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The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 3, Issue 3, April 1981)

THE MAIN(e) STREAM (reprint, edited)

We are grateful to Ms. E. Stager, Luverne, Minn. for the work she did on the following:


This story really starts with our Daniel Goodwin's great grandfather, Stephen Woodgate of East Bergholt, Suffolk County, England, clothier. He died in 1598, after a long and productive life. He married first Kathryn Whiter, widow. Her maiden name is not given. By her he had three daughters, Elizabeth, Kathryn, and Ane. She died and he married second Mary Derehaw or Deraugh. By her he had four sons and probably two daughters. The sons were Steven, Thomas, Benjamin, Daniel, and John and a daughter Hanna and one other mentioned rather casually. Then his second wife Mary died and, according to one of his sons, he "lived many years unmarried".

Steven Woodgate's eldest daughter, Elizabeth, married John Goodwin, also a clothier. John Goodwin was a well respected man and a "go-getter". Many neighbors, relatives, and friends trusted him enough to leave the estates destined for minor children in his care, and he was named administrator and supervisor for a number of wills, including the estate of his father-in-law, Steven Woodgate. Elizabeth, his wife, died a year or so before her father, probably in 1597 and John survived her for only a few years, dying in 1600. We do not know how old they were when they died but probably not much older than 40 or 45. They had three children: John, Daniel, and Mary. This Daniel was our immigrant Daniel's father. None of the three children were "of age" at the time of John's death.

This is where the story really gets interesting because these three children of John and Elizabeth (Woodgate) Goodwin were, so to speak, "products" of really extended families, brought up in families where they had step sisters and brothers, half sisters and brothers as well as aunts, uncles, and cousins. The oldest of the three children, John, probably was nearly 21 at the time of his father's death and was left in the custody of a friend, Isaac Mitchell, to be brought up "in the trade or mystery of a clothier".

Daniel was given into the custody of William Holloway and his wife Elizabeth, a very interesting family. Elizabeth's maiden name was Lincoln, alias Skynner, and her marriage to William Holloway was her second marriage, she having been previously married to Geo. Hewburd (who died in 1598) by whom she had one son, William. It was William Holloway's second marriage, too, and he had four daughters before he married Elizabeth and had one son by her in 1604. So Daniel was brought up by a foster father who had one step-son and a foster mother who had two sons (the second by William Holloway) and four step-daughters. Then in 1608 William Holloway died, leaving Elizabeth with two sons who were half brothers and four girls who were one of her sons half sisters and her other son's step sisters, plus Daniel, a foster child.

It is not surprising to find Elizabeth (Lincon-Skynner) Hewburd, Holloway marrying for a third time, nor is it surprising, I suppose, that her third husband was John Goodwin, Daniel's brother, who thereupon became his foster- father, for Daniel in 1608 was still not of age.

John and Daniel's sister Mary, likewise, had some interesting family connections. She was committed into the custody of Robert Alefounder for her bringing up. The Alefounders were related by marriage to the Woodgates, the Holloways, and the Chapmans, alias Barkers, as well as the Lincon, alias Skynners. All of these families lived in East Bergholt or its environs, all were clothiers by occupation and all were close friends; they seem also to have been all very well-to-do, owning large amounts of property and controlling of large amounts of money.

We can only guess at the ages of birth and marriage of John, Daniel, and Mary Goodwin. John was probably born before 1585, Daniel around 1590, and Mary shortly after 1590. John married Elizabeth Holloway after 1608, Daniel married Dorothy Chapman, alias Barker, around 1615 and Mary married Dorothy's brother, Thomas Barker, shortly thereafter. Of their death dates we are sure because of their Wills. John died in 1638, Daniel in 1625 and Mary between 1639 and 1643 (the date of her husband's Will, at which time he had another wife).

Daniel, the father of our immigrant ancestor Daniel, died young - probably around the age of 35. He is called "gentleman" in his will and there is no indication that he was a clothier. He and his wife had three children: Edmund, the oldest son, probably named after Dorothy's father, Edmund Chapman, alias Barker; Daniel named after his father as well as his uncle Daniel Woodgate; and Stephen the youngest son, named after his great grandfather Steven Woodgate.

Daniel's will was short and left to the administration of his brother John and his father-in-law Edmund Chapman alias Barker. We assume the three sons were brought up by their mother, Dorothy. All three were mentioned in the will of their grandmother Marrion Barker who died in 1635. By that time their mother had been remarried to Edward Yeardly, and had three children by him, one son Edward Yeardly and two daughters.

Of our immigrant ancestor's later relatives we learn very little from the wills. His brother Edmund died in 1645, leaving a wife Margaret, a son Edmund and a son Daniel and a daughter Mary. None of the children had reached their majority. His half brother, Edward Yeardly, was still living in 1676 and inherited under the will of Sir Edmund Barker, the son of our Daniel's Aunt Mary. His Aunt Mary who married Thomas Barker was a double aunt, the sister of his father and the sister-in-law of his mother.

She and her husband had children: Thomas, Edmund (the Sir Edmund Barker mentioned above), Elizabeth, John, and William, all of whom were our Daniel's cousins, all of whom were born before 1635 and mentioned in their grand- mother's will. Our Daniel also had uncles William, Thomas, and George Barker, and an aunt, Thomazyne Harmon on his mother's side.
Of Daniel's brother Steven, we know only that he was mentioned as a grandchild (together with Edmund and Daniel) in Marrion Barker's will of 1635 when he bequeathed to his nephews Edmund and Daniel. We can perhaps assume that he died between 1635 and 1638. None of these early Goodwins seem to have lived to a "ripe old age".

Source of information is as follows:
Henry F. Waters Genealogical Gleanings in England, Vol. II;

p. 1150 - Will of Stephen Woodgate of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 10 May 1598, proved 23 Nov. 1598;

p. 1151 - Will of John Goodwin of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 10 May 1600, proved 16 June 1600.

p. 1152/1153 Chancery Proceedings Woodgate vs. Goodwin 1599.

p. 1149: Will of Robert Lincon, Alias Skynner of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 20 March 1590.

p. 1150: Will of George Hewburd of East Bergholt, Suffolk, 2 March 1598, proved 16 June 1599.

p. 1153: Will of William Holloway of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 1608, proved 24 March 1608.

p. 1154: Will of Samuel Skynner of East Bergholt, Suffolk, Clothier, 6 Dec. 1608, proved 30 March 1609.

p. 1156: Will of John Goodwin, of East Suffolk, clothier, 19 July 1638, proved 12 September 1638.

p. 1193: Chancery Proceedings Woodgate vs. Goodwin (after 1621)

p. 1159: Will of Marrion Barker, Yoxford, Suffolk, widow of Edmond Barker, late of Sibton, gentleman, deceased, her will dated 2 Sept. 1635, proved 15 October 1635.

p. 1155/1156: Will of Daniel Goodwyn of Yoxford, Suffolk, gentleman, 29 October 1625, proved 16 February 1625.

p. 1157: Will of Edmund Goodwyn of Nayland, Suffolk, 10 June 1645, proved 11 Feb. 1645.

p. 1159: Will of Thomas Barker of Sibton, Suffolk, Esquire, 28 July 1643, proved 11 April 1645.

p. 1160: Will of Sir Edmund Barker of Sibton, Suffolk, Knight, 10 Feb. 1671, proved 3 Feb. 1676.

p. 1148: Will of Robert Alefounder, the elder, of East Bergholt, Suffolk, Clothier, 10 Feb. 1639, proved 18 June 1639.

Other wills of Alefounders, Lincoln, alias Skynners, Barkers, and Woodgates, found between pages 1145 and 1193 are well worth perusing to sort out the complex relationships between these families.


Starting with this issue [sounds like there were identity concerns in 1981] we are starting a new manner of handling queries. In order that all the readers may share in the information given in answers to queries we will assign each query a number and will not print the name and address of person submitting the query.

[NOTE: The original documents did NOT include the sender's names; it is no longer possible to correspond with the various authors. These queries are for informative purposes only - Ed.]

Do any of our readers know of an ABBOTT or DRISCOLL family organization?

Searching for the father of Jane Goodwin, born in Michigan in late 1830's and her siblings, Wilson S. Goodwin b. 1841, Monroe Co., Michigan, Scott W. b. 1848, Joseph and Mollie A. Goodwin born 1858. Their mother was Amanda Goodwin born 1808 in New York.

I would like to find information on John Goodwin b. in Mass. The 1850 census recorded him as 39 yrs old and the 1860 census recorded him as 63 (?) so it's hard to know for sure. The 1870 census doesn't mention him!
John's wife Mary Ann b. in 1811 in Maine (where?). I wonder if she was a Noble(?) Children were:

1. Armanda Issadore b. 26 Oct. 1835/36 in Mt. Vernon, Kennebec County

2. Levi or Leni A. b. 1837 (1850 Census)

3. Charles D. (DeWolf ?) Goodwin b. 1839 according to 1850 census.

4. Olive F or I b. 1841; 1850 census

5. Lorinda b. 1853; 1860 census.

I am still hunting the parents of John Goodwine b. ca. 1740 - d. ca 1832 md. Martha Heady (Hayden) b. ca. 1749, their daughter Rebecca Goodwin b. 15 Oct. 1783 in Pa. md. Ruben Slavens 21 Mar. 1807.

Seeking my grandmother Goodwin's line. I have sketchy information about a Daniel Goodwin of Lower Argyle who went to sea out of Barrington, Nova Scotia. He married in 1824 Elizabeth, daughter of Gamaliel Kenney and had two sons: Lorenzo and Isaac. This Daniel was also a schoolteacher.
Source: A History of Barrington Township and Vicinity - 1604-1870 by the Rev. Edwin Crowell, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia mentions also Thomas and Nicholas Goodwin who came from England and settled in Shelburne and Argyle.

Seek all persons with the surname, Clinkard, or their descendants. Mary (Goodwin) m. Martin Luther Clinkard, an immigrant from Prussia, in early 1800's, and lived in Chelsea, Mass. He was a rigger in Boston. She had six known children.


Ms. A. J. Lynds, San Martin, CA;

1. Daughter

2. Son

3. Earl B. Parkman b. 22 Mar. 1892, St. Albans, Me. m. Violet Pearl Hart

4. Jedediah Parkman b. 28 Sept. 1866, St. Albans Me., m. Mertie Goodwin b. 10 Mar. 1872, Hartland, Me.

5. John Goodwin b. 23 March 1838, Canaan, Me. m. Adelaide Flanders

6. Clement Goodwin b. 23 May 1802, Canaan, Me. m. Sarah Thomas

7. Jeremiah Goodwin b. 5 June 1744, Wells, Me. m. Elizabeth Hobbs

8. Joshua Goodwin b. 1718 m. Ann Taylor

9. Nathaniel Goodwin b. 29 Oct. 1689, Berwick, Me. m. Mary (Tibbets) Giles

Source: Personal Knowledge, Family Bible, Canaan Vital Records, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and N. H.

Mrs. P. Goodwin, Kilgore, Nebraska;

1. Son

2. Arthur Orim Goodwin b. 25 Aug 1866 Dannebrog, Neb.(?) md. 16 Jan. l894(?) d. April 1933 Valentine, Neb. buried in Cody, Neb.

3. William E. Goodwin b. 9 Jan 1830 d. 1 Aug. 1896 Dannebrog, Neb. md. Elizabeth Fay


1. Arthur Orim Goodwin md. Effie Marie(a) Kuypers b. 19 May 1873 Wahoo, Neb. d. 28 March 1947 Scotts Bluff, Neb. Buried Cody, Neb.

2. James Kuypers b. ---- d. 1893 md. Eugenia Margaret Sawyers, Eugenia's second husband was Charles Winslow d. 1903



Reference: History of Gratiot Co., Mich., 1913 by Willard D. Tucker

1. Benjamin Goodwin, wife and family moved from Maine to Groton, Vermont in 1816.

2. Rufus Goodwin b. 2 Aug. 1802 Shapley, Me. d. 9 June 1870, md. Eunice Darling b. 14 Feb. 1810 Groton, Vermont

3. William E. Goodwin b. 18 Jan. 1833 Groton, Vt. d. 5 Jan. 1896 md. Celinda Welch b. 12 Mar. 1833 Groton, Vt.

They had four sons:

a. Henry A. Goodwin b. 19 Sept 1853 Newton, Ohio d. 6 Oct. 1872 Burlington, Kansas

b. Horace b. 2 Feb. 1857 Groton, Vt. md. Sarah Sower.

c. Herbert R. b. 16 Feb. 1859 Groton,Vt.

d. Jimmie M. b. 11 Nov. 1862 Groton, Vt.

The last 3 sons were residents of Gratiot Co., Michigan at the time of publication of the book.

Mr. J. Wise, Lambertville, Mich.;

1. Son

2. Daughter

3. Edith V. Ford b. 4 Oct 1896 Yankton, S. Dakota. md. Frank E. Adamson

4. William A. Ford b. 28 Feb. 1856 Manitowoc, Wise. md. Carrie A. Spencer

5. Jane Goodwin b. ca. 1830 Michigan md. William W. Ford

6. (Charles ?)Goodwin b. ca. 1800-1810 ? md. Amanda ----, b. 1808 New York.


Mr. C. Hutchinson, Petaluma, California;

1. Roy Andrew Hutchinson b. 1895 Ozark Co., Mo. md. Verdia Helen Elms (Pers. Knowledge)

2. Elizabeth (Betsey Ann) Mahan b. 1852 Douglas Co., Mo. md. Jeremian (Jerry) Hutchinson (1880 Federal Missouri Census)

3. Isaac Mahan b. 1823 McMinn Co. Tn. md. (E)Louisa Ford (1850 Fed'l. Census, Missouri & Inventory of Estate)

4. David Mahan b. 1795 Knox Co., Ky. md. "Polly" (Mary Fletcher ?) S. C. (Father's will & Family Records)

5. James Mahan b. 1755 Augusta Co., Va. md. (Nancy) Ann Goodwin (Application for Rev. War Pension)

6. (Nancy) Ann Goodwin d. Livingston Co., Mo. 7 Oct. 1840 (Pension Records of Capt. James MAHAN & Widow

Note: According to Pension Application, James Mahan (above), served in Lord Dunmore's War and subsequently in The Revolutionary War in and around Fort Pitt. He probably married Ann Goodwin during this period while living on the Monongohela River south of Fort Pitt, and in this area (Fayette Co., Pa.). Her birthplace and parents unknown.

They acquired land in Green Co. Tennessee ca 1782, where he raised a company and was a Captain under Colonel Sevier (Indian Wars).

Ms. E. Ladd, East Holden, Maine;

1. Daniel Goodwin md. 1654-55 Berwick, Me. Margaret Spencer (Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, Page 271)

2. Thomas Goodwin, captured by Indians 1689-1690 Berwick, Me. md. Mehitable Plaisted; (Source, same as above)

3. Thomas Goodwin b. 29 July 1697 Berwick, Me. md. Elizabeth Butler (Source, same as above, Page 272)

4. Elisha Goodwin baptized, S. Berwick md. Sarah Lord (Old Kittery and Her Families, Page 460)

5. Sarah Goodwin baptized 31 Oct. 1756 S. Berwick, Me. md. Noah Johnson (Source as above)

6. Elisha G. Johnson, Sr. d. 5-31-1903 Dedham, Me. md. Dorothy P. Copeland (Source, E. D. Ladd)

7. Daughter


Ms. C. Villier, Des Moines, Iowa;

1. Daughter

2. Benjamin Donald Wolken, m. Winifred Rae Goodwin

3. Charles Dixon Goodwin md. Christina Rae Lawrence, Marriage Certificate 7 Oct. 1902 Sioux City, Ia.

4. George Washington Goodwin md. Sarah Dixon (Marriaqe Cert.) 13 Apr. 1870 Dixon, Ill.

5. Benjamin C. Goodwin md. Rosanna Shoemaker (Obituary Vinton, Ia 26 Sept. 1877) buried Dixon Ill.

6. Abraham Goodwin md. Catherine King Will, Juzerne Co., Pa. 18 July 1822 buried Forty Fort, Pa.

7. Abraham Goodwin (Pa Archives French & Indian War) born Bucks Co., Pa 1717.

Husband's parents: John Ellsworth Villier; mother Elsie Mae Shaw.
Mother's parents: Benjamin Donald Wolken, mother Winifred Rae Goodwin.


Mrs. R. THOMPSON, Saco, ME;

1. Perley Clayton Goodwin (only child) b. Lewiston, Maine 27 May 1876 d. 31 Aug. 1945, Lewiston, Maine; buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, New Auburn, Maine, md. in Charlotte, Va. 7 Mar. 1908 Charlotte Helena Driscoll (only child) b. 12 Auq. 1885, Dover, N. H. d. 28 Aug. 1968, So. Portland, Maine; buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, New Auburn, Maine.

2. Charles D. (DeWolf?) Goodwin b. 1839 (?) Thorndike, Maine d. 10 June 1902, Auburn, Me. Buried Oak Hill Cem. New Auburn, Me. md. Idella Arlena Young on 9 Feb. 1908. She was b. 29 May 1862, Thorndike, Me. d. 29 June 1935, Lewiston, Me.; buried at Oak Hill Cem. New Auburn, Me., d/o Isaac S. Young, b.----, d. l Mar. 1874 age 43 yrs 8 mos. and. Jane B. ----, whose second husband was Charles H. Mutch, b. ----, d. 2 Feb. 1879 at 46 yrs. 8 mos. 23 days

3. John Goodwin [1850 census lists him as 52 yrs, b. in Mass (?) w/ Mary A. (?) no other info.] Children: Amanda aqe 15; Levi 13; Charles D. 11; Olive 9. [1860 census added Sorinda or Lorinda Age 7 & no Mary A.] Could not trace further. Can't trace Armanda or Levi. Have found an Olive Goodwin, but don't know if it's ours.

Ms. Thompson's Mother & Father:

A. Charles D. Driscoll (no information at all!)

B. Charlotte m. Frances Abbott b. 6 Aug. 1865 d. 1 Jan. 1926 in Boston (?) buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn, Mass.


(from Bible owned by H. Goodwin, Sanibel, Florida)

6. Joshua G. (probably Gillpatrick) Goodwin, b. 28 Nov 1805 d. 21 Apr. 1847; m. Sarah Nichols.

5. Benjamin Goodwin, b. 10 May 1781 d, 18 Mar. 1860 probably in Lyman, Me. In 1840 he lived near Goodwin's Mill, in 1850 he was a farmer with $1500 in real estate. He m. Meriam Gillpatrick

4. Benjamin Goodwin, b. 1741 or 1748, probably in So. Berwick d. ----, m; 25 Nov. 1773, by Rev Jeremiah Wise, Olive Jellison; m. 2nd wife Elizabeth Adams, Benjamin Goodwin, b. in So. Berwick, Me. d. (will 1786) m. 27 Aug. 1747 in Berwick by Rev. Jeremiah Wise, Sarah Hearle (this is the first record where the spelling was "GOODWIN" vs. "GOODIN")
He and his brother Nathaniel built Goodwin's Mill. He was probably in the Revolutionary War, and he owned property all around the Mill; a plantation called "Little Falls" which extended to the Saco River, a total of 1500 acres. In 1786 he made a will, deeding his plantation to his 2nd son, Daniel.

3. Nathaniel Goodwin born 29 Oct. 1689 in Berwick d. ----, m. 1712 Mary (Tibbets) Gyles, wid. of John Gyles.

2. Daniel Goodwin b. 1656 in Kittery, Me. d. 1725 in Berwick, m. 1st 1682 Ann Thompson. He got a land grant in 1694 in Berwick, and again in 1793. He was Deacon of First Church of Berwick in 1721 and Elder in 1725.

1. Daniel Goodwin, born in 1622 in probably Yoxford, Suffolk, England d. 1713 in Kittery, Me. (So. Berwick), m. 1st 1654 Margaret Spencer.



Mr. S. THOMES, Gulf Breeze, Fla. has compiled a most interesting and beautifully illustrated record of the THOMES family. The title is Descendants of Thomas THOMES (1799-1859) of Castine. Maine. He doesn't have any for sale but has donated copies to the Scientific Society in Castine, Me., the State Library in Augusta, Me., and the Belfast Public Library.
We mention this because there were several marriages of Goodwins to THOMES in Buxton, Me. Some of these were: Edward GOODWIN of Buxton m. Cassandira THOMES of Westbrook 10 Sept. 1848
Miss Fraces GOODWIN of Buxton m. William H. THOMES of Westbrook 27 June 1854 These and many other GOODWIN vital records are on Film # 859053 from the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. See the Records of the Church of Christ, Buxton, Maine, during the pastorate of the Rev. Paul COFFIN, D.D.
Cryus WOODMAN, grandson of Dr. COFFIN and native of Buxton, Maine had these records printed to preserve them. Those of you who have seen a copy of the 1868 issue of The Historical Magizine may remember that it was he who presented a copy of it to Daniel Raynes GOODWIN.


The following is a helpful quote from a letter by Evelyn STAGER who submitted the article Part of The English Ancestry of Daniel Goodwin, Immigrant for this issue;
For quite a while I was confused by the "alias" names I found in the wills. There were CHAPMAN, alias BARKER and LINCON alias SKINNER, as well as plain BARKER and plain SKINNER. Then I came across P.H. RENEY's book "The Origin of English Surnames", copyrighted in 1967, which states that English surnames were not really standardized as early as one would think and that "alias" was frequently used as a descriptive phrase, sometimes denoting occupation, to distinquish for example one family of LINCOLNs who were skinners - from other LINCOLN families in the same area. Some of these families may have taken the name LINCOLN and others the name SKINNER, so in searching further one should look into the possibility that some of Daniel GOODWIN'S relatives on his mother's side gone by the name CHAPMAN.


I was very happy to read in the Spring 1981 issue of the MOCA, the newsletter of the Maine Old Cemetery Association, that the members of the South Berwick/Rollinsford Lions voted in Sept. to form a clean-up detail to attack the Old Fields Burying Ground in South Berwick. This cemetery has burials as far back as the early 1700's and one of the people buried there is Mehitable (Hitty) PLAISTED GOODWIN, wife of Thomas GOODWIN, who was taken prisoner by Indians and held captive in Canada for five years before she was ransomed back.
The Lions have accepted custodial care of this cemetery, and in the spring of 1981 a project of preservation and repair to needy gravestones will begin. Members who attend the reunion should make it a point to visit this historic cemetery.


Shaking the Family Tree; the Records of Portland's Eastern Cemetery by William B. JORDAN, Jr. of Portland who is an active member of the Maine Old Cemetery Association is a most informative recent book on records of this cemetery. Mr. Jordan's findings are based largely on the 1890 survey, made by City Engineer William A. GOODWIN, together with information gleaned from many less formal compilations, many in manuscripts. These sources are supplemented by his own updating of interments since 1890 to 1980.
The two most recent issues of the Quarterly, published by the Maine Historical Society, Spring and Summer 1980, provide the alphabetical listing of interments ABBOTT through KNOX. Subsequent issues will complete the listing of more than 4,100 names of those buried at Eastern, together with their death dates, ages, and known relationships.
Our thanks go to Mr. C. JONES, East Machias, Me. for this information.

The Governor Goodwin Mansion, c. 1811, located in Strawberry Banke, Portsmouth.

Ichabod Goodwin, Governor of New Hampshire from 1859 to 1861, lived in this imposing house with his family for 50 years. One of the state's most prominent citizens for half a century, he was connected with nearly every important business and civic activity in the city.
He arranged the financing of the first New Hampshire troops to serve in the Civil War. His daughter was married to Admiral George Dewey. While architecturally the house retains numerous Federal period features, it bears traces of the Governor's occupancy. The furnishings are Victorian and many belonged to the Goodwin family. Doors close at 4:45PM

The DILLS family hold open house for the LEBANON HISTORICAL SOCIETY

The Lebanon Historical Society was recently invited to an Open House at the home of Joan and Bob Dill on West Lebanon Road.
Forty members and friends enjoyed a tour of the house, which the Dills have decorated. Marjory Goodwin and Marion Stanley of Milton were special guests.
This was the home in which the Goodwin family lived for five generations. The original house was built in the late 1700s across the road from where it is now located. It was moved to its present site and raised to build a new first floor in the early 1800s.
A slide show was given by Ginny Stackpole showing the house from the 1800s to present. One noticeable change through the years was the loss of open fields. The Dills served refreshments and punch.

Portsmouth Herald (N.H.) Fri. 16 May 1980; "Goodwin Named Senior Citizen of Year"

Harry Goodwin, 93, was named Senior Citizen of the Year by the Community Council of Senior Citizens last week at the Older American's Luncheon at Yoken's.
While Goodwin was severely injured in an automobile accident 40 years ago and must use two canes to stand, he doesn't let his disability keep him from leading an active life.
A member of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, he teaches several times a week at St. Patrick's School and regularly visits the Kittery Convalescent Home.
An author, Goodwin is working on another book. During the summer, he attends various colleges through the Elder Hostel Program. Goodwin lives in Kittery with his daughter, Elizabeth Cormier, and her husband.
Sending letters of congratulation were Gov. Hugh Gallen, U. S. Congressman Norman D'Amours, the Elder Hostel Program directors for New England and Vermont's Bennington College, and the Kittery Convalescent Home. Sixteen organizations were invited to participate in naming the Senior Citizen of the Year.

List of GOODWIN voters from South Berwick in the Election of August 1873

Joshua Goodwin Elisha Goodwin Joshua Goodwin, 2nd
Chas. J. Goodwin Albert Goodwin George W. Goodwin, Jr.
James W. Goodwin Jeremiah Goodwin John Goodwin
Greenleaf Goodwin Leonard Loring W. Augustus Goodwin, 2nd
Moses Goodwin Robert Goodwin Jedediah Goodwin, 2nd
Chas. H. Goodwin Horace J. Goodwin Geo. W. Goodwin, 3rd
William Goodwin Benjamin F. Goodwin Granville W. Goodwin
Edwin R. Goodwin Jededia Goodwin Mark F. Goodwin
Andrew J. Goodwin Henry J. Goodwin Charles A. Goodwin
Marmon Goodwin David N. Goodwin Andrew J. Goodwin, 2nd
James Goodwin Ivory L. Goodwin Benjamin Goodwin
Morrill Goodwin Sials Goodwin Albert L. Goodwin
Edward S. Goodwin Russell Goodwin Hiram Goodwin
True E. Goodwin Thomas J. Goodwin Flavel H. Goodwin
Alpheus Goodwin Jackson Goodwin Daniel Goodwin
Alvin Goodwin Augustus Goodwin J. Wilson Goodwin
Amos Goodwin George W. Goodwin



From the York County Coast Star, 8 April [1981]:

KENNEBUNK - Gerald L. Goodwin, 46, of 45 Main St., formerly of York, died unexpectedly in April, at the Maine Medical Center in Portland. Born in Washington, D.C., he was the son of Harold Hazel Iddings Goodwin. He graduated from York High School and the Fanny Farmer School of Cooking in Boston. Mr. Goodwin had been employed as a chef at the Kennebunk Inn, and was a member of the United Methodist Church of York. Surviving are a son, Harold W. of York; and a daughter, Mrs. Roger (Victoria) Potvin of Wells.
The funeral was held Saturday at the Lucas and Eaton Funeral Home, York, the Rev. Thomas Marston officiating. Interment was in First Parish Cemetery, York.

Albert M. GOODWIN, former resident VERNON, N.Y, 61, of Rome Road died Saturday, March 21, 1981, at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Syracuse. Born 1 Feb. 1920 in Springvale, Maine, the son of Mahlon and Edith (HAYES) GOODWIN, he had been a resident here for eight years. He was a veteran of World War H, having served in the U.S. Army Air Force in the European Theater, employed by the Boss-Linco Trucking Co. of Utica.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Margaret (MOSEMAN) GOODWIN of Vernon; a daughter, Mrs. Leon (ALBERTA) MARTINEAU of Rochester, N.H.; a sister, Mrs. Dale (Hazel) SCHON of Oneida, N.Y.; a brother, Arthur GOODWIN of Sanford, Maine; and two grandchildren.
Graveside services will be held at a later date at Halcott Center Cemetery, Halcott Center, N.Y. Arrangements are by the Campbell-Dean Funeral Home, Oneida, N.Y.

Records from GOODWIN & HALEY Family Bible (continued from Vol. 3, Issue 2)

Joshua Goodwin, Jr. d. 27 Apr. 1894 (Age 56 yrs. 9 mos. 14 days)
Sara Goodwin Cheney d. 8 July ----, (Age 63 yrs. 7 mos. 19 days

HALEY Records
Leavitt Haley b. 4 June 1804 d. 24 Jan. 1869
Lucy Haley b. 1803 d. 24 Sept 1833
Louisa Jane Patch b. 6 May 1838 d. 26 Sept 1863
Timothy G. Haley b.----, d. 25 Oct. 1863
Frank Haley b. ----, d. 22 Aug. 1866, age 71
Hannah A. Haley b. 30 Nov. 1841 d. 26 Mar. 1914
Richard Haley b. 9 May 1844 d. 25 Oct. 1917
Charles H. Haley b. 8 Oct. 1832 d. Dec. 1918
Helen Joy Haley b. ----, d. 23 Nov. 1863
Benjamin Goodwin, md. Hannah A. Halay 27 Sept. 1875 at So. Berwick, Me.

Name Birth Place Date
Benjamin Goodwin So. Berwick 15 July 1833
Hannah A. Haley Alfred, Me. 30 Nov. 1840
Benjamin Goodwin, Jr. So. Berwick 12 Feb. 1877
Gertrude N. Goodwin So. Berwick 17 May 1878
Sarah N. Goodwin So. Berwick 15 July 1879

This is to certify that Benjamin Goodwin of South Berwick in the State of Maine and Hannah A. Haley of South Berwick in the State of Maine were by me joined together in Holy Matrimony, on the 26th day of September, 1875.
Witness: Martha Cobb
John Cobb, Minister of the Gospel

Compiled by Daniel Gage Annis and George Waldo Browne, 1914

Record of Deaths

Goodwin, Abbie C, dau. of J. C. Austin and Betsey Barker, and w. of Daniel Goodwin, Dec. 11, 1897, aged 67 yrs., 8 mos.

Albert V. [Goodwin], s. of Daniel W. [Goodwin] and Sarah A. Moody, July 19, 1891, aged 7 yrs., 6 mos.

Ann Maria [Goodwin], dau. of David [Goodwin] and Mary, Aug. 14, 1873.

Anna M., 2d w. of Dea. Joshua [Goodwin], Dec. 29, 1869, aged 90 yrs.

Arthur W., s. of Henry [Goodwin], in Boston, Mass.,----, 1870, aged 6 yrs.

Caleb [Goodwin] (Dea), Nov. 14, 1851, aged 77 yrs.

Record of Births

Goodwin, Daniel W. and Sarah A.; dau. Sarah Agnes, Mar. 23, 1888.

David T. [Goodwin] and Arabella L.; son, Oct. 26, 1876.

Joseph S. [Goodwin] and Maria L. Palmer


a. Alice May, Feb. 7,1889;

b. Loretta Frances, May 10,1894;

c. stillborn dau., May 10, 1894.

Joshua [Goodwin] and Rebecca

a. Joshua, Jr., Nov. 13, 1801;

b. David, Aug. 22, 1803.

(to be continued in next issue)