The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 2, Issue 2, 1980)

THE MAIN(e) STREAM (reprint, edited)

Ms. D. C. VOGT, Palatine, Ill.

Mrs. VOGT doesn't know if her GOODWIN line connects with Daniel GOODWIN or not but this is the information she sent and she would appreciate any help on it:

My great grandmother, Lillian Melissa (GOODWIN) LADD'S father was a John GOODWIN. I have no further information on him except he was a '49er gold miner in Calif., while his wife, Melissa J. CHAPIN stayed in Topsham, Ct. [Vt. ?] with her parents (Consider & Cynthia CHAPIN) listed in 185O census, where my grandmother, Lillian, was born in Topsham, Vy. [Vt. ?] 13 Aug. 1850. Her mother died when she was about three, and she lived with her grandparents, where she is listed on the 1860 census. At about 18 years of age, she went West to live with her father, John GOODWIN (remarried), until 1871, when she came back to Chicago, Ill. to marry my great grandfather, Henry Hildreth LADD on 4 July 1871.

Mrs. J. L. Gilmore, Portsmouth, N.H.

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. Thomas GOODWIN m. Elizabeth BUTLER

4. Thomas GOODWIN m. (2) Eunice LORD

5. Reuben GOODWIN m. Ruth LORD

6. Mary GOODWIN m. Simon RICKER

7. Ruth RICKER b. 23 Feb. 18l4 m. Capt. Luther GOODWIN b. 6 Dec. 1808 Source: Lebanon, York, Me. Records. He was s/o Simeon GOODWIN & wife, Mary. Simeon d. 21 April 1836

8. Herbert Conway GOODWIN b. 1 Oct. 1855 md. Martha HORN.

9. Thomas Harland GOODWIN b. 6 Mar. 1880 md. Lucy Orr OTIS.

10. Son

11. Daughter


Mrs. R. H. LOWD (A. F. DOW), Portland, Me.

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Dorothy d/o Edmond BARKER [Vol. 2 Gen. Gleanings of Eng. by WATERS P. 1155 & his will 1625]

2. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER [The Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by J.S. GOODWIN p. 1]

3. Daniel GOODWIN m. (1) Ann THOMPSON (2) Amy ---- [same source, p. 10]

4. Nathaniel GOODWIN m. ca 1713 Mary TIBBETTS wid. of John GILES; [Same source, p. 13 and A 10th Gen. Yankee From Maine by Nicholson p.229 & 240]

5. Nathaniel GOODWIN bpt. 16 Jan. 1724 Berwick, Me. m. Mary WHITE d/o William [same source, p. 14]

6. Elizabeth GOODWIN d. 22 Feb. 1835, Goodwins Mills, Me., m. John JELLISON [same source, p. 14] they had two daughters; Margaret [see(a) below] and Mary.

7. Mary JELLERSON b. 16 Feb. 1781 Philipsburg, Me., m. Isaiah HILL; [Val. HILL gen. p.58 (ref. to all of gen. below her DAR papers - Val. HILL]

8. Edgecomb HILL b. 16 Sept. 1810 Hollis, Me. m. (2) Mary Ann WADLIN; [same as above and private Goodwin’s Mills Cemetery. (framed family record)]

9. Frances Ann HILL b. 21 Oct. 1844 Hollis, Me. m. Albert DOW [Hollis V.R. & HILL, Gen, p. 58].

10. Bartlett A. DOW b. 2 Jan. 1870 Dayton, Me. m. Hettie Frances COLE [Dayton V.R. & HILL Gen. P. 58-60].

11. Arline Frances DOW b. 16 Jan. 1907 Biddeford, Me. m. Russell Holmes LOWD

(a) Margaret JELLERSON m. Daniel HILL
Jonah HILL m. Sarah (Lord) HILL (see (c) below)


1. James GOODWIN (s/o Daniel1) m. Sarah THOMPSON

2. Mary GOODWIN m. Capt. Richard (3) LORD (see (d) below)

3. James LORD m. Sarah LIBBY d/o Benj. (see (e) below)

4. James LORD (Rev. War) m. Mary CHICK d/o Aaron & Elizabeth (CLARK)

5. Samuel LORD m. Sarah CLEAVES (d/o ?)

6. Sarah LORD m. Solomon HILL (c)

7. Jonah HILL m. Sarah (Lord) HILL (see (c) above)

8. Elsie Ann HILL m. Owen COLE (s/o Remich) (see (f) below)

9. Hettie Frances COLE m. Bartlett Albert DOW (same as (g) above)

10. Mary THOMPSON m. Capt. Richard (3) LORD (d)

11. Amy LORD m. Samuel SHACKLEY

12. Hannah SHACKLEY m. Samuel COLE

13. Remich COLE m. Mehitable CLARK (d/o David)

14. Owen COLE m. Elsie Ann HILL (see (f) above)

15. Hettie Frances COLE (see above)


1. Patience GOODWIN m. Daniel STONE

2. Sarah STONE m. Benjamin LIBBY

3. Sarah LIBBY m. James LORD (see (e) above).

SOURCES: 50 New England Colonists F. B. WEILAND p. 86, 91. 92, 93, 97
Piscataqua Pioneers p. 128, 195
Gen. Dict. of Me. & N.H. Libby,, Noyes, Davis
GOODWINS of Kittery, Me. p. 10, 13, 14
HIST. of Hollis by JEWETT-HANAFORD p. 27, 29
GOODWIN-JELLERSON-HILL small cemeteries at Goodwins Mills.

Mrs. R. G. Hilton GREEN, Warwick R.I. and her sister S. C. HILTON, No. Kingston, R.I. have following lines from Daniel GOODWIN:

Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

1. Patience GOODWIN m. Daniel STONE 19 Sept. 1670 Gen, Dict. of Me. & N.H. pp 664 & 871

2. Sarah STONE b. 3 Aug. 1686 m. Deacon Benjamin LIBBY 20 Dec. 1707 [Gen. Dict., p. 664 & Libby Family in America

They had three children who are in this line:
(a) Mary (b) Charles and (c) Sarah (see appropriate letters below)


1. Mary LIBBY b. 8 May 1717 m. Thomas HODGON b. 1715 [LIBBY Family in America p. 39]

2. Amy HODGDON b 6 Sept. 1751 m. Timothy WENTWORTH 29 Nov. 1770 [WENTWORTH Genealogy]

3. Elizabeth (Betsey) WENTWORTH b. 4 Jan 1780 m. Samuel PRAY 30 Sept. 1802 [WENTWORTH GENEALOGY]

4. Martha Wentworth PRAY b. 28 Feb. 1808 Lebanon, Me. m. Isaac FALL 21 Aug. 1825 [WENTWORTH Genealogy & Boston Transcript #8342]

5. Sylvester FALL b. 23 Aug. 1828 Lebanon, Me. m. Catherine HANSCOM (see (d) below) [HANSCOM Genealoy (Privately printed by Hervery HANSCOM)]

6. Martha Emery FALL b. 1 Nov. 1885, Lebanon, Me. m. Herbert Melville THURSTON 25 Dec. 1875. [THURSTON Genealogy]

7. Hazel Flora THURSTON b. 23 AUG. 1885 d. 23 Nov. 1972 Everett, Mass. m. Prescott Woodbridge HILTON 7 Sept 1907 d. 23 Jan. 1951 [THURSTON Gen.]

8. Daughter

9. Daughter


1. Charles LIBBY b. 29 Dec. 1721, Berwick, Me. M. Abigail HILTON 27 Dec. 1744 d. 8 Sept. 1772 [LIBBY Family in America pp. 39 & 61]

2. Mary F. LIBBY b. I746 m. 21 Mar. 1765. Capt. Joseph PRAY Jr. bpt. 27 Apr. 1743 [Maine Archives & LIBBY Fam. in America p. 61]

3. Abigail PRAY b. 6 July I765 d. 29 Dec.1836 m. Isaac HANSCOM b. 1762 [HANSCCM Gen, & Me. Archives]

4. Abram HANSCOM b. 24 Jan. 1804, Lebanon, Me. m. Sarah GOODWIN b. 1 Aug. 1803; d. 8 Nov. l865 (Source as above)

5. Catherine HANSCOM (see (d) above)


1. Sarah LIBEY m. James LORD 1732 (From Desc. of Nathan LORD)

2. Jeremiah LORD m. Grizzel GRANT b. 29 June 1742 (same source as above)

3. Sarah LORD b. 1765 m. Elisha GOODWIN b. 1763 (same as (e) below)

4. Sarah (Sally) GOODWIN b. Lebanon, Me. m. 16 May 1824 Abram HANSCOM b. 24 Jan. 1804 Lebanon, Me. [Fam. records & HANSCOM Gen.]

5. Catherine HANSCOM (see (d) above)


1. James GOODWIN (son of Daniel) m. Sarah THOMPSON 9 Dec. 1686 (Gen. Dict. Me. & N.H. Libby, Noyes & Davis.)

2. Mary GOODWIN m. Capt. Richard LORD b. 1 Mar. 1864-5 Desc. of Nathan LORD.

3. James LORD m. Sarah LIBBY (see (c) above)


1. Thomas GOODWIN (s/o Daniel) b. 1665, m Mehitable PLAISTED (same source as for James p. 272)

2. Thomas GOODWIN b. 12 July 1697 (29 July - Gen. Dict) m. on 2 Dec. 1722 Elizabeth BUTLER b. 22 Sept. 1699 (Gen. Dict. p. 271)

3. Thomas GOODWIN b. 1721 m. Eunice LORD bpt. 20 July or Aug. 1740 (Goodwins of Kitterv. Me. p. 85)

4. Elisha GOODWIN (see (e) above)


Item from FOSTER'S DAILY DEMOCRAT 24 Feb. 1979, Lebanon. Me.

The Historical Society met Feb. 12 with a program presented by George STACKPOLE. He showed about 21 slides on the Pine Grove Farm when it was owned by the Goodwins. Thomas GOODWIN moved to Lebanon from Berwick in 1776 and built his house off the road in West Lebanon village. The house was moved to its present site across the road and later Jacked up to add a first story.
His grandson, Richard Horn GOODWIN, lived in the house for his entire life from 1838 to 1917. Richard's son, Charles, also lived there his entire life from 1867 to 1957. The family was an asset to the town as the buildings and fields were kept in the best condition possible and Charles served Lebanon as selectman, auditor and state legislator. At one time behind the house, the Goodwins had a saw mill and wood-storage building.
Nancy Wyman, correspondant.

Correction for Vol. 1 No. 3:
English Goodwin Line, the birthplace of Daniel GOODWIN is supposed to be Yoxford not Oxford.


This publication contained a list of Civil War Soldiers from Maine who are buried in Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, Georgia. It was a report of the Maine Andersonville Monument Commissioners, S. J. Walton, L. C. Morse and Col. Levi M. Poor. Edward S. Post, superintendent of the Andersonville cemetery, wrote to Mr. Poor and gave him a complete list of the Maine soldiers who are supposed to be buried there, giving the name, grave, rank, company and regiment of every soldier. This meant sorting out these Maine soldiers from 12,942 graves so one can imagine it was quite a task.
The following were the only two soldiers by the name of GOODWIN: Marvin GOODWIN Pvt., F, 8th______ and Augustus GOODWIN, Pvt., 1, 1st Art. I [Mrs. SHARP] has [had ?] the complete list if anyone is interested in other names and will be happy to search it for them. We are indebted to Eric H. GOODWIN Jr. of Orange, Calif. for this article.

Conclusion of Ivory GOODWIN Story (From Vol. 2, Issue 1)

(E) A daughter, Mary, (Emily or Emeline or Emma) dates again unknown, married an Emery, which means almost certainly one of the old Berwick families (or Eliot, which was also full of Emerys). I have a note somewhere that says he was a dentist. They produced at least one son, Charles Emery, who, when he grew up, joined the Goodwin firm in NY and came to take a prominent part in it. (He handled the 1889 merger negotiations for the Goodwins, and became first Treasurer of the new company. (I found that by accident in a book on the Dukes!).
Grandma had pictures of his grand estate at Thousand Islands, N.Y., with a yacht moored in front. None of these Emery(s) are buried in the same family cemetery the others are. He had a daughter, Mabel, who managed or owned the Hotel Frontenac at Thousand Islands. I have pictures of his wife.
(F) Mark Fernald Goodwin, b. 1 August 1817; m. 4 Dec. 1845 Dorcas Bartlett FROST (see Stackpole, p. 423 for her family); died, according to his stone in the family cemetery and other records, on 6 May 1875. He and Dorcas had at least two children: Adraetta W. Goodwin, who m. Nathaniel Knowlton of Eliot; and George F. Goodwin.
George administered MFG's estate in 1875, but died before Adraetta, who died 16 Nov. 1909. Mark F., Dorcas, Adraetta and Nathaniel Knowlton are buried in the family cemetery, but George is not. (Note: The rest of this artical is excerpted.) Mark Fernald Goodwin inherited the family homestead. He owned "Goodwin's Landing at about the end of Waterside Lane, on the River; a lumber business and also made bricks (he made the bricks to build the Customs House in Portsmouth, N.H. Mrs. Vinton found a note of several thousand dollars owed him by the US Govt. for this). Adraetta was b. 1848 (gravestone) and d. 16 Nov. 1909. Her husband Nathaniel Knowlton was b. 11 May 1831 and d. 12 Feb. 1900.
Date of George's birth unknown. She has a picture of the family and Adraetta appeared to be about 10 or 11, and George 7 or 8. She doesn't believe that either of two children of MFG had any children. Mrs. Vinton deserves much commendation for the extended research she has done on her family and for having the family cemetery restored.

Mr. J. Beck, Bloomington, IN;

Jacob GOODWIN b. 1770 Concord, N.H. m. Mary KINNAN/KEENAN/CANIAN etc. ca. 1806. He d. 1847. prob. Warren Co. Penn, wife Mary b. ca. 1781 N.J. d. 1858 Warren Co. Penn. d/o Joseph KINAN (d. 1825 Westmoreland. Co., Pa.) & Rebecca DOTY [??]("Mayflower" descendant)

1. Sally GOODWIN b. 1808 m. John SALMON 16 Oct. 1828

2. Mary GOODWIN m. Hinman THOMPSON 1857-1859

3. Isaac GOODWIN b. 1811 near Cincinnati, Ohio (was woodsman there) m. Sally Ann COOK(?)

4. Jacob Ransom GOODWIN Jr. b. 8 Nov. 1816 Brokenstraw, Warren. Pa. m. 1851 Octavia R. MATTHEWS

5. Hannah GOODWIN b. 1815 m. William PIKE after 1887

6. Rebecca GOODWIN m. Hugh DOTY.

7. James F. GOODWIN b. 1822 Brokenstraw, Pa. m. Alvira A. ----

[Two more children without given names.]

Lineage from Isaac GOODWIN to Mr. Beck follows:

1. Rebecca Elizabeth GOODWIN b. 27 July 1843 Warren Co., Pa. m. 26 Jan. 1864 in Columbus, Penn. John ALLEN b. 19 Sept. 1839 in Warren Co. Pa.

2. Lizzie May ALLEN b. 11 Oct. 1865 m. 1882 George William ANDRUS

3. Edith Rebecca ANDRUS b. 7 Sept. 1897 m. 1913 Victor Otto BECK

4. Son

5. Son


Ms. C. G. Riley, Wells, Maine.

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER, appeared Kittery records 1652.

2. Thomas GOODWIN, South Berwick, Maine, m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. Thomas GOODWIN, b. 12 July 1697, South Berwick, Maine, m. Elizabeth BUTTLER

4. Thomas GOODWIN, b. 9 Oct 1726, South Berwick, Maine, m. (2nd) Eunice LORD

5. Reuben GOODWIN, b. 15 April 1764, South Berwick, Maine, m. Ruth LORD

6. Thomas GOODWIN, b. 11 Feb 1797, Lebanon, Maine, m. Betsy GLIDDEN

7. Newell GOODWIN, b. 18 Dec 1834, Lebanon, Maine, m. Fidelia Emma BLAISDELL

8. John Howard GOODWIN, b. 8 Jan 1861, Lebanon, Maine, m. Mary ROBERTS

9. Lee Wendell GOODWIN, b. 30 Dec 1903, Lebanon, Maine, m Doris GLIDDEN

10. Daughter

Souces unknown; this was done by a grand-daughter of Newell GOODWIN and sources were not listed.

Mrs. W. G. Perry, North Berwick, Maine

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN, Kittery, Me. m. Mehitable PLAISTED ca l685

3. Ichabod GOODWIN b. 17 June 1700 m. Elizabeth SCAMMON 25 Aug 1729

4. Dominicus GOODWIN b. 24 Apr 1741 m. Hannah HILL 12 Jul 1763

5. Samuel GOODWIN, b. 1764, So. Berwick, m. Anna Thompson GERRISH 12 Nov 1791

6. Joseph Gerrish GOODWIN b. 31 Jan 1747, [date 1797 ??] N. Berwick, m. Frances HOBBS 18 May 1820

7. Joseph Wilson GOODWIN b. 25 Nov 1830, N. Berwick, Me. m. Alicia Sophia LORD, Berwick

8. Elizabeth Lord GOODWIN b. 27 May 1834, N. Berwick, Me. m. Bertram A. ADAMS, 1 Nov 1912

9. Daughter


The following two Pedigrees come from Mary D. W. Jackson, Bath, Michigan


1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER 1654

2. William GOODWIN m. Deliverance TAYLOR

3. John GOODWIN m. Patience WILLOUGHBY 1715 [Source for preceding three is Old Kittery & Her Families, by Stackpole.]

4. John GOODWIN m. Martha NASON [Source: Goodwins of Kittery, Maine - John S. Goodwin]

5. Patience GOODWIN m. Joseph BRADBURY, 1774; [Source: Report of Celebration of First Century of Buxton, Me. p. 240-42]

6. Miriam BRADBURY b. 26 Sep 1798, m. Edmund March DRESSER 25 Sep 1822. [Source: Bradbury Memorial p 99]

7. Winthrop Bradbury DRESSER b. 18 Mar 1835, Standish, Me. m. Mary Frances PARKER 22 Apr 1861, [Source: Family Bible, Death Cert, Pension Papers]

8. Fred Lincoln DRESSER, b. 10 Dec 1864, E. Limington, Me. m. Ida Ellen WATERMAN, 25 June 1887. [Source: Family Bible, Death Certificate, Pension papers.]

9. Mary Emily DRESSER b. 26 Sep 1900, Standish Me. m. Leander Alfred DOLE, 10 Oct 1919, [Source: Birth Certificate. Marriage Cert.]

10. Daughter


1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Daniel GOODWIN m. Amy THOMPSON 1682

3. Margaret GOODWIN m. Joseph HODSDON 1700 [Source for above three is Gen. and Family History of Maine, by Little.

4. Abigail HODSDON m. Bial HAMILTON 1721 [Source, Berwick Town Records.]

5. Susan (Sukey) HAMILTON m. Maj. Edmund HAGGENS 1788. [Source Birth, Marriage, Death Record.]

6. Edmund HAGGENS Jr., b. So. Berwick, 14 Apr. 1796 m. Mrs. Mary Ann HAMILTON 1826 (?). [Source: Birth Record]

7. Edmund Henry HAGGENS, b. So. Berwick, 31 Dec. 1831, m. Frances Jane TUTTLE 1863. [Source: Birth, Death Records]

8. Benjamin Tuttle HAGGENS, Woburn, Melrose, b. 22 Dec 1896 m. Albert Herbert WANSKY, 1918. [Source: Birth, Death Certificate]

9. Richard Warren WANSKY, Woburn, Melrose, m. Mary Elizabeth DOLE 1943

10. Daughter


Mr. A. Ellis, Bangor, Maine

1. Daniel GOODWIN d. 1713, m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Moses GOODWIN, d. 1726, Berwick, m. 1694 Abigail TAYLOR

3. Martha GOODWIN, b. Berwick 22 May 1695, m. 1711 James GRAY

4. Taylor GRAY, bpt. Berwick 1727, m. 3 March 1758 (2nd wife) Tabitha MARCH

5. James GRAY b. Gorham 20 Apr 1766 d. l805, m. 1791 Susannah THOMES

6. George GRAY b. Standish 17 May 1795, d. Buxton 1866, m. Eunice SHAW

7. Susan C. GRAY, b. Windham 1823, d. Jackson 1902, m. Edward White ROBERTS

8. Mary Susie ROBERTS b. Waldo 1864, m. Fred Bonner EDWARDS

9. Erla Hildred EDWARDS b. Jackson 1901, m. 1921 Frank Bicknell ELLIS

10. Son


Ms. D. G. Blanchard, South Berwick, Maine

1. Daniel GOODWIN

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. James GOODWIN b. So. Berwick, m. Margaret WALLINGFORD

4. Silas GOODWIN, bpt. 8 June 1760

5. Samuel GOODWIN b. 1793, d. 26 Aug 1857, South Berwick

6. Greenleaf GOODWIN, b. 1834, d. South Berwick 9 May 1888, m. Lydia GOODWIN, who was the grand-daughter of James above.

7. Greenleaf Payson GOODWIN, b. 18 Jan 1872 d. 2 Oct 1953, South Berwick

8. Harvey Payson GOODWIN, b. 23 May 1898, d. 1 Mar 1960, South Berwick

9. Daughter


Mr. G. F. Goodwin, Boynton Beach, Fla.

1. John GOODWIN, Sr, m. Jenny BROWN, 1797 Moultonboro, N.H.

2. John GOODWIN, Jr. b. 1817, Moultonboro

3. Joseph Smith GOODWIN, b. 30 Jun 1848, Sandwich, N.H.

4. Chester Frederick GOODWIN, b. 1 Jul 1875 Concord, N.H.

5. Son


Mr. R. L. Taylor, Danville Me.

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN b. 1660-5, m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. Thomas GOODWIN b. 12 Jul 1697, So Berwick m. 2 Dec 1722 Elizabeth BUTLER

4. Capt. James GOODWIN bpt. 15 May 1737, So. Berwick, d. 21 Sep 1808, Berwick, m. 17 Aug 1767 Sarah GRIFFITH; she d. 1 Mar 1815

5. James GOODWIN, b. 16 Aug 1768, d. 28 Aug. 1854 Rollinsford, m. Love SHERBURNE, b. 18 Sep 1768, Portsmouth, N.H., d. 3 Sep 1857, Rollinsford, N.H. (Buried on old farm at Berwick, next to rail-road track on Berwick - So. Berwick line, the same farm on which Mehitable (Plaisted) Goodwin is said to have lived when captured by the Indians)

6. Eleanor GOODWIN, b. 24 Oct 1788 Berwick, d. 28 Jun 1863, Limington, m. 1 Apr 1813 in Berwick, Aaron C WALDRON of Barrington, N.H. He was b. there 6 Oct 1792; d. 26 Aug. 1878 Limington.

7. Henry Pitman WALDRON b. 19 Feb l8l8 Berwick, d. 12 Apr 1910 Limington marriage int. 16 Sep 1853 Arovesta D. SANBORN of Standish. She b. 14 Mar 1830 Standish; d. 3 Mar 1888 Limington.

8. Annie Louisa WALDRON, b. 25 Apr 1873 Limington, d. 15 Mar 1913 Limington, m. on 10 Mar 1903 Walter B TAYLOR, b. 28 Mar. 1871 Limington; d. 3 Mar 1930 Limington.

9. Donald D. TAYLOR b. 2 Feb 1910, Limington, m. 21 Apr 1934 Marion R MITCHELL

10. Son


Moses Collins, founder of New Albany. Miss., 1785-1858 had this inscribed on his tall monument:
"Remember, youth, as you pass by,
As you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so you will be.
Prepare for death and follow me."

The legend is that a Civil War soldier (not identified as to Blue or Gray) scratched below that:

"Before I give my consent,
I'd like to know which way you went."