The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 2, Issue 3, 1980)

THE MAIN(e) STREAM (reprint, edited)

Another GOODWIN Governor

John Noble GOODWIN, a representative from Maine and a delegate from Arizona Territory; born in South Berwick 16 Oct. 1824; graduated from Dartmouth College in 1844; studied law, admitted to the bar in 1848 and began practice in South Berwick; member of the Maine state senate in 1854; elected as a Republican from Maine to the 37th Congress(Mar. 4, 186l-Mar. 3, 1863); moved to Arizona Territory in 1863, having been appointed chief Justice of the territory, the position he held until Sept. 1865; appointed governor of the territory, 2 Feb. 1864. Elected as a Republican delegate from Arizona Territory to the 39th Congress; resumed the practice of law in New York City; died in Paraiso Springs, Calif. 29 April 1887. This was copied from Sprague's Journals of Maine History by Mrs. Blanch N. Foss and sent to me. With the help of Dotty Keyes we found his lineage back to Daniel GOODWIN as follows:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. Ichabod GODWIN (Capt.) m. Elizabeth SCAMMON

4. Dominicus GOODWIN [note b.] m. (1) Hannah HILL, (2) Elizabeth LITTLEFIELD, wid. of Captain John PERKINS of Wells. (Note: Dominicus was the grandfather of Ichabod GOODWIN, Gov. of N.H. during the Civil War)

5. John GOODWIN bpt. 12 Sept. 1773 m. Agnes ROGERS, 1799

6. John GOODWIN b. c 1800 m. Mary NOBLE bpt. 1825, 1st Church So.

Sarah NOBLE, sister to Mary NOBLE, was the 2nd wife of John Perkins LORD. [note a.] She was from Great Falls, N.H., b. 1 Sep. 1803 and m. 13 Oct. 1833.

1. Ellen Augusta LORD m. Theodore ROLLINS

2. Nathan Augustus LORD b. 30 July 1838 went to Australia; was a commission merchant; m. Mary NEEDHAM in 1867; had six ch.

3. Sarah Nobel LORD b. 9 Aug. 1842

4. Joseph Buckminster LORD b. 25 May 1846 d. Aug. 1894, m. Mary M0ULTON

5. Charles Haven LORD b. 30 April 1856

Nancy Nobel LORD, sister to Mary NOBLE m. Charles GOODWIN

Notes: a) Source for marriage of John Perkins LORD p. 37-8 of History of Nathan Lord compiled by C.C. LORD.
b) Charles GOODWIN was son of Jordan GOODWIN who m. Sally HILL and Jordan was the son of Dominicus GOODWIN and his 1st wife Hannah HILL.

Jordan GOODWIN bpt. 25 Mar. 1770, m. Sally HILL. He d. 29 Oct. 1842. She d. 25 Feb. 1848.

1. Elizabeth GOODWIN bpt. 20 Nov. 1794

2. George GOODWIN bpt. 17 July 1796, d. 17 Sept. 1861; 66 yr 4 mos.

3. Elisha Hill GOODWIN bpt. 3 Feb. 1799

4. Tristan Jordan GOODWIN bpt. 5 Apr. 1801, d. 11 Nov. 1821; 21 yr 4 mos.

5. Charles GOODWIN bpt. 21 Feb. 1808 (m. Mary NOBLE, res. Springfield, Mass. 1865)

6. Mary Jane GOODWIN bpt. 4 Feb. 1810 d. 17 July 1811

7. Frederick GOODWIN bpt. 2 May 1812 (became an Episcopal minister. Middleton. Conn.)

Source: 1st Church of So. Berwick, records and Old Fields Cemetery records sent in by Dotty Keyes.

Same source for following material:

Major Ichabod GOODWIN Jr. m. Anna THOMPSON d. 23 June 1814 age 44. She d. 23 May 1818 age 41
John Thompson GOODWIN bpt. 28 Apr. 1805 has a memorial stone to him at Old Fields. He died at sea Jan. 27 l821.

1. Sarah Thompson GOODWIN bpt. 1807

2. Sarah Thompson GOODWIN bpt. 1810

3. Mary Thompson GOODWIN bpt. 1812

According to Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by John S.GOODWIN the lineage of Major Ichabod GOODWIN is:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitabel PLAISTED

3. Ichabod GOODWIN m. Elizabeth SCAMMON




The following genealogical and biographical material is excerpted from a 24 page pamphlet which Mrs. M. VINTON, Chevy Chase Md. found among her grandmother's papers. She very kindly copied it and sent it to us thinking that it might be helpful to someone from Acton/Shapleigh area. It was written by one Moses GOODWIN in 1857, (He was Moses6, Aaron5, Ebenezer4, Aaron3, Moses2, Daniel1.) His father's lineage is listed on p. 62 of Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by J.S. Goodwin but his father's line is not carried any further in this volume so that makes the material in this pamphlet valuable.

Aaron GOODWIN b. South Berwick d. Acton, Me. [dead in 1857] m. Sally HEARD (Capt. Jethro HERD had 4 sons and 4 daughters; Nathaniel, Jethro, Samuel, and Mark, Nancy, Dorothy, Dorcas and Sally.) Sally still alive 1857. Aaron had four brothers and one sister, Moses, Ebenezer, Edmund. Ivory and Sally (who m. a LORD - dead for many years in 1857) She and her two daughters live with her only son in Great Falls, N.H. Co. of Strafford and town of Somersworth.

He states that his parents, Aaron and Sally had eight sons and one daughter. The daughter being named Sally after her mother and the sons each bore the name of their uncles, except Aaron Jr. Ebenezer and Aaron are dead (as of 1857) and are buried beside their father in the cemetery on the homestead farm where one of his brothers is still living. His mother, sister, and brother (who m. "an industrious lady from Barrington, N.H".) all lived at Emery's Mills, in Shapleigh, where Moses spent the "best days of my life in business and where I m. my beloved wife, Armine JELLISON !". Moses GOODWIN m. Armine JELLISON 9 Dec. 1832 (d/o John & Susannah MCINTIRE of York, Me.) She d. 5 Oct. 1853.

1. Sarah Abigail b. 28 Aug. 1833

2. Charles Moses b. 24 Dec. 1835

3. Horatio Emerson b. 16 Mar. 1838

4. Almerette b. 30 Mar. 1840 (Moses referred to her as Sarah Almerette later, see below)

5. Susan Mcintire b. 18 April 1842

6. Harriet Wedgewood b. 2 April 1844

7. Mary Elizabeth Heard b. 23 July

8. Armine b. 5 Oct. 1848

9. Moses Herbert b. 30 Jan. 185I

Moses mentioned that two of his brothers lived in Dexter, Penobscot, Me. and that his youngest brother lived in Brooklyn, N.Y. Moses had following comments about his children: Three of them, Harriet, Armine and Moses Herbert were boarded at a "worthy farmer's house in Rollingsford". Sarah Almerette, and Susan Mcintire "are at work in one of their splendid cotton factories in the flourishing city of Biddeford". (At ages 15 & 17)

This pamphlet was entitled Sequel to the Books of Moses by Moses GOODWIN Jr. It is a puzzle as to why he called himself Moses Jr. when he was named after his Uncle Moses and not his father. This literary effort was published in Boston by the author in 1857, and he copy-righted then.

GOODWIN Army Officers 1800-1900

1. GOODWIN, Hollister E. NY, NY. Capt. a on vols. 19 Feb 1863; hon. Mus. out 30 Mar 1866.

2. GOODWIN, Jeremiah, Me. Me. 3 Lt 33 inf. 30 April 18l3 r. paymr. 12 May 1813 to June 1815; hon disch 15 June 1815. (note: Possibly this is the son of Daniel GOODWIN and wife Sarah HOBBS)

3. GOODWIN, Jonathan, Me. Me. 3 Lt 33 inf 30 April 1813; 2 Lt 29 Apr 1814; hon. Disch. 15 June 1815.

4. GOODWIN, Milliard Fillmore, NY. Arix. Cadet MA 1 July 1867(57); 2 Lt 9 cav 14 June 1872; 1 Lt 4 Apr 1879; r q m 1 Jan 1881 to 1 May 1883; resd 31 Aug 1883.

5. GOODWIN, Robert Dwight, Tex. Ind. pvt and corpl A and L 3 Ill inf 9 May to 27 July 1898; 2 Lt 4 inf 2 Feb. 1901.

6. GOODWIN, Robert M. Va. Va. Ens 5 Inf 14 Apr l812; tr to 3 inf 1 May 1812; 3 Lt 12 Mar 1813; 2 It 15 Aug 1813; resd 31 July 1814; 2 It 27 inf 11 Feb 1815; hon disch 15 June 1815.

7. GOODWIN, Robert M. Ind. Ind. 1 Lt 37 Ind inf 10 Sept 1861; capt 14 Aug 1862; capt a a g vols 26 Sept 1864; bvt maj and Lt col vols 13 Mar 1865 for fair and eff ser while performing the duties of asst pro marsh at Nashville Tenn and of the dept of the Cumberland; resd 11 May 1865

8. GOODWIN, William Frederick, Me. NH. 1 Lt 16 inf 14 May 1861 capt 14 May 1864 retd 11 Feb 1865; bvt Capt 20 Sept 1863 for gal and mer at the battle of Chickamauga Ga; died 12 Mar 1872

9. GOODWIN, William Percy, Ill. Ohio. 2 Lt 14 inf 15 Aug 1876; 1 Lt 8 Apr 1889; capt 1 Mar 1894; retd 8 Sept 1898; died 29 Dec 1899.

References: pg. 464 Historical Register & Dictionary of the U.S. Army Vol 1 by Frances B. Heitman. Thanks to Eric GOODWIN of Orange California for sending this to us.

Honorable Jeremiah GOODWIN

The following in a sketch of the life of the second officer in the list of GOODWIN Army Officers:

Hon. Jeremiah GOODWIN, son of Daniel and Sarah HOBBS GOODWIN, was born in Kittery (now Eliot) 1 July 1785. He served an apprenticeship in the grocery business with Mr. Whidden of Portsmouth, N.H. from the age of fifteen, to his twenty-first birthday. About 1811 he removed to Alfred where he entered the mercantile business. War having been subsequently declared between the United States and Great Britain he early espoused the cause of his country, and was a strong and earnest advocate of Free Trade and sailor's rights. On the 30th of Apr. 1813, he was appointed First Lt. of the 33rd Inf. and on 12th of May 1813 he was appointed paymaster, of which position he served until the close of the war, in June 1815. In 18l6 he was elected Register of Deeds in York County, which office he held by repeated elections until Dec. 1836, a period of twenty years. He was appointed Postmaster in 1812 [??] which position he held continuously for twenty-seven years. In Jan. 1839 Mr. Goodwin was elected State Treasurer. This was the year of the famous Madawaska War and he displayed financial ability of high order in the conduct and management of State finances in providing means for raising and equipping a military force that was called into the field in defense of the territory along our northeastern boundary. In 1832, Mr. Goodwin was a delegate from York congressional district to the democratic convention at Baltimore that nominated President Jackson for re-election. His colleague in the convention from that district was the late Justice Nathan Clifford of the U.S. Supreme Court. This was the first national convention for the nomination of president and vice-president ever held in this country, as the nominations prior to that time had been made by members of the two houses of Congress. Mr. Goodwin was a man of marked trait of character, and in all the official positions he was called on to fill, he displayed ability, skill, accuracy and integrity. During the latter years of his life he resided at Great Falls, N.H. at which place he died 31 July 1857.

He m. Sarah Ann PENHALLOW, of Portsmouth, 26 Aug. 1809 and had following children:

1. Mary Eliza Rice GOODWIN b. 6 July 1610

2. Sarah Lord GOODWIN

He m. 2nd Martha E. EMERY and had these children:

3. Isabel Sewal GOODWIN b. 30 July 1846 m. A. B. Wentworth Esq.

4. Jeremiah Jordan GOODWIN b. 30 July 1846 m. Jennie HARDEN 26 June 1876. They had a daughter: Margaret Harden b. 8 Sept. 1885.

Mary Elisa Rice GOODWIN, eldest d/o of Hon. Jeremiah and Sarah Ann PENHALLOW, m. Hon. John T. Paine of Sanford, Me. 2 Sept. 1827, a long and well known member of the York County bar and from 1836 a leading member of the Maine State Legislature. He d. 21 June 1865.
Their second daughter, Sarah Lord GOODWIN, m. Hon. Ichabod G. JORDAN on 3 June 1833, a widely known member of York County bar. He d. at Berwick, Me. 21 Feb. 1873.

Source for above article: Copied from a manuscript on GOODWIN family in the Maine Historical Society and sent by Dotty Keyes.

Captain William Frederick GOODWIN

Capt. GOODWIN is next to the last officer mentioned in the list Of GOODWIN Army Officers. The following information about him is contained in Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by John S. GOODWIN on p. 53-54.

He was the 3rd son of Nathan GOODWIN and wife Jeanne BRADBURY b. 27 Sept. 1823 and m. Ellen Noyes PEABODY 7 Sept. 1854. She d. Jan. 1859. They had one child Susan Austin GOODWIN b. 29 July 1855; d. Aug. 1856. His line back to immigrant: (Nathan 6, Joseph 5, Joseph 4, John 3, William 2, Daniel 1).

He was born in Limington, Me., graduated from Bowdoin College in 1848; entered Harvard Law School, was admitted to the bar and settled in Concord, N.H. where he had previously spent several years as Principal of the High School. He practiced his profession until War of 1861, when he enlisted as Lt, 16th U.S. Inf. He was wounded in 1863 at Chickamauga; was made Capt. for gallant and meritorious service 14 May 1864; ret. 11 Feb. 1865, on account of disability. He published the Buxton Record, edited the Oct. 1868 issue of Dawson's Historical Magazine, and intended publishing the GOODWIN and BRADBURY Family Histories. It is wholly to his untiring endeavors that the Goodwins of Maine owe the collection and preservation of their family record.

In the introduction to the Goodwins of Kittery, Maine, it states that Capt. GOODWIN began preparing a genealogy of the descendants of Daniel GOODWIN of Kittery, Me. who settled there abt. 1652. [He] published some of his notes in his History of Narragansett Number One, Now Buxton, Maine and in the Oct. 1868 issue of Dawson's Historical Magazine. Four volumes of his manuscript books were obtained by John Sullivan Goodwin, author of Goodwins of Kittery, Maine through Miss Alice Peabody, niece of Capt. Goodwin and most of the Goodwin information in the book was gathered from the manuscript. Source for above article: Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by John S. Goodwin.


Ms. N. Goodwin Dover, N.H.
[Note: numbering sequence is reversed.]

1. Ms. N. Goodwin

2. James Bradbury GOODWIN b.20 Feb. 1907 Eliot, Me. m. Ethel L. MacKAY b. 19 May 1909

3. Moses Elmer GOODWIN b. 27 Aug. 1844, Eliot, Me. m. Celia L. MILLS b. 13 Nov.1869

4. Moses GOODWIN b. 29 Jan. 1815 Eliot, Me. m. Margaret Leighton KENNARD b. 16 June 1845

5. Moses GOODWIN b. 25 Feb. 1781, Eliot, Me. m. Alice SHAPLEIGH

6. Daniel GOODWIN b. 1749 Berwick, Me. m. Sarah HOBBS d. 13 Dec. 1811

7. Elisha GOODWIN m. Sarah LORD

8. Thomas GOODWIN m. Elizabeth BUTLER

9. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

10. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER


Mr. R. Lewis, Richmond, Virginia
[Note: numbering sequence is reversed.]


2. Clifton Holmes LEWIS, Sr. b. 14 Mar. 1893 Waterville, Me. m. Margaret M. SCHAEFER

3. Adessa Mabel PRIEST b. 8 Mar. 1872 Waterville, Me. m. Clifton Holmes LEWIS

4. David Orson PRIEST b. 11 Aug. 1843 (1) Winslow, Me. m. Ella S. RICHARDS

5. Lovina Trafton PRIEST b. 1 Aug. 1822 (1) Winslow, Me. m. Bartholmew PRIEST (4)

6. Hannah LORD m. 21 Aug. 1814 Winslow. Me. Simon TRAFTON (4) (1) (2)

7. Mary HUNTRESS b. 30 Oct. 1752 Newington, N.H. m. Jacob LORD (1) (4) (5)

8. Love HEARL christened 13 Apr. 1735 m. Darling HUNTRESS (4) (3) (6)

9. Hannah GOODWIN b. 29 Aug. 1701 m. (3) 18 Feb. 1723 Etherington HEARL

10. William GOODWIN d. 1714 Kittery, Me. m. Deliverance TAYLOR (3)

11. Daniel GOODWIN, Founder of Church 1702 S. Berwick, Me. m. Margaret SPENCER (3)

Sources of information:
(1) Winslow, Me. Vital Records
(2) HUNTRESS Families Vol. #1
(3) Old Kittery and Her Families
(4) TRAFTON Family, 5 Generations
(5) LORD family History
(6) Maine; N.H. Gen. Diet.

Ms. L. Hughes, San Pedro, California
[Note: numbering sequence is reversed.]

1. Ms. L. Hughes

2. James Edward ALLEN b. 27 Jul 1907 Lebanon, N.H. m. 29 Aug. 1928 Josephine Vitaline BROWN

3. Harry Newton ALLEN b. 25 Mar 1884 Montpelier, Vt. d. 21 Sep 1947 Cannan, N.H. m. 5 Mar 1906 Lillian Amy CAMPBELL

4. James ALLEN b. 27 Oct 1854 London, England, d. 13 Jun 1889 Montpelier, Vt., m. Nellie Coralinn GRAY b. 23 Feb 1859 Waterbury, Vt. d. 8 Dec 1914 Lebanon, N.H.

5. James ALLEN m. 27 Nov. 1875 Nellie Coralinn GRAY b. 23 Feb 1859 Waterbury, Vt. d. 8 Dec. 1914 Lebanon, N.H.

6. Ira S. GRAY b. 1838 Montpelier, Vt.d. 29 Jun 1862 Battle of Savage Station, Va. m. 6 Feb. 1858 Ellen Anglecia GUPTIL b. 8 Mar. 1836 Waterbury, Vt., d. 2 Dec. 1901 Lebanon, N. H.

7. Olive GOODWIN b. 21 Jul 1803 Kennebunkport, Me. d. 6 Oct. 1884 Waterbury, Vt. m. 25 June 1826 Thomas GUPTIL b. 12 Nov. 1806 Waterbury, Vt. d. 15 Sept 1868 Waterbury, Vt.

8. William GOODWIN b. 1764 Kennebunkport, Me. d. Waterbury, Vt. m. Sarah BICKFORD b. 1772

9. Benjamin GOODWIN m. Sarah Nason/EARLE


Mr. J. Beck, Bloomington, IN

1. Jacob GOODWIN, (possibly s/o Joseph GOODWIN), b. 1770 Concord, N.H., d. 1847; m. 1806 Mary KINNAN b. 1781, N.J. d/o Joseph KINNAN & Rebecca DOTY

2. Isaac GOODWIN b. ca 1811 (1850 census) Ohio; m. Sally Ann COOK b. ca 1813 N.Y.

3. Rebecca Elizabet GOODWIN b. 27 July 1843, Warren Co. PA. m. 26 Jan. 1864 Columbus, PA, John ALLEN b. 19 Sept. 1839 Warren Co. PA.

4. Lissie May ALLEN b. 11 Oct. 1865; m. 1882 George William ANDRUS

5. Edith Rebecca ANDRUS b. 7 Sept. 1897; m. 1913 Victor Otto BECK

6. Victor William BECK b. 5 Apr. 1915; m. 1939 Ruth Adeline MULCAHY

7. Mr. J. Beck


Mr. C. Chamberlain, Jr. West Dennis, Mass.
[Note: numbering sequence is reversed.]

1. Mr. C. Chamberlain

2. Elizabeth E. DRAKE, b. 24 Aug. 1906 Portsmouth N.H. m. Charles Elton CHAMBERLAIN (2)

3. Hadassah Libby GOODWIN,b. 17 Dec.1882 (3) Kittery, Me. m. Everett Wilson DRAKE

4. Rufus Chase GOODWIN b. 5 Mar.1849, Wells, Me.(4) m. Alice Ilsley LIBBY (5)

5. George GOODWIN, b. 10 Dec. 1819, Wells, Me. m. Hadassah CHASE

6. George GOODWIN, b. 5 May 1791, Wells, Me. m. (6) Joanna KIMBALL (7)

7. Joseph GOODWIN, b. 16 June 1745, Wells, Me. m. Elizabeth HOBBS

8. Joshua GOODWIN, b. 1718 m. Anne TAYLOR (7)

(1) Mass. VR Records
(2) Portsmouth NH VR
(3) Kittery Maine VR
(4) Portland Maine VR
(5) 1850 Maine Census
(6) Wells Maine Town Book of Records, 1750-1830 by Josua Hubbard
(7) NEHGR 93:353

Mr. R. Belyeu, Rosemead, California
[Note: numbering sequence is reversed.]

1. Mr. R. Belyeu

2. Bessie Margaret NICHOLS b. 17 Oct. l900 (2) Montgomery Ala. m. Ervin BELYEU

3. Charles Wilbur NICHOLS

4. Charles DeBose NICHOLS b. 4 June l872 (2) Winchester, Miss. m. Bessie Belle WEST

5. John Isaiah NICHOLS b. 18 Aug. 1847 (2) In Lauderdale,Miss. m. Winifred Martha RODGERS

6. Elijah NICHOLS b. 1829 Lauderdale. Miss., (2) m. Sarah Elizabeth GOODWIN

Sources of information:
(1) Los Angeles County Birth Record.
(2) Knowledge of Robert Lee Belyeu's uncle, Charles Wilbur NICHOLS

Mrs. E. Goodwin, Braintree, Mass.

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. William GOODWIN m. Deliverance TAYLOR

3. William GOODWIN m. Abigail STONE

4. Elijah GOODWIN m. Abigail TARBOX

5. Daniel GOODWIN m. Mary (Mollie) DOWNS

6. Joseph GOODWIN m. Ann HANSON

7. Rev. Daniel Buzzel GOODWIN b. 2/22/1811 m. Susan KNIGHT

8. Edward Lawrence GOODWIN b. 7.4.1839 m. Emily HERSEY

9. Edward Forest GOODWIN b. 9.4.1866 m. Gertrude DAVIS

10. Forrest Everett GOODWIN b. 6/9/1896 m. Beatrice M. GAY

11. Son

12. Son

Daniel Buzzel Goodwin b. 2/22/1811 in Middleton. N.H. d. Oct. 10. 1888 m. Susan Knight Nov. 9. 1836.
Children of Daniel B. GOODWIN & Susan KNIGHT

1. Edward Lawrence GOODWIN b. July 4. 1839, m. Emily M. Hersey of Tuftonboro, N.H. on July 4, 1862 (she died June 18. 1868); 2nd wife Olive A. Goss (Gross) of Moultonboro, N.H. on Feb.22, 1870 (she died Jan. 15, 1900); 3rd wife Jane T. Macomber of Fall River, Mass. Oct. 17, 1905 died in 1926.

Children of Edward Lawrence GOODWIN:

a) Edward Forrest GOODWIN b. 9/4/1865 d. 1927 m. Gertrude Davis of Boston, Mass. 3/30/1893.

b) Grace GOODWIN b. 1/1/1875 m. Chas. H. Weld on Oct. 26, 1914.

2. Martha Susan GOODWIN b. Dec. 23, 1840 m. Benjamin FITCH of Boston, Mass. Dec. 17, 1863, died Nov. 5, 1874. Children:

a) Mary Alice FITCH b. Oct. 2, 1866

b) Louis FITCH born ---- died ----

c) Nathan FITCH born ---- died ----

d) Albert & Arthur(twins) FITCH b. 10/15/1874 died ----.

3. Emily Ann GOODWIN b. Feb. 18, 1844, d. Nov. 7, 1864.

4. Clara Jane GOODWIN b. Nov. 19, 1848 m. Horace A. Smith of Moultonboro, N. H. Sept. 12, 1868.

a) Ella May SMITH b. 5/8/1871 d. 9/22/1885

b) Carrie Estell SMITH b. 11/21/1872, d. 1873

c) Susan Azilla SMITH b. July 7, 1874

d) Enrie Evelyn SMITH b. Sept. 10, 1878 m. Harry L. RICHARDSON of Moultonboro 9/3/1901

e) Ethel Clara SMITH b. June 26, 1889