Goodwin b. (Probably Arundel, Me.) 10 May 1781 d. (Probably Lyman, Me.) 18 Mar. 1860, md. 26 Dec. 1804 Miriam Gillpatrick, daughter of Joshua and Lydia (Waterhouse) Gillpatrick, b. 25 July 1783; d. 1866, prob. in Lyman, Me.
Residences: In the 1840 Census the family was living in Lyman near Goodwin's Mill and in the 1850 Census Benjamin was listed thus:
Lyman: Benjamin Goodwin, age 69, farmer, worth $1500, b. Maine
Miriam Goodwin Age 66, b. Maine
Jacob Goodwin, age 30, farmer, b. Maine
Betsy Goodwin, age 5 b. Maine
Occupation: Farmer
Issue: - as in Goodwin Bible

A. Joshua G. (Gillpatrick?) b. 28 Nov. 1805 d. 21 Apr 1847, m. Sarah NICHOLS

B. Luke b. 10 April 1809 d. 8 June 1842

C. Olive b. 18 June 1812 d. ----; md. 26 April 1832 Joshua Davis

D. Sarah (Sally) b. 6 May 1815 d. ----; md. 2 March 1837 Samuel Cousins

E. Jacob b. 4 Jan. 1820 d. ----; md. prior to 1845 when he had a daughter Betsy (see 1850 Census above - wife dead).

F. Israel Waterhouse b. 31 May 1822 in Kennebunkport; d. Feb. 1905; md. 12 Oct. 1845 Sally Joy

Source: Goodwin Bible and 1850 Census

Thank you to Mr. R. Hooper, Winter Haven, Florida for this answer.

William I. GOODWIN, b 1852, located in Pike County, Georgia (Zebulon) 1860 Census. Mother, Margaret C. GOODWIN (poss. HARRELL) b Tenn. age 28, brother, Rodolphine B. b 1854. (need info, on father & county in Ga.) (Some "Goodwin" surnames changed to "GOODWYN" about this period).

Request information relating to Moses Goodwin who married Mary Ann Abbott in South Berwick, Me. 20 Sept. 1824. Need Birth, death, and parents on both.

Request information on the parentage of Mary Goodwin b. about 1738 and Samuel Goodwin of Wells. Is their father Thomas still thought to be the son of Daniel, Jr.?

Request information on Daniel Jr.'s two wives. Was his first wife Amy or Ann Thompson? It seems as though Ann married Israel Hodsdon. In that case who was Daniel's second wife? Was her name Amy Also?

Request information on Isreal K. Goodwin, parents and all dates, and his wife Rosetta, both living in Pubnico, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia in 1871. Both were born in Nova Scotia; Isreal about 1837; Rosetta about 1841. The 1871 census shows their children as: Howard, 9; Esther, 7; Clarence, 3; John Blades, 13, was also living with the family. What was Rosetta's maiden name? What was John's relationship to this family?

Information wanted on Noah JOHNSON and his wife, Sarah GOODWIN, bapt 31 Oct 1750 or 1756, (Elisha4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Daniel1)

What was ancestry of Henry GOODWIN?
Henry GOODWIN d Salisbury, Mass. 1775, m int. 3 Nov 1759 Sarah MARTEN (MARTIN), b 18 Jan 1735/6, d 1775 Salisbury d/o Jonathan(4) MARTIN and Deborah WORTHEN.
Their dau. Elizabeth (Betsey) GOODWIN b 16 Nov 1764 Salisbury-Amesbury, m Newbury 21 Nov 1782, Aaron DOW, Rev. War Vet., b 12 Jan 1761, d 15 May 1812 at Salisbury.
According to family papers widow Betsey (Goodwin) DOW came with her twice- widowed dau. Betsey Goodwin (Dow) (Perkins) Palmer and the latter's two young ch. to live with son Jabez DOW in Livermore, Maine. Jabez DOW had md Betsey CHASE and moved to Livermore (now Livermore Falls) in 1822/23.



Descendants of Daniel Goodwin who settled at Eliot, Me. in 1652, gather at South Berwick, Me. on Aug. 26, for the second annual reunion of the descendants of Daniel Goodwin, who emigrated from England in 1652 and settled in that part of Kittery, now Eliot, was held today at Quamphegan park. Only a few attended the first reunion, but today more than 200 descendants of the immigrant were present.

A feature was the basket lunch, which was enjoyed in the pine grove. During the dinner a fire started in the young pine growth near the park buildings, and had it not been for the prompt assistance rendered by men attending the reunion, who, in the absence of water to fight the flames with, beat and stamped them out, serious damage would undoubtedly have resulted to the park property.

The exercises were held in the casino, Thomas J. Goodwin of South Berwick presiding. Prayer was offered by Rev. Fred S. Boody of Somerville, Mass. The historical address was delivered by Hon. John E. Hobbs of North Berwick. He exhibited a copy of the deed of the land now comprising the greater part of the village of South Berwick, made to the English by the Indian Sagamore Rowles in 1650, and which contained the name of William Chadbourne, grandfather by marriage of Daniel Goodwin, as a witness to Sagamore's signature.

These officers were elected for the ensuing year: Thomas J. Goodwin of South Berwick, pres.; Richard S. Goodwin of Berwick, Alpheus Goodwin of Rockport, Mass. Warren Goodwin of North Waterboro, vice pres.; Wilbur D. Spencer of Berwick, cor. sec,; E. E. Plumer of Rollinsford, rec. sec.; True E. Goodwin of Eliot, Thomas J. Goodwin, Richard L. Goodwin of South Berwick, exec. com.; Mrs. J. J. Goodwin of Portsmouth, Wilbur D. Spencer, John E. Hobbs of North Berwick, Eugene F. Weeden of Somerworth, Miss Sarah B. Goodwin of Newburyport, George A. Goodwin of Sanford, E. Jasper Goodwin of Brooklyn, N. Y., historical committee; Richard L. Goodwin, Charles A. Goodwin. W. D. Spencer, committee on by-laws; Mrs. E. E. Plumer of Rollinsford, Miss Ruth E. Goodwin of Saco, Mrs. Celia M. Goodwin of Eliot, Mrs. Flora A. Hobbs of South Berwick, Miss Mattie G. Ferguson of Berwick, committee on entertainment.
It was voted to hold the next annual meeting at Quamphegan park the last Thursday in August 1910.

Among those present were Miss Mildred 0. Simpson of Lynn, Ruth H Noyes of Cambridge, Moses E. Goodwin, John Shapleigh, Susan A. M. Raitt, George H. Goodwin, Mr. & Mrs. E. Goodwin and children of Eliot, Mrs. F. A. Dorr of Boston, Armine Hassett of Lowell, Mrs. Mira Parr of Dyersburg, Tenn., Bertha Dearborn of Laconia, Amy Sanborn of St. Johnsbury, Vt., E. J. Goodwin of Brooklyn, Fred R. Goodwin of Kennebunkport, Mrs. Jennie Emery Goodwin of Beverly, Mass., Myron Goodwin, Mrs. Charles L. Goodwin, Christine Goodwin of Dover, N. H., Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Goodwin and children of Dorchester, Mass.



This library is located on the campus of the University of Maine at Orono. In their Special Collections they have a section on Goodwin families, consisting of family papers of Goodwins living in Palermo, China and Thorndike. Some of the related families are Batchelder, Bradstreet, Marden, Bryant, Carr, Pearson, Robinson, Rowe and Webster. There is a town list of residents of Palermo in 1830 and Church records of the town and land survey for 1802. One of the family collections contained an interesting flyer from John S. Goodwin, compiler of Goodwins of Klttery, Maine, appealing to Goodwins to send in their family data for inclusion in his forthcoming book. He was also asking for contributions of $1.00 to $5.00 to assist in expense of printing. For a $5.00 contribution he stated he would bring the contributor's line down to date not stopping at the fifth generation.

Following are some entries from pages of family bible records contained in one of Goodwin folders. It is only a partial list because [parts of the copy were illegible]

Downing GOODWIN born 16 Nov 1770
Mary GOODWIN born 21 Jan 1771
Susan GOODWIN born 02 May 1793
John GOODWIN born 31 Aug 1794
Downing G00DWIN born 08 Feb 1796
Sally GOODWIN born 02 Apr 1798
Mary GOODWIN born 06 Dec 1799
Susan GOODWIN born 19 May ?
Hannah GOODWIN born 25 Feb 1803
Lydia GOODWIN born 25 Sep 1804
Aaron GOODWIN born 20 Oct 1805
Moses GOODWIN born 02 Jan 1808
Joseph GOODWIN born 20 Jan 1811
Joshua GOODWIN born 01 Sep 1819

* Susan D. GOODWIN md John CLARK no date;
** Hannah GOODWIN md David HARRIMAN no date
Downing GOODWIN Jr. md 30 Apr 1840 Hannah W. YEATON

Downing GOODWIN died 1 Mar 1841
Mary GOODWIN died 21 Mar 1836
Susan GOODWIN died 21 Sep 1800
Lydia GOODWIN died 20 Dec 1804
John GOODWIN died 19 Aug 1873 E. Baldwin
* Susan D. GOODWIN died 15 Jun 1878
** Hannah GOODWIN died 10 Jul 1872
Moses GOODWIN died 31 Aug 1872
Ephriam STEVENS died 21 Sep 1847
Downing GOODWIN Jr. died 1 Mar 1866 and his wife, Hannah W. YEATON died at Somersworth, N.H. 22 July 1847

These records were in the papers of Allen GOODWIN of Montville, Me.



Information and queries about this individual have appeared in past issues of Goodwin News. In Vol. 1, Issue 3 there is a query, and a copy of his obituary, then in Vol. 3, Issue l a listing of inscriptions - including his - are copied from a monument in the cemetery on Governor' s Rd., West Milton, N.H.
At last the mystery was solved when reading genealogy compiled by the grandfather of one of our members, Mrs. Genevieve Johnson, which she very kindly had copied and sent to us. Her grandfather, mentioned in Vol.3, was Richard James Plumer GOODWIN, a surgeon with the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War. After his retirement he became interested in seeking out his genealogy. He was a member of the former Goodwin Family Association which started in 1908. Dr. Goodwin was born 7 June 1837, the son of Richard Hanson GOODWIN and his wife Mary Ann Plumer (nee ROBERTS), and md. on 29 Dec. 1859 to Josephine Louise Allen, b. 12 July 1835. He was a member of the G.A.R. and S.A.R.

While reading the copy of Dr. Goodwin's lineage I [Alice in 1981] noticed the name of Shepherd Kelley who died at West Milton, N.H. and this brought to mind the Shepherd K. GOODWIN on the monument in West Milton. Thanks goes to Paul GOODWIN for copying the inscriptions on this for the Goodwin News, because it helped in solving this mystery.

Shepherd Kelley GOODWIN was the uncle of Dr. Goodwin and the father of George H. GOODWIN. This is the ancestral line of Frank S. Goodwin, Pensacola, Fla.:

1. Daniel GOODWIN md Margaret SPENCER

2. William GOODWIN md Deliverance TAYLOR

3. William GOODWIN md Abigail STONE

4. Elijah GOODWIN md Abigail TARBOX

5. Daniel GOODWIN md Mary DCWNS

6. (This Daniel was a Rev. soldier and had 2 months service on the Penobscot Expedition)

7. Joseph GOODWIN b Lebanon, Me. 19 Sep 1782, d West Milton, N.H. 31 Mar 1868 md Anna HANSON 23 Dec 1807

8. Shepherd Kelley GOODWIN b 6 Oct 1822 at Middleton, N.H. md Sophronia J. YOUNG

9. George H. GOODWIN

10. Clarence Garfield GOODWIN (adopted) md Agnes Mary MULLIGAN

11. Frank Shepard GOODWIN md. Merna GLENN

This makes three of our members who are descended from the marriage of Joseph and Anna HANSON. The third member being Everett R. GOODWIN, Braintree, Mass. His ancestor was Joseph's son, Daniel Buzzel GOODWIN.



York County Coast Star; Wednesday 26 Aug. 1981
Constance Goodwin, Wells, Texas - Constance Goodwin, 75, resident here for the past year and formerly of Manchester, N.H. and York Beach, died Aug. 22 [1981] in a Lufkin hospital after a long illness. She was the wife of Maurice D. Goodwin, Sr.
Born in Lynn, Mass. she was the daughter of Guy and Lettie Emery Marshall. She attended the Union Congregational Church in York Beach and the Falvey Memorial Methodists Church here.
Besides her husband of Wells, she is survived by a son, Maj. Maurice D., Jr., a daughter, Mrs. Kelsey (Evelyn) Roach; a sister, Mrs. Hope Cash; five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
Funeral services were held Wednesday morning at the Lucas & Eaton Funeral Home, York, with the Rev. Donald Weymouth, officiating. Interment will be in the First Parish Cemetery, York.
Bearers were Thomas Emery, Kelsie Roach, Edward Ramsdell, Robert Marshall, Kevin Cash, and Barry Cash.

ROBERT E. GOODWIN, husband of Avis L. GOODWIN, father of Katheryn, Valerie, and Madolyn GOODWIN, brother of Mrs. Helen NICHOLS of Hampton, and uncle to one nephew, died Friday, Sept. 11 at the Wentworth - Douglass Hospital after a brief illness.
The Tasker, Chesley, and McGill Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

EXETER - Funeral services were held today at the Brewitt Funeral Home for David M. GOODWIN, 44, of Elm Street, who died Saturday at the Catholic Medical Center, Manchester, after a long illness.
He was born in Exeter, 22 July 1937, son of Walter G. GOODWIN of Brentwood, and the late Gladys (Woods) GOODWIN. He died 5 Sept. 1981.
Mr. Goodwin had lived in Epping for years and in Manchester the last five years.
Survivors include besides his father, a daughter, Miss Donna GOODWIN; two brothers, Irvine GOODWIN, and Charles GOODWIN; four sisters, Mrs. Catherine MALEK, Mrs. Elisabeth DOWNS, and Mrs. Caroline HETMAN; and Mrs. Martha BRUNO, and several cousins, nieces and nephews.
The Rev. Huntley HALVORSEN, pastor of the Exeter Methodist Church, officiated, with burial in Exeter Cemetery.


THE GOODWIN OAK (reprint, edited)

Mrs. E. DeBrouwer Modesto, CA:

1. Daughter

2. Mary Abigail Lightner md. 24 Aug. 1910 Nephi, Utah James Earl MacFarlane [Marriage Cert. & LDS Church Records]

3. Louisa Abigail Burk b. 16 June 1851 on the Mojave River, California, md. John Horace Lightner; [Family Bible & LDS Church Rec.]

4. Charles Allen Burk b. 2 Sept. 1823 Kirtland, Ohio, md. Lydia Tanner; [Family Bible & LDS Church Records]

5. Abigail Fellows b. 20 Mar. 1799 Middlefield Mass. md. John M. Burk; [Middlefield Vital Rec. & LDS Church Rec.]

6. Parker Fellows b. 13 Oct. 1762 Woodstock, Conn. md. Dorcas Meacham; [Woodstock Vital Records & LDS Church Rec.]

7. Phoebe Redington bapt. 28 Dec. 1735 Topsfield, Mass. md. Jacob Fellows; [Topsfield Vital Rec.]

8. Elizabeth Hubbard b. 13 Feb. 1697 Kittery, Me. md. Jacob Redington; [from Charles Varney-Rachel Parker by Ruth V. Held, pg. 78]

9. Phillip Hubbard bapt. May 1666 Isle of Jersey md. Elizabeth Goodwin Emery Daniel Goodwin, Immigrant

Ms. K. A. McRae, Jordan, Montana;

1. Daughter

2. Son

3. Harriet Mary Ross b. 11 June 1888 Geneva, Ohio md. Jasper Stansbury Ross

4. Mary Louise Buss b. 6 Mar. 1849 Oneida, Ohio md. Jasper Stansbury Ross

5. Amos Emery Buss b. 27 Nov 1812 Jaffrey, N.H. md. Harriet Adams

6. Lucy Emery b. 30 Oct. 1778 Dublin, N.H. md. Samuel Buss; [The History of Dublin, N.H. by Rev. Levi W. Leonard 1919]

7. Amos Emery b. 29 Oct. 1744 Townsend, Mass. md. Lucretia Morse; [Office of Town Clerk, Townsend, Mass.]

8. Zachariah Emery b. 26 Aug. 1716 Chelmsford, Mass. md. Esther Stevens; [Gen. Rec. of Desc. of John & Anthony Emery by Rufus Emery]

9. Zachariah Emery b. 5 Oct. 1690 Kittery, Me. md. Sarah ----; [Gen. Rec. of Desc. of John & Anthony Emery - compiled by Rev. Rufus Emery]

10. Elizabeth Goodwin md. 9 Dec. 1686 Zachariah Emery [Gen. Rec. of Desc.]

Mr. C. W. Smith, Monrovia, Calif.:

His first line was in the July [1981] issue of the Goodwin News, here are some others.
Second Line:

1. Daniel Goodwin md. about 1664/5 Margaret Spencer

2. Daniel Goodwin, Jr. Md. 17 Oct 16 82 Amy Thompson

3. Amy Goodwin md. 6 Nov. 1712 Moses Goodwin

4. Priscilla Goodwin md. John Jones

5. Samuel Jones md. Anna Frost

6. Rachel Jones m. Thomas Wentworth

7. John J. Wentworth md. Susan Austin

8. Susan Elizabeth Wentworth md. James Henry Smith

9. Franklin William Smith md. Ella Ellen Moore

10. Henry J. Smith md. Arlene Grace Thomas

11. C. W. Smith

Third Line:

1. Daniel Goodwin md. about 1664/5 Margaret Spencer

2. William Goodwin md. Oct. 1687 Deliverance Taylor

3. Moses Goodwin md. 6 Nov. 1712 Amy Goodwin

4. Priscilla Goodwin md. John Jones

5. Samuel Jones md. Anna Frost

Thereafter, same as Second Line

Sources: The Goodwins of Kittery, York County, Maine, Gen. Dict. of Maine & N.H. Wentworth Family, 1878 Vol. II pg. 455, Lebanon, Maine: Births and correspondence from Dorothy Keyes

Fourth Line:

1. Daniel Goodwin md. Margaret Spencer

2. William Goodwin md. Deliverance Taylor

3. Margaret Goodwin md. James Frost

4. William Frost md. Love Butler

5. Eliot Frost md. Sarah Bagley

6. Elizabeth Frost md. Nathaniel Moore

7. John Moore md. Sarah Goodwin

8. Ellen Moore md. Franklin W. Smith

9. Henry J. Smith md. Arlene G. Thomas

Source: Old Kittery and Her Families

Daniel1, William2, William3, Elijah4

5. Jacob Goodwin b. 1771 d. 1840 baptized Blackberry Hill (2nd Church Berwick) 9 Jan. 1773 md. 9 Oct. 1793 Blackberry Hill to Joanna Stanton b. 1773 d. 4 April 1856, daughter of George Stanton (his will 1796.)

A. Daniel b. 7 March 1793 d. 2 Aug. 1833; (a Daniel b. 1793 married Charlotte Wentworth; Wentworth Genealogy says "She d. in 1844 leaving children in Reading, Mass."

B. Betsy b. 7 Jan 1796; Cemetery Stone: 1795-1857, wife of Joseph Wildes (1795-1868) Lebanon

C. Sophia b. 12 Sept. 1799 md. James Gerrish; Cemetery Stone: 1799-1894 (James 1786-1852)
Children on monument (Gerrish)

a. Mark (1818-1900)

b. Silvinia (1822-1859 - All Lebanon records call her "Gerrish" but she married John Moore of Sanford in 1844. In 1850 Sanford census: John Moore, age 26 md. Silvinia, aged 27 had one child Juliette, 6 mos. old. John didn't have a wife in 1860, and by 1870 he had married Sarah Ellen Goodwin, cousin of Silvinia.

c. Joan 1820 - 1843

d. Jacob Gerrish 1825-1906

e. Judith 1828-1904

f. James M. Gerrish 1830-1897

g. Sophia 1832-

h. Eunice M. 1835-1907

i. Calvin 1837-1839

j. Susan 1841-1842

D. George Goodwin b. 1799 d. 6 Feb. 1801 (Age 2 yrs.).

E. Jona Goodwin b. 1804 d. 2 April 1806 (Age 2 years)

6. Waldron Goodwin b. 31 May 1806 md. Sarah Jane Goodwin - Who was she? intentions Lebanon, 20 Apr. 1833 (In 1870 in Newfield, she was aged 62).
Children: (Goodwin)

a. Rufus b. 14 July 1833 (16 in 1850)

b. George William b. 16 Jan. 1835 (14 in 1850).

c. Isaac C. b. 4 May 1836 (13 in 1850)

d. Abigail b. 17 Nov. 1837 (called "Abba-Jane", age 12 in 1850) "Miss Abba J. Goodwin of Newfield and Jacob Wildes intentions." (Lebanon) 22 Aug.1859.

e. Juann (11 in 1850) ("Ann" 20 in 1860 - Is this the Ann d. 3 Oct 1889, 80 years old, buried on farm of Richard H. Goodwin, West Lebanon?

f. Sarah (Ellen) (7 in 1850) married to John Moore of Sanford; She d. 13 July 1935; buried Springvale, Me.; her daughter Ella, married Frank Smith of Lebanon (his 1st wife).

g. Adam Brown (4 in 1850)

h. Richard Waldron (3 in 1850)

i. Mary S. (2 months in 1850) (Susan in 1870, aged 19)

Note: (1850 Census, Newfield, Me.)

Waldron Goodwin was in Newfield certainly from 1850 to 1867, (Prob. moved there c. 1838 when he sold father Jacob's farm to his sister, Joanna); almost certainly in Newfield in 1846, as "Adam Brown" a neighbor of Newfield. Waldron Goodwin d. (Newfield?) 3 Feb. 1869, aged 62.

7. Joanna Goodwin b. 30 Sept. 1808 d. 18 Mar. 1839, 30 years old - unmarried.
8. Jacob Goodwin (b. --- 1808) d. 14 Feb. 1812 Age 4 years.
9. Phoebe Goodwin (b. --- 1808) d. 28 Feb. 1811, age 3 years.
10. Jacob Goodwin b. 28 Dec. 1810 (a Jacob died 26 Mar. 1841 Lebanon, age 21)
11. Abigail Goodwin b. --- d. 26 Mar. 1841 Age 21 years.

Notes: Waldron did not have 3 children born in 1808! If the 1st Jacob was still alive in 1810, then they would not name another Jacob in 1810. Perhaps there was no child (#8) and #10 Jacob b. 1810 d. 1812 age 2 yrs?

Note: Jacob5 d. in 1840, his daughter Joanna d. 18 March 1839, his daughter Abigail d. 26 Mar. 1841, and son Jacob (?) d. 3 Sept 1841 (all from same cause?)
This is the line of C. W. Smith, but was researched by Dotty Keyes.

Mr. B. C. GOODWIN, Santa Monica, CA;

1. Son

2. Son [Source: The Ancestry of Elisha Goodwin & His Descendants (by Elmer Doe, 1921) pg. 23]

3. Galen Leslie Goodwin b. 23 Aug. 1892, Dedham Me. md. Ethel Rose Mayo, [Source: A. of E. G. pg. 21].

4. Granville Dexter Goodwin b. 20 Aug. 1860 Mariaville, Me. md. Nettie Estelle Burrill [Source: A. of E.G. pg. 18].

5. George P. Goodwin b. 17 Oct. 1836 North Mariaville, Me. md. Caroline Louisa.

6. Dexter [Source A. OF E.G. pg. 16].

7. Richard Goodwin b. 26 July 1807 Mariaville, Me. md. Mary Ann Foster [Source: A of E.G. pg. 13]

8. Elisha Goodwin b. 1770 S. Berwick, Me., md. Polly Tracy, [Source: A of E.G. pg 12]

9. Elisha Goodwin baptized 23 June 1745 So. Berwick md. Hannah Shackley, [Source: A.of E.G. pg. 11].

10. Elisha Goodwin baptized 9 (Aug. or Oct) 1726 S. Berwick md. Sarah ----, [Source: A of E.G. pg. 10].

11. Thomas Goodwin b. 12 July 1697 S. Berwick, md. Elizabeth Butler, [Source A of E.G. pg. 10].

12. Thomas Goodwin (2) md. Mehitable Plaisted

13. Daniel Goodwin md. Margaret Spencer

Mr. J. Martin, Greenville, N. C.;

1. Son.

2. Son

3. May Estelle McCausland b. 25 Oct. 1874 Farmingdale,Me. md. William Edwin Martin [Farmingdale V.R.]

4. Mercy Ann Libby b. 27 May 1838 Gardiner, Me. md. Moses Benjamin McCausland [Gardiner V.R.].

5. Catherine Haley b. 20 Oct. 1821 Gardiner, Me. md. Sewall Libby [Gardiner V.R.]

6. Joshua Haley md. Ann Dill [The Libby Family in America - Charles T. Libby; Gen. Memoranda Relating to the Haley, Piper, Neal and Ricker Families of Me. & N.H. - John W. Hayley, Me. Hist. Soc, 1900].

7. Mary Goodwin b. about 1738 Wells, Me. md. Joseph Haley [Saco Valley Settlements & Families - G.T. Ridlon, Sr. 1969; The Goodwins of Kittery - J. S. Goodwin].

8. Thomas Goodwin b. 5 Aug. 1699 Berwick, Me. md. Hannah Wells [The Goodwins of Kittery].

9. Daniel Goodwin b. about 1656 Kittery, Me. md. Amy ----.

10. Daniel Goodwin b. Oxford, Eng. (?) md. Margaret Spencer

11. Daniel Goodwin b. 16 Feb. 1625 Oxford, Eng. md. Dorothy Barker [Source: Will proved 16 Feb. 1625 Oxford, Eng.]

Mr. S. K. GOODWIN, Goffstown, N.H.;

1. Daniel GOODWIN b l620 md Margaret SPENCER [Founders of Early American Families (pub) by General Court of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America. Research compiled by Mrs. Harry B. GOODWIN, Sanibel Island, Fla.]

2. Daniel GOODWIN, Jr. md 17 Dec 1682 Amy THOMPSON Berwick, Me. [Marriage Records Before 1699 (edited & compiled) by Mr. Montgomery CLEMENS]

3. Nathaniel GOODWIN b 29 Oct 1689 md Mary GYLES [Maine Genealogy (located in "N.H. Room", Public Library, Manchester, N.H.)].

4. Solomon GOODWIN died 2 Nov 1772 md Abigail HOOPER [Research comp. by Mrs. Harry B. GOODWIN, (located in Wilcox House Museum, York, Me.)]

5. John GOODWIN died 1801 md Mary PLAISTED (d Bath, ME.) [Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by John Samuel GOODWIN Goodwin Family History (pub. by American Gen. Society)].

6. Francis GOODWIN b 10 Dec 1793 md Lucy SHERMAN [Death cert (of Benjamin)- York, ME., and Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by John Samuel GOODWIN].

7. Benjamin GOODWIN b 1832 md Olive ROBES [Old York (ME) records & old town reports (vital statistics)].

8. Joseph Bradford GOODWIN b (York, ME) 10 Aug l86l md Jean ARMSTRONG [Burial records-Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester,N.H.].

9. Joseph Bradford GOODWIN, Jr. b 12 Jan 1888 md Mary Gertrude SHAW [Birth Certificate-Amesbury, MA]

10. Son

11. Son

12. Son



NEW ENGLAND HISTORY PRESS Post Office Box 70, Somersworth New Hampshire, 03878 603/692-3727, July, 1981

[Note: Sept. 2009; I tried to locate this company, but was unsuccessful.]

At last, soon to be reprinted: David W. Hoyt's monumental genealogical sourcebook: THE OLD FAMILIES OF SALISBURY AND AMESBURY (Including the towns of Ipswich, Newbury, Haverhill, Hampton and coastal New Hampshire, and coastal York County, Maine.)

The Ancient Landmarks Society of Parsonsfield, Me., in cooperation with Peter E. Randall, Publisher, is proud to announce the reprinting of The History of Parsonsfield. Maine 1771-1888.
Some family genealogies contained in it are: DEARBORN, DOE, MOULTON, PIPER, RICKER, ROBERTS and TUCK families.
Parsonsfield families go back into the earliest settlements in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Some are traced to England. Many were among the early settlers in Newbury, Mass., and around the Piscataqua River area, before coming into Parsonsfield as pioneers.
Order before 15 Nov. 1981; $23.50 plus $1.50 postage. After 15 Nov. 1981 $30.00 plus $1.50 postage. Publication date 1 Feb. 1982. Send check payable to Ancient Landmarks Society of Parsonsfield, A.L.S.O.P., c/o Jose W. Fenderson, Box 311, Sanford, Me. 04073