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(VIII) Francis Jones, son of John Munroe Goodwin, was born in Biddeford, January 12, 1852; married Emily R. Milliken, He was educated in the schools of his native city and at Amherst College, from which he was graduated in 1873. Children: I. Austin M., editor of the Portland Express. 2. Emily R.

(VIII) Henry Herrick, son of John Munroe Goodwin, was born November 29, 1859, at Biddeford. He was educated in the public schools of his native town and at Maine State College. He married, at Berlin, Germany, Jennie S. Murray, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. Children: I. Isabel Smead, born in Biddeford, educated at Bradford Academy. 2. Henry Murray, born in Biddeford.

(VIII) William Burton, son of John Munroe Goodwin, was born in Biddeford, January 11, 1864. He was educated in Hallowell Classical Institute and Phillips Exeter Academy, graduating from Yale in 1887. He studied law in the New York University Law School and was admitted to the bar in New York city, where he has since practiced, being at present a member of the firm of Gould & Wilkie, 2 Wall Street. He married Mary Hobart Hills, of Chicago. Their only child, Helen Merrill, was born in New York City.

(II) Thomas, son of Daniel Goodwin, was born in Kittery, about 1660-65; married, about 1685, Mehitable Plaisted, daughter of Lieutenant Roger and granddaughter of Ichabod Plaisted. In 1689-90 his wife was taken captive by the Indians, together with her infant son, whom they killed. She was kept in captivity five years before she was restored to her family in Berwick. He married (second) Sarah. He and his second wife deeded land to his son Thomas, December, 171I. He was an ensign in his military company. He lived in South Berwick, Maine. Children: I. Son, killed by the Indians 1689-90. 2. Thomas, born July 12, 1697, mentioned below. 3. Ichabod, born June 17, 1700, married Elizabeth Scammon. 4. Olive, born 1708, baptized March 14, 1717-18; married Timothy Davis. 5. Mary, baptized June 18, 1710, married --- Abbot and (second) John Cooper. 6. James, married Margaret Wallingford. 7. Daughter, married --Shapleigh. 8. Bial (daughter), baptized May 6, 1716.

(III) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (I) Goodwin, was born July 12, 1697, at South Berwick; married, December 2, 1722, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Butler. Children: I. Elisha, baptized October 9, 1726. 2. Thomas, also baptized October 9, 1726, mentioned below. 3. Olive, baptized July 28, 1728, married Nathan Lord Jr. 4. Moses, baptized October 27, 1728, died 1766, unmarried. 5. Elizabeth, baptized August 9, 1730, married Alexander Shapleigh. 6. Mary, baptized April 15, 1733, died July 18, 1736. 7. James, born March 17, 1735, died July 21, 1736. 8. Reuben, baptized October 29, 1736. 9. Charity, baptized October 29, 1736, married Thomas Abbot, 10. James, baptized May 15, 1737, married Sarah Griffith. 11. Daniel, baptized August 19, 1739. 12. Mollie, baptized January 25, 1740, unmarried in 1766.

(IV) Thomas (3), son of Thomas (2) Goodwin, born in South Berwick, baptized October 9, 1726. From the names of children in the two families, the age of Thomas compared with others, and various other evidences establishes the accuracy of the lineage as traced. He may have married (second) July 29, 1754, Mary Hicks. His first wife was Eunice ---. He was closely connected with Thomas Goodwin, of Maine, if not the same man. Thomas and Eunice had son Jonathan, mentioned below. Perhaps other children.

(V) Jonathan, son of Thomas (3) Goodwin, born in Berwick, baptized there January 22, 1752. He married (intentions dated in Berwick, April 7, 1770) Elizabeth Clark. He resided in Lyman, Maine. After his death his widow married (second) --- Welch, and resided in Waterborough, where she died. Children: I. George Clark, born February, 1772, married Ruth Page. 2. Andrew, 3. Jonathan Jr.., married --- Earle. 4. Uriah, died at New Orleans. 5. Reuben, mentioned below.

(VI) Reuben, son of Jonathan Goodwin, was born in Lyman, Maine, about 1790. He married (first) Elizabeth Pray and (second) Polly ---. Children born in Lyman, Maine: I. Reuben Jr. 2. Joseph Pray, born January, 1821, mentioned below. 3. Sarah. 4. Elizabeth.

(VII) Joseph Pray, son of Reuben Goodwin, born in Lyman, Maine, January, 1821, was educated there in the common schools. He learned the carpenter's trade and removed to Lowell, Massachusetts, and became a contractor and builder on his own account. After some years he removed to Saco and finally to Biddeford, Maine, continuing his business as a carpenter and builder as long as he lived. In politics he was a Democrat and served on the board of aldermen of Biddeford. He was a Methodist in religion. He married Mary A. Hayford, born in Tamworth, New Hampshire, 1822, died in Biddeford, November 6, 1899. He died December 24, 1883. Children: I. Sarah, born 1848. 2. Charles E., born April 2, 18S0, mentioned below. 3. Forrest J., born April 8, 1860. 4. Abbie (twin). 5. Emma (twin), 6. Albert R., born February 29, 1864, an assistant in the Biddeford National Bank.