The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 1, Issue 3, 1979)

THE MAIN(e) STREAM (reprint, edited)

Mrs. J. GOODWIN, Hawthorne Calif. sent in the following lineage of her husband;

1. Moses R. GOODWIN, b. ca. 1811, Clinton Me., d. 12 July 1855; m. Hannah THURSTON

2. Horace P. GOODWIN b. 21 Oct. 1839, Clinton ME., d. 10 Oct 1885; m. Sarah Ellen ESTES

3. Elmer Horace GOODWIN b. 1873, Clinton Me., d. 15 Feb. 1915; m. Helen Rebecca DYER

4. Maurice George GOODWIN, b. 5 Oct. 1910 Burnham Me., d. 6 Oct. 1970 in Bangor Me.; m. (1) Arleen PRATT, (2) Ruth White FOWLER

5. Son

6. Son


Ms. SCHOFIELD, Bar Mills, Me. sent the following;

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Patience GOODWIN m. Daniel STONE 19 Sept. 1670

3. Sarah STONE m. Benjamin LIBBY 25 Dec. 1707

4. Daniel LIBBY

5. Benjamin LIBBY (Deacon)

6. Abigail LIBBY m. Daniel GOWEN

7. Benjamin Libby Edward GOEN

8. Isaiah Joseph GOWEN m. Elizabeth Ethel CHUTE


Mrs. WHITMARSH, Bridgewater, Mass. 02333:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. (1)Margaret SPENCER, (2)Sarah SAUNDERS (after 1670)

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. Thomas GOODWIN, b. 12 July 1697, m. 22 Dec. 1792 Elizabeth BUTLER

4. Elisha GOODWIN, bpt. 9 Aug 1726, m. Sarah ----

5. Elisha GOODWIN, bpt. 23 June 1745, m. Hannah SHOCKLEY

6. Elisha GOODWIN, b. 1770, m. 31 Oct. 1798 Polly TRACY of Gouldsboro, Me.

7. Richard GOODWIN, b. 26 July 1807, m. Mary Ann FOSTER

8. George P. GOODWIN b. 5 Nov. 1837, m. Caroline DEXTER

9. Albion G. GOODWIN, b. 28 July 1861 m. Mabel T. SIMMONS


Ms. H. ANDERSON, Reston, VA.:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. William GOODWIN d. Klttery. Me. 1714

3. William GOODWIN b. 5 Nov. 1692

4. Elijah GOODWIN bapt. Klttery. Me. 23 Mar. 1726

5. Daniel GOODWIN bapt. Berwick, Me. 8 June 1755

6. Joseph GOODWIN b. Lebanon, Me. 1782

7. John Elkins GOODWIN b. Middleton. N.H. 14 Sept. 1820

8. Leah Helen GOODWIN b. Milton, N.H. 16 Aug. 1848 m. William Brown DENNIS

9. Joseph Henry DENNIS b. Dover, N.H. 1868 m. Susan Elizabeth ELLIOTT

10. Daughter


Ms. JOHNSON, Malden. Mass.:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. William GOODWIN m. Deliverance TAYLOR

3. William GOODWIN m. Abigail STONE

4. Elijah GOODWIN m. Abigail TARBOX

5. Daniel GOODWIN m. Mary DOWNS

6. Joseph GOODWIN m. Anna HANSON

7. Richard GOODWIN m. Mary Ann ROBERTS

8. Richard James Plumer GOODWIN (Dr.) m. Josephine ALLEN. (He was an assistant surgeon with the Amy of the Potomac during the Civil War. After his retirement he became interested in genealogy.)

9. Laura GOODWIN m. Henry SLADE

10. Daughter

(Ms. Johnson wrote me a most interesting letter in which she told of her cousin, Capt. D. Goodwin MARASPIN had charge of Naval Supplies during World War Two, and was stationed in England for quite a while. During his stay he looked up and visited his English Goodwin couslns. Ms. Johnson had given him the genealogical research records that were the result of Dr. Goodwin's interest in seeking out his ancestry. He was historian for the S.A.R. Pilgrim Descendants.)

Ms. JONES, Machias, Me.:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Patience GOODWIN m. Daniel STONE d. 1715/16

3. Daniel STONE b. Scarboro, Me. m. Sarah JENKINS

4. Jonathan STONE m.----

5. Sarah STONE m. Timothy LIBBY d. Machias, Me.

6. Sarah (Sallle) LIBBY b. Scarboro, bpt. abt. 1747

7. Daniel BERRY b. 1776/77 m. Hannah BERRY

8. Lydia BERRY b. abt. 1807 m. John PALMER Jr.

9. Atkins Cates PALMER b. 1839 m. Eunice HOOPER She d. Machiasport, Me. age 103 years, 11 mo. 28 days.

10. Mable PALMER b. Calif. 25 June 1866 m. Albert E. DECATUR

11. Esther DECATUR b. 17 Jan. 1907 Malden, Mass. m. 20 Sept. 1930 Malden, Mass. Charles B. JONES


Mr. SAWYER, Bellevue, NE:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER abt. 1654-55

2. Daniel GOODWIN m. Amy THOMPSON 17 Dec. 1682

3. Nathaniel GOODWIN m. Mary TIBBETTS Oct. 1713

4. Solomon GOODWIN m. Abigail HOOPER 5 June 1747

5. John GOODWIN m. Mary PLAISTED 28 Mar. 1783(1)

6. Abigail GOODWIN m. Matt. BRAGDON 17 Oct. 1814

7. William BRAGDON m. Cath. WENTWORTH 17 Sept. 1869

8. William BRAGDON m. Marg. HENNESY 26 Sept. 1897

9. Thelma BRAGDON m. Ivan SAWYER l0 Oct. 1928

10. Son


Mr. NICHOLS, Vancouver, B.C.:

Mr. NICHOLS has 2 lines back to Daniel GOODWIN

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Deliverance TAILOR m. William GOODWIN

3. Margaret GOODWIN b. 19 Dec. 1687 m. James FROST of Berwick 15 Feb. 1707/8

4. Mary FROST b. 1723 m. Maj. Charles GERRISH

5. Lt. Wm. GERRISH (1744-1817) m. in 1801 Esther PARKER (1745-1839)

6. Sarah GERRISH b. 1781 m. Meshack PURINTON b. 1770

7. Esther PURINTON (1807-1880) m. Lemuel SAWYER (1807-1880)

8. Emily SAWYER (1842-1888/9) m. 1870 Charles A. NICHOLS (1842-1908)

9. Thomas Buffum NICHOLS (1871-1946) m. 1900 Irene Louise CALEF (1870-1921)

10. Ira Calef NICHOLS (1902-1972) m. 1929 Elizabeth Lee MATTHEW (1906-1972)

11. Son


1. Daniel GOODWIN M. Margaret SPENCER>

2. Elizabeth GOODWIN m. Phillip HUBBARD 1692

3. Moses HUBBARD (1700-1757) m. Abigail HEARD (I702-I768) in 1723

4. John Heard HUBBARD (1735-1790/1) m. Hannah NEAL (1727-??)

5. Dorcas HUBBARD (1756- abt. 1827) m. Caleb BUFFUM (d. abt. 1827)

6. Dorcas Hubbard BUFFUM (1771/3 - abt.1833) m. Samuel NICHOLS (1767-1823)

7. Charles NICHOLS (1811-1887) m. Esther OWEN (1808-1892)

The next 4 generations same as his first lineage.

Mrs. BUTCHER, Manchester. N.H.:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. (1) Margaret SPENCER (2) Sarah TURBOT>

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED b. 1665

3. Thomas GOODWIN (b. 12 July 1697) m. Elizabeth BUTLER b. 1699

4. Thomas GOODWIN (b. 1721 d. 12 Oct. 1806) m. Eunice LORD bpt. 20 Aug. 1740, d. 10 Aug. 1771

5. Ellsha GOODWIN (b. 1763 d. 21 Mar. 1837) a. Sarah LORD b. 1765, d. 7 Jan. 1837

6. Wentworth GOODWIN (b. 1790 d. 7 June 1855) m. Sally GOWELL

7. Nathum GOODWIN (b. 14 Feb. 1822, d. 4 Dec. 1888) m. Melissa Jane GLIDDEN (b. 27 April 1831 d. 5 Dec. 1905)

8. Frank GOODWIN (b. 31 July 1862, d. 5 April 1938) m. Nettle LIBBY (b. 13 Jan. 1872, d. 11 Nov. 1953)

9. Grace May GOODWIN (b. 24 Dec. 1898, d. 12 May 1974) m. Theodore GERRISH (b. 2 Oct. 1895, d. 5 May 1969)

10. Vernon GERRISH, b. 2 Sept. 1916 m. Delia DEARBORN, b. 8 Oct. 1917

11. Daughter

Mrs. BUTCHER supplied the following sources for her Information:
The dates for Sarah LORD came from the Elben LORD cemetery in North Lebanon, Me. where she and Elisha were both buried. Thomas GOODWIN (Elisha's father)and the second wife of Thomas, Mehitable GOODWIN, are buried in the Newell GOODWIN cemetery in No. Lebanon, Me. The first wife of Thomas, Eunice LORD, (Elisha's mother) is also buried there.

Mrs. HILTON, So. Berwick, Me.:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Elizabeth GOODWIN m. Zachariah EMERY

3. Elizabeth EMERY m. Nathaniel TARBOX

4. Benjamin TARBOX m. Abigail EMERY

5. Lemuel TARBOX m. Margaret FLETCHER

6. Margaret TARBOX m. Edward MULLOY (his 3rd wife)

7. Dennis MULLOY m. Ellen YOUNG

8. Frank MULLOY m. Mary JUNKINS

9. Oscar MULLOY m. Vera RICKER

10. Daughter

Mrs. Hilton is assisting with the genealogical section of the forthcoming "History of the Town of North Berwick, Maine".

Mrs. BEVAN, Millville, N.J.:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Daniel GOODWIN m. Any THOMPSON 17 Dec 1682

3. Miles GOODWIN b. 31 July 1687 m. Esther ____?. (He signed a deed at Goose Rocks Beach, Me. in 1754.)

4. Stephen GOODWIN bpt. 6 Aug. 1733 m. Olive WYMAN abt. 1764

5. James GOODWIN b. 1765 m. Beulah PERKINS (??28 Mar. 1747)

6. Caleb GOODWIN b. 12 June 1812 m. 7 Aug. 1839 Eliza AMES

7. Eugene B. GOODWIN b. 20 July 1845 m. Annie M. NIXON 10 July I870

8. Algernon GOODWIN b. 3 Mar. 1871 m. Flora May GREKN June 1895

9. Alcina GOODWIN b. 27 Apr. 1896 m. Raymond ZIMMERMAN 11 Oct. 1913

10. Daughter


Mr. Howe NILE, Waltham, Mass.:

Mr. Nile has two lines to Daniel GOODWIN, one on his paternal side and one on the maternal.
(1) Paternal

1. Daniel GOODWIN, m. Margaret Spencer

2. William GOODWIN m. Deliverance TAILOR

3. Taylor GOODWIN m. Elisabeth NASON

4. Molly GOODWIN m. John ABBOTT

5. Samel ABBOTT m. Anne VARNEY

6. Richard ABBOTT m. Hannah LOCKLIN

7. John ABBOTT m. Huldah PEARY

8. Aribelle ABBOTT m. Luther NILE

9. Joseph ABBOTT NILE M.D. m. Mary HOWE

10. Son

(2) Maternal

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Daniel GOODWIN Jr. m. Amy THOMPSON

3. Margaret GOODWIN m. Joseph HODSON

4. Sarah HODSON m. John LEWIS

5. Elizabeth LEWIS m. Abraham MORRELL

6. Anna MORRELL m. John COLE

7. Lewis COLE m. Abigail ----

8. Ossian COLE m. Almira CHANDLER

9. Estalle Cole m. Frank HOWE

10. Mary HOWE m. Joseph Abbott NILE, M.D.

11. Son


Margaret SPENCER was the dau. of Thomas Spencer and his wife Patience CHADBOURNE. Thomas was called the First Permanent Settler in Maine by Everett Stackpole, Historian.
The will of Daniel Goodwin Jr. is printed on p. 278 of Maine Wills.
Deliverance Taylor was the dau. of John TAYLOR, believed to have been one of the Scotch prisoners taken at the Battle of Dunbar. We are pleased to have Mr. NILE as a member of our organization. He is President of the Piscataqua Pioneers so he is probably well known to some of you.

Mrs. ANDERSON (her lineage listed this Issue) sent the following quotation from some old writings by her grandmother, Leah Helen Goodwin DENNIS, born in 1848, which Mrs. Anderson stated can only add to the confusion about the Daniels in the Revolution: "Elijah, Simeon, Reuben, and Jacob, sons of Elijah and brothers of Daniel, were soldiers in the Revolutionary Army." (She lists these five as sons of Elijah and Abagail Tarbox GOODWIN. Jacob seems some-what doubtful, as other records show him as bpt. in 1773.)

Because quite a few people have listed Abigail TARBOX in your lineage, we thought it might be interesting to insert this quotation from The Goodwins of Kittery, Maine, by John Samuel Goodwin published in 1898. On page 49 it states: "Elijah GOODWIN (William 52. Willam 48, Daniel 1), bapt. 23 Mar. 1726-7 in So. Berwick, has a confusing matrimonial record. The Berwick records show that "Elijah Goodwin md. Abigail Martin 21 Dec. 1749;" Captain Goodwin's record first had her name Abigail Underwood but a number of her descendants wrote, insisting that she was Abigail Tarbox. I can find no other Elijah of this age, so perhaps Abigail Tarbox was the widow Abigail Martin when she md. Elijah. He md. secondly, Mrs. Eunice (Foy) HAMMOND. He was a farmer, residing in Great Falls, N.H., but eventually settling in Cranberry Meadow, Berwick."


Mrs. DAVIS, Providence, R.I.: [corrections listed in Vol.1, #4 applied; Ed.]

1. Mary GOODWIN m. 1813 Simeon QUINBY (1795-1859) Westbrook, Maine

2. Daniel T. QUINBY, b. 24 Oct. 1822 m. 1843 Hannah Margaret NASON in Westbrook, Me.

3. Daniel 0rville QUINBY, b. 17 Mar. 1845 in Westbrook, m. 1877 Harriet E. BAKER of Portland Me.

4. George Baker QUINBY b. 16 Mar. 1878 in Portland Me., m. 1906 Grace Gatley SPEIRS in Westbrook, Me.

5. Dorothy Spears QUINBY, b. 4 Dec. 1907 in Malden Mass., m. 1934 in Medford Mass. William Nash DAVIS

Mrs. Davis has tried in vain to find the parentage of Mary GOODWIN. Source: The Quinby Family by Charles C. Quinby N.Y.C. 1915.

Mrs. GALE, Coventry, R.I. and Mrs. GOODWIN, Wareham, Mass. are both descended from the following:

Daniel GOODWIN who was born Plymouth, England in 1734 and probably came from there to Newburyport, Mass. where Daniel and his three sons, Enoch, William and John enlisted in the 1st Battalion of Gov. Shirley's Regiment which was raised in N.E. early in 1755 for the reduction of Fort Gaspereau and Fort Beausejour on the Isthmus of Chignecto. Daniel was enrolled in Capt. Adams Co. of Rangers as a scout and rose to be a sergeant. He was at the capture of Fort Beausejour and is said to be the first Englishman to cross the Isthmus. After peace was made with the French he settled at Point de Bute where he worked as a shoemaker. During the Eddy Rebellion he enlisted a again. He spent a total of 20 years in the service of his country after which he settled In Bale Verte, N.B. He married Sarah Hunt of Norwich, Conn, in 1760. She was desc. of William Hunt of Concord, Mass. They had 11 sons and one dau. who died at the age of 12. Many of his desc. came to the U.S. settling in places like Akron, Ohio; Grass Valley, Claif.; Lubec, Me.; Boston, Mass.; Leadville, Colorado and Ill.

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Sarah HUNT

2. Daniel GOODWIN m. Miss Palmer

3. John GOODWIN m. Jane Polly

4. Joshua GOODWIN m. Jane Somers

5. Elisha GOODWIN m. Jennie ABBOTT

6. Ernest GOODWIN m. Minnie MAGOON

7. Daughter

Joshua d. Aug 1877 in Baie Verte, N.B. His widow with her eight children (Elisha, Mrs. Gale's grandfather was the oldest boy and 2nd child) came to Antrim, N.H. in 1880 where she remarried and is burled.

Mr. GOODWIN, Dover. N.H.:

1. Robert T. GOODWIN m. Elisabeth SMITH

2. Herbert L. GOODWIN m. Adah BAKER

3. Elbridge R. GOODWIN m. Mabel MILLER 5 Oct. 1915. He was born 30 Dec. 1893 in Candia, N.H.

4. Son


Mr. E. GOODWIN Jr., Farmlngton, N.H.

1. Daniel GOODWIN

2. Daniel GOODWIN

3. Daniel GOODWIN b. 1590 Great Oakley. Essex, Eng.

4. Daniel GOODWIN immigrant, m. Margaret SPENCER

He states as the source for the 3 Daniels in England p. 268 of History of Saco and Biddeford, Maine by Folsom.

5. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

6. James GOODWIN m. Margaret WALLINGPORD

7. Jedediah GOODWIN m. Hannah EMERY 7 Nov. 1771, d. 1 July 1818

8. Emery GOODWIN m. 1798 Polly HAMILTON He was born 21 Dec. 1779

9. John W. GOODWIN born 15 July 1804 d. 2 Jan. 1876 Md. Sally JUNKINS 26 Dec. 1826.

10. Charles E. GOODWIN Sr., b. 2 July 1865 d. 1934 Farmington, N.H. m. Ines Jean Ham TIBBETS.

11. Eugene T. GOODWIN Sr. b. 10 Sept. 1911 Farmington, N.H. m. 25 June 1937 Bernice L. Stevens

12. Son


Mr. T. GOODWIN, Ontario, Canada:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitable PLAISTED

3. Iohabod GOODWIN m. Elisabeth SCAMMON

4. Doninicus GOODWIN m. Hannah HILL

5. Samuel GOODWIN m. Anna Thompson GERRISH. This couple were the parents of Iohabod GOODWIN who was the Civil War Governor of N.H.

6. Daniel Raynes GOODWIN (Rev. D.D.. LL.D) m. Mary Randall MERRICK. Dr. Goodwin was President of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn, and Pres. of Pennsylvania University.

7. Harold GOODWIN m. Julia Murray MCILVAINE (See above)

8. Harold GOODWIN an electrical engineer.

9. Son


Eunice, daughter of Daniel GOODWIN and Martha PIERCE (Goodwins of Kittery, Maine, by John S. Goodwin), was killed by lightning in Berwick. Me. 1 May 1772. Pg. 43 in Items From N.H. Gazette on Film #908,584 GS.

The following item was found in a book in the Library of Congress, Wash. D.C. entitled London Marriage Licenses 1521-1869 Edited by Joseph Foster.
Barker, Thomas, alias Chapman, of Inner Temple, gent., bachelor, 22, son of Edmund Barker, alias Chapman, of Sibton, Suffolk, gent., who consents, and Mary Goodwin, of St. Bennett Gracechurch, maiden, 20, daughter of John Goodwin, late of East Bergholt, Co. Suffolk, clothier, deceased, consent of her brother, John Goodwin, of East Bergholt, aforesaid, clothier, at St. Bennet, Gracechnrch, 16 July 1611.
In referring to the English Goodwin line this would probably be the sister of the Daniel Goodwin who md. Dorothy Barker.

York, Maine BIRTHS

Samuel GOODWIN and wife Judith, dau. of Benjamin PREBLE
Benjamin born 6 Nov. 1735
Amasiah born 22 April 1739

George GOODWIN and wife Abigail, dau. of Ephraim AVERS, dec'd.
Sarah born 27 Oct. 1746
George born 25 Sept. 1749

Timothy GOODWIN and wife Hannah, dau. of Daniel MOULTON

1. Hannah born 27 March 1773

2. Mary born 13 April, 1775

3. Abiel born 26 Feb. 1777

4. Timothy born 8 April 1779

a later hand added:

5. Daniel born 13 Jan. 1782

6. John born 13 Jan. 1782, presumed died at New Orleans aged 68y and 4 m.


John GOODWIN and wife Hannah, dau. of Daniel EMERY of York

1. Francis born 29 May 1815

2. John born 6 Sept. 1818

3. Mary Jane born 27 May 1821

In Goodwins of Kittery, Maine By John S. Goodwin, the marriages are listed on pages 10, 18 and 16. The births were copied from vol's 109-113 of NEHGR

Abiel GOODWIN and wife Sarah, dau. of Richard MILLBERRY

1. Hepzibah born 27 Sept. 1721

2. Sarah b. 5 Sept. 1723

3. Nathanial b. 19 Sept. 1725

4. John b. 28 Apr. 1728

5. Nathaniel b. 28 Mar. 1730>

6. Susannah b. 25 May 1734

7. Mary b. 23 May 1737

8. Timothy b. 9 Apr. 1742

9. Daniel b. 27 May 1744


The following appeared in Ripley's Believe It Or Not some years ago:
Meg GOODWIN danced to entertain King James I of England for four consecutive hours at the age of 109! Meg was a spinster for 60 years, married for 20 years, and was a widow for the remaining 29 years of her life. King James reigned 1603-1625.


Kittery; Edmund W. Goodwin, 81, of 6 Main St. died at York Hospital March 15. 1979. He was born in Van Meta, Iowa, son of Robert and June Goodwin.
Mr. Goodwin was a Navy veteran of World War 11. He was employed at the Kittery Naval Shipyard as a ship-fitter in Shop 11-26, was a custodian in the Kittery school system and also served as town dog officer. He was a member and past sachem of the Redman of Kittery. Surviving are his wife, Evelyn Nobell Goodwin of Kittery; two sons, Robert of Amesbury, Mass., and Edward of Fort Myers, Fla.; and two daughters, Miss Goodwin of
Newburyport, Mass., and Ms. Goodwin.
Funeral services were held March 19 at the Franklin G. Wilson Funeral Home, 21 Rogers Road.

Oscar Millard GOODWIN
We are sorry to report the death or Oscar Millard GOODWIN on the 7th of Jan. 1979 in Orlando, Florida where he has lived since the 1960's. He is survived by his sister, Olive Etta Blaisdell of Eliot, Maine and Orlando.
His brother, Ralph Briggs Goodwin, lives in Peabody, Mass. His elder brother, Harry Nelson Goodwin passed away 2 Oct. 1964. Oscar was born 3 Oct. 1894 in Dover, N.H. the son of Millard Nelson Goodwin and his wife, Fannie Louise Briggs. In former years Oscar lived in Eliot, Me. and worked at the Ship Yard in Kittery. Me. As an electrician until he retired.
After both retired in Maine they came to Orlando, Harry in the 1940's for winters only - Oscar in the 1960's to make his home here and only returned to Eliot one or two summers. He was a direct descendant of Daniel GOODWIN, immigrant, and his line is as Follows:

1. Daniel GOODWIN m. Margaret SPENCER

2. Thomas GOODWIN m. Mehitabel PLAISTED

3. Thomas GOODWIN m. Elisabeth BUTLER

4. Elisha GOODWIN m. Sarah LORD

5. Daniel GOODWIN m. Sarah HOBBS

6. Elisha GOODWIN m. Anna LIBBY

7. Nathaniel GOODWIN m. Olive RUSSELL

8. Millard GOODWIN m. Frances L. BRIGGS

9. Oscar GOODWIN m. Harriet Evelyn MILES and she died 12 Aug. 1960


Houston, Texas-Funeral services were held Feb. 14 in Houston for Howard Chester GOODWIN, 77, of Houston, formerly of Eliot, Maine, who died 10 Feb. 1979 in Santa Fe Memorial Hospital in Temple.
Services were held at Forest Park Chapel with internment in Forest Park Cemetery. Mr. Goodwin was the son of the late George Wallace GOODWIN and Mary Elizabeth (Strout) Goodwin.
Besides his widow, Virginia Elizabeth GOODWIN, survivors include a stepson and two step-grandsons, all of Houston; three sisters, Ms. MINARD of Portsmouth, N.H., Ms. DOW of Merrimack, N.H., and Ms. KOEHLER of Everett, Mass. and several nieces and nephews.