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From: “Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine”, Volume III
Compiled under the supervision of George Thomas Little, A.M., Litt. D.

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The surname GOODWIN is of ancient origin. Several pioneers of that name settled in New England before 1650. William and Ozias Goodwin, brothers, settled in Hartford, Connecticut, about 1632; Christopher Goodwin in Charlestown, Massachusetts, his descendants removing to Boston, Reading and Marblehead, Massachusetts, and York, Maine. Richard Goodwin resided in Gloucester, Massachuetts, in 1660, and many of his descendants of that section spell the name Godding (also Gooding). Edward Goodwin was in Boston in 1640 and another Edward in Gloucester in 1660.

(I) Daniel Goodwin, immigrant ancestor, believed to be a brother of Richard Goodwin, of Gloucester, and son of Bridget Goodwin, who married (second) Henry Travers [of Ipswich], and (third) Richard Window [of Gloucester]. She died in Gloucester, where her inventory was dated August 9, 1673. There is good reason for believing that the home of Daniel Goodwin in England was Torrington, near Plymouth. Daniel Goodwin was in Kittery, York County, Maine, as early as 1652. He married, first, in Kittery, Margaret Spencer, daughter of Thomas and Patience (Chadbourne) Spencer. Patience was daughter of William Chadbourne. Goodwin married, second, after March, 1670, Sarah (Sanders) Turbet, widow of Peter Turbet. Daniel Goodwin died about 1712. He was a prominent citizen of Kittery, a surveyor, innkeeper and large landed proprietor.
Children of first wife: 1. Daniel, born 1656, mentioned below. 2. James, married Sarah Thompson. 3. Thomas, mentioned elsewhere, 4. William, married Deliverance Taylor. 5. Moses, married Abigail Taylor. 6. Patience, married Daniel Stone. 7. Elizabeth, married, first, Zachery Emery; second, Philip Hubbard. 8. Sarah, married Isaac Barnes. 9. Adams, presented at court December 19, 1675, for non-attendance at meeting. 10. David, mentioned in court records of New Hampshire in 1670, aged twenty-two.

(II) Daniel (2), son of Daniel (I) Goodwin, was born in 1656; married, December 17, 1682, Amy, daughter of Miles and Ann Thompson. He died at Berwick, April, 1726. Children: I. Margaret, born August 23, 1683; married Joseph Hodsdon. 2. Daniel, born June 13, 1685, married Abigail Roberts. 3. Miles, born July 31, 1687. 4. Nathaniel, born October 29, 1689, married about 1712, Mary Gyles. 5. Amy, horn April 19, 1693, married, November 6, 1712, Moses Goodwin. 6. Samuel, born May 24, 1605, married Sarah Davis and Mrs, Judith (Prebel) Smith. 7. James, born July 15, 1697, married Elizabeth -:- and lived at Falmouth. 8. Thomas, born August 15, 1699, mentioned below. 9. Sarah, born September 23, 1701, married Josiah Paul. 10. Anne, born October 19, 1703, died November 24, 1703. 11. Ann, born February 16, 1704, married, January 16, 1723.

(III) Thomas, son of Daniel (2) Goodwin, was born August 15, 1699, died April 3, 1769. Married, December 20, 1722 Abigail Seward. Children: I. Henry, baptized November 21, 1723, married, February 28, 1747, Elizabeth Weymouth. 2. Susannah, baptized May 23, 1725; married March 13, 1784: died in Biddeford March 9, 1813. 3. Daniel, baptized December 25, 1726: married September 14, 1747, Martha Pierce. 4. Gideon, baptized October 5, 1732, married Elizabeth Jenkins. 5. Thomas, baptized October 5, 1732; mentioned below. 6. Reuben, baptized October 29, 1736. 7. Charity, baptized October 29, 1736; married, December 18, 1760, Thomas Abbot.

(IV) Thomas (2) Goodwin, son of Thomas ( I) Goodwin, was baptized in Berwick, October 5, 1732 ; married, October 25, 1753, Susannah Downing, born 1732 in Kennebunkport, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Fabians) Downing (4). Captain John (3), John (2), Dennis Downing t 1), of Kittery
. They resided in Wells, where the wife died December 26, 1791. Thomas died in May, 1799, aged sixty-six. (It is possible, as suggested in the genealogy that this Thomas Goodwin may have been confused with one of his cousins of the same name and some have thought his mother Hannah (Wells) Goodwin instead of Elizabeth, as here given.
There is also some doubt as to the correctness of the family historian in making this Thomas Goodwin (3), son of James Goodwin ( 2 ), but the writer believes the lineage here given established after considering all the records found.)
Children of Thomas and Susannah Goodwin: 1. Hannah, born October 18, 1754, married Theophilus Waterhouse. 2. Elizabeth, born January 2, 1756, married Thomas Clark. 3. Thomas Wells, born March 16, 1757, died young. 4. Alice, born May 14, 1759, married Stephen Ricker. 5. John Fabians, born September 10, 1760, married Lucy Storner and died without issue. 6. William, born June 28, 1762, died in infancy. 7. Richard, born July 20, 1763, married Mrs. Salome Cousins. 8. Susannah, born March 5, 1765, married Zebulon Larabee. 9. Downing, born August 15, 1766, died in infancy. 10. Sarah, born December 3, 1767, married John Goodwin. 11. Lydia, born March 3, 1769, married Thomas Clark. 12. Downing, born November 18, 1770, mentioned below, 13. Thomas Wells, born September 28, 1771, died in Wells. 14. Benjamin, born September 10, 1773, married Susan Day; daughter Lucy S. married Calvin Dunton, of East Charlestown, Vermont. 15. Mehitable, born March 10, 1777, married Pike Gordon and Dr. Marshall.