The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1979)

THE MAIN(e) STREAM (reprint, edited)

Mr. H. CLEMONS, Hiram, Me.

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER c. 1654-5

2. E1izabeth GOODWIN m. Philip HUBBARD 22 Dec. 1692

3. Moses HUBBARD m. Abigail HEARD 26 Dec. 1723

4. John HUBBARD m. Hannah NEAL Int. 23 Dec. 1748

5. Heard HUBBARD m. Ruth ALLEN 4 Mar. 1792

6. Ruth HUBBARD m. Walter WATSON 30 Nov. 1834

7. Frank WATSON m. Charlotte EVANS 13 May 1856

8. Cora WATSON m. George CLEMONS 15 Feb. 1878

9. Ella CLEMONS m. Harold BUTTERFIELD 19 Nov. 1905

10. Cora BUTTERFIELD m. (1) Hubert WENTWORTH 18 June 1926

11. Son.


Mr. E. H. GOODWIN, Orange, California:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. Thomas GOODWIN m. Elizabeth BUTLER

4. Elisha GOODWIN m. Anna LIBBY

5. Daniel GOODWIN m. (2) Mary NASON

6. Daniel GOODWIN m. Mary A. LORD

7. Frank Lord GOODWIN m. (1) Drusilla PATTEN

8. Eric Harvey GOODWIN m. Ethel C. CAMERON

9. Son


Ms. Blanch Foss, Thayer Parkway Dover-Foxcroft, Maine:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. (1) Margaret SPENCER (2) Sarah SAUNDERS (?)

2. William GOODWIN b. Kittery m. Deliverance TAYLOR

3. Taylor GOODWIN m. Elizabeth NASON

4. Joseph GOODWIN bpt. 3 Nov. 1784, d. in Harmony July 1838, m. Sarah PRTTCHARD [Source: Berwick Records via Joanna GOODWIN]

5. Ichabod GOODWIN b. in Shapleigh 1782, d. 19 Jan. 1864 in Stetson, m. Mercy WILLEY

6. Joseph GOODWIN b. 11 Aug. 1807, d. 5 Jan. 1890 m. 20 Nov. 183O Eliza WEEKS [Source: Goodwins of Kittery, Me. by John S. Goodwin]

7. Charles H. GOODWIN b. 10 June 1838, d. 19 April 1910, m. 18 Jan. 1864 Clarinda WEST [Source: Bible record & gravestone dates]

8. Josephine M. GOODWIN b. N. Carmel 25 Mar. 1881 d. 5 Feb. 1963 [Bible record & gravestone dates] m. Lewis M. HANSCOM

9. Blanche Hanscom b. 6 Aug. 1900 in N. Carmel, Me. m. Eugene F. FOSS b. 28 Oct. 1892 Foxcroft, Me. d. 22 April 1931>

Mrs. Foss very kindly copied the records of a cemetery in Stetson, Me. containing GOODWIN graves; will print them in a later issue.

Mr. Samuel C. CRAVER, Mooresville, Ind.;

1. John GOODWINE b. 1744/45 m. Martha HEADY b. ca 1749 [Marr. Record: Monmouth Co. N.J. p. 186]

2. Rebecca GOODWIN b. 1783 Pa. m. Thomas HEADY b. 1780 Pa. Married in Ky. [Putnam Co. Ind. & Nelson Co. Ky. Histories, 1850, & Putnam Co. Ind. Census]

3. Imri HEADY b. 1813 Ky., m. 1834 Putnam Co. Ind. Elizabeth SLAVENS b. 181(?) [Same sources as above & Grave markers, Putnam Co.]

4. Nancy HEADY b. 1849 Putnam Co. Ind. m. Wm. Alexander CRAVER b. 1850 Ind. [Family Bibles, Putnam Co, Histories, Court & Marr. Records]

5. Ray Lambert CRAVER b. 28 April 1878 Ind. m. Frances K. DANFORTH b. Ind. [family Bibles, Putnam & Fountait Cos. Records, & 1900 census]

6. Samuel Clifford CRAVER b. 11 July 1904 Ind. m. Iva EULALY b. 1907 Ind. [Birth Certificates, family Bibles]

Mr. Craver is Present Quartrmaster General of the national "Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge", & is past President of S.A.R. Mrs. Craver is at present Secy. Chapter D.A.R.

Miss Elizabeth GOODWIN, So. Berwick Me.:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. Ichabod GOODWIN b. 17 June 1700, m. Elizabeth SCAMMON in Saco on 25 Aug. 1729. He d. 1770.

4. Ichabod GOODWIN (Major General) b. 25 May 1743 m. Mary WALLINGFORD b. 7 Dec. 1750 d. 1 Mar. 1825

5. Andrew GOODWIN b. 1784 m. (2) Elizabeth WALLINGFORD 1818, d. 18 May 1874; Andrew d. 3 Nov. 1843.

6. Ichabod GOODWIN b. 9 July 1819 d. 7 Dec. 1869 m. Sophia Elizabeth HAYES b. 8 Sept. 1824 d. 25 Mar. 1905.

7. William Allen Hayes GOODWIN b. 30 Mar. 1853 d. 15 Jan. 1883 m. Minnie Lord WEEKS b. 3 Feb. 1855. Newtonville, Mass. [They] m. 15 Jan. 1883, [she] d. 9 Jan. 1916.

8. Elizabeth Hayes GOODWIN b. 11 Sept. 1895 So. Berwick, Me. She was the 5th child and her brothers and sisters were: Mary b. 19 Jan. 1884, Wallingford b. 18 Apr. 1885, John Hayes b. 5 Dec. 1887, (it is to John that we are indebted for the English GOODWIN line. He did much genealogical research) Edwin Weeks b. 5 Nov. 1889, and Caroline Eastman.


IVORY GOODWIN (cont. from vol. 1 Issue 4)

(2) Charles Eben Goodwin, b. Bangor, Maine 3 Oct. 1845 or 46. Charles went as a very young man to NYC to work in the tobacco business founded by his uncles, Ivory's brothers Eben Goodwin and William Hayes Goodwin. I have a collection of his letters, written during 1863 and 1864 from a period when he was in charge of company affairs in New Orleans. He made a great deal of money, married on 3 May 187O,Sarah Fall, d/o one Capt. ---- Fall of South Berwick,and then went head over heels into the oil businesswhich was then starting to go wild in Pennsylvania,and made more [money]. He lived the last decades of his life at Kane, Penn, and died there ca 1921. He had two children: Eben Slote H. Goodwin, b ca 1872, who I believe did not marry, in any event died an alcoholic in 1908; and Emma Beth Goodwin, b. probably ca 1875. She m. probably ca 1905-10 Christopher Columbus Bradley II, son of a wealthy Syracuse N.Y. family, manufacturers of heavy machinery of some sort. They had two sons: Goodwin Bradley, who I'm not sure married; think if he did no children; and Christopher C. Bradley III, now 70, still living in Syracuse; also not married, no children. I have an idea there was also a daughter, Beth, but I am not sure.

(3) Josephine Mora Goodwin, b. probably ca 1847. Like all of Ivory's children, she graduated from So. Berwick Academy (she in 1863). I think she m. George F. Trowbridge of Salmon Falls, N.H. and lived in Nashua. I think he had something to do with railways. I don't know of any children (and I think Grandma would have spoken of any, or any who survived). Josie was dead by 1891 when they printed a list of Berwick Academy graduates.

(4) Charlotte, b. probably ca 1849; died young.

(5) Mary Charlotte Goodwin, b. So. Berwick 27 July 1851; m. James H. Perkins of Rye, N.H. 29 July 1874; lived at Rye; died 31 August 1942. She and JHP had five children, of whom my father was one, and many descendants. I have just this last year sweated out a list of these.

Let me say a word or so more about Ivory, who, more than almost any other of my ancestors who were not known in person, has somehow touched my heart and affections. My grandmother said he loved fun: my father said of him: ?He was a kind and generous man?. His pictures show a big, bony, handsome face, but rather worried and apologetic looking. His younger brothers were all great successes, men of big business; his own son, Charlie, seems to have had to help him hold on to his house and took a rather patronizing manner toward him. Whatever he was doing in Bangor in the 1840s, he was back in Berwick by 1856 when I find his house in So. Berwick, on Vine St. Either he and Elizabeth R. Hill married late; or they lost a series of children before Lizzie; or they didn't start to have children for some years after they married.
In 1843, when Lizzie was born, he was 35 years old; and Elizabeth was 32.This was unusually late in those days to start a family.

To return to the further children of Ebenezer Goodwin and Polly Fernald:

(B) Eben Goodwin, b. (calculated) 1815; d. 9 September 1877 aged 62 (gravestone). Eben was probably the one who fared forth to the great city of NY to make his fortune and did; but it may have been the younger brother, William Hayes Goodwin, who took the plunge first or maybe they went together. In any event they were there by 1845. when I have a letter from William in NYC to what I think was the youngest brother, Mark Fernald Goodwin, at SB, telling how busy they were with tobacco. The letter also mentions "Charles" who is also in NYC "in business with Mr. Sanford and he has no time to help mee for they ar verry Buisey". This might be either the fifth brother Charles Trafton Goodwin; or the husband of their sister, or Emery whose first name I don't know, but whose son, Charles Emery, became a partner in their business, later on.
Back to Eben: He married, but I do not know whom, where or when. He had at least one child, mentioned in his will: "my daughter Emmie G. Goodwin". The executors of his will were Emmie G. Goodwin and John N. Goodwin. Wife and son? Daughter and son? He kept his ties close enough to Berwick, however, to arrange to be buried there, though no sign of a wife or child in this cemetery with him; and he left a substantial sum for 1877 ($5000 each) to Ivory's three daughters. End of my knowledge about Eben.

(C) Charles Trafton Goodwin, birth date unknown, date of death unknown. I have some clue to his family from struggling through the mathematics of a will left by his niece, Adraetta (d/o Mark F. Goodwin) in 1910, who directed that the proceeds of the sale of the old Goodwin homestead (located I believe on one of the original grants to Daniel Goodwin back in the 1600s) be given half to the heirs-at-law of the late Charles Trafton Goodwin. Without pursuing all the fractions, I deduced, I hope with some approach to accuracy, CTG had seven children:

(a) Frank J. Goodwin, who in 1910 was identified as being "of Washington, DC", but who had appeared on an earlier draft of the list as of Pawtucket. I found pictures among Grandma's thing of a man in clerical garb, "Rev. Frank J. Goodwin."

(b) Charles T. Goodwin. This can't be Charles Trafton G. himself, since he was oviously dead in 1910, I assume this is a Charles Trafton Goodwin Jr. He is described as being of NYC.

(c) Mary Goodwin. I knew of her anyhow through a cousin, Gertrude Dow Lamprey, who appears on the enclosed list of descendants of JHP and MCG. She married a man named MILNE, and Gertrude is still in touch with descendants of hers who live now, as in 1910, in Ridgewood, N.J. As of 1976, three of her children were alive: Miss Ethel M. Milne, 127 Washington Place; Gordon and Roger, for whom I have no addresses. Three other children, Rae, Emily and Frank, were dead by 1976. Mary Goodwin was called "May" by my grandmother.

(d) Jennie Goodwin. An earlier draft of the account referred to her as Mrs. James Chapman of Brookly NY; later she is Jennie Chapman of Brooklyn.

(e) John B. Goodwin, in 1910 of Rye, NY.

(f) Elizabeth Goodwin, in 1910 of Rye, NY.

(g) a son, name not known, but whose share in Adraetta's estate was divided between Charles Goodwin 2nd of NYC and Richard V. Goodwin, also of NYC. At first I deduced that his father was Charles E., but since there was already a son Charles T., this seems unlikely, and I suspect that the Charles E. Goodwin 2nd is to distinguish this descendant, not from his father, but from his cousin, Ivory's only son, Charles Eben Goodwin, who had made his name and fortune in the NYC area, though by 1910 he no longer lived there.

Taken altogether, the distribution of Charles Trafton Goodwin's descendants, offers a strong case that CTG is the "Charles" mentioned in the 1845 letter I quoted above who was then in NYC in business with Mr. Sanford. He may have come back to SB to get a wife, as Ivory's son Charles did; or he may have married in the vicinity of NYC. He did not arrange to be buried in SB, and is missing from the cemetery. I do not know what Mr. Sanford's business was; presumably not tobacco.

(D) William Hayes Goodwin, dates of birth and death unknown. He was named after a prominent citizen of SB, William A. Hayes, who was not closely related to this branch of Goodwins. William and Eben founded one of the big four tobacco firms which in 1889 combined with J.B. Duke to form American Tobacco Co., the largest of them all. If I know very little about Eben, I know less of William. Whether he married, whether he had children, whether he stayed in touch with the Berwick family, when and where he died and was buried are all unknown.

[to be concluded in issue #2 ]

Mrs. Keyes has written a History of Berwick which is most interesting and is currently appearing in the York County Coast Star