Generation Nº 3

Capt. Benjamin GOODWIN

16. Capt. Benjamin Goodwin3, bpt. 2 Feb. 1751/52 was the son of John2 Goodwin and Martha Nason. He married Deborah Goodwin.

Children of John and Deborah GOODWIN:

  i. Mary Goodwin, born in Lyman ME; married David DAVIS; died in Lyman ME.
  ii. Bartholomew Goodwin, born 1773; married Hannah ADAMS.
30. iii. John Goodwin, born 1744; died in Biddeford or Wells, ME; married Lydia CLOUGH.
  iv. Andrew Goodwin
  v. Benjamin Goodwin, married Sally BENSON.
  vi. Patience Goodwin
  vii. Timothy Goodwin, died in Washington DC.
  viii. Sally Goodwin, born August 02, 1795; married William WAKEFIELD.
  ix. Simon Goodwin, born September 1797; married Phoebe KIMBALL.
  x. William Goodwin, married Hannah KIMBALL.


18. Moses Newton2, son of Moses Newton1 and Joannah Larkin Newton, was born in Marlboro on Feb 28, 1669. There is no record of his death. He married at Marlboro, on Dec. 11, 1695 to Sarah Howe, daughter of Isaac Howe and Frances Woods. She was born Jan 28, 1675, and died in Southboro on Dec. 4, 1733, the “Wife of Moses”.

In 1743, he married again to Rebecca Miser, widow of Benjamin Miser. They lived in Marlboro and Southboro. In the settlement of Shrewsbury, he was granted lot #17 of 5½ acres on Dec 30, 1718, situated East of Ashans Hill and 3½ acres of meadow near the Southeast part of Rocky Pond.

Note: Sarah HOWE, is the daughter of Isaac HOWE and Frances WOODS (m. 17 Jan 1671), Isaac is the fourth child of JOHN HOWE, of Sudbury and Marlborough, MA. This is the family that eventually founded the Red Horse Inn in Sudbury, later was immortalized by Longfellow in his Wayfarers Inn


[From History of the Town of Marlboro, Middlesex County, Massachusetts:]

The Howes were among the very first settlers of Marlboro, and have been, in every period of her history, one of the most numerous families furnishing vast numbers of emigrants for other and more western towns.

JOHN HOWE, of Sudbury, was one of the petitioners in 1657, for the grant which constituted Marlboro. He was the son of John Howe, supposed to be the John Howe, Esq, who came from Warwickshire in Eng., and who was a descendant of John Howe, himself the son of John of Hodinhull, and connected with the family of Sir Charles Howe of Lancaster, in the reign of Charles I.

John of Sudbury and Marlborough
James of Roxbury and Ipswich
Abraham of Roxbury
Abraham of Watertown and Marlborough
Edward of Lynn

It is believed that Abraham of Roxbury and James of Roxbury and Ipswich were brothers, and that Edward came over on the TRUELOVE in 1635.

Children of Moses and Sarah (HOWE) NEWTON:

  i. Isaac Newton, b. 1696
  ii. Beulah Newton, b. 1697
  iii. Moses Newton, 111 b. 1699
  iv. Elisha Newton, b. 1701
  v. Sarah Newton, b 1703
  vi. Margaret Newton, b. 1705
  vii. Garon Newton, b. 1707
  viii. Thankful Newton, b. 1709
  ix. Tabitha Newton, b. 1711
  x. Amos Newton, b. 1714
31. xi. *Ezekiel Newton, b. May 3, 1716
  xii. Comfort Newton, b. 1717


19. Capt. John Winchester3 (John2, John1) born in Muddy River (now Brookline), Mass., April 17, 1676 (Boston Records.), died Sept. 27 1751, was a prominent citizen and soldier of Brookline. Like his father and grandfather, he pursued the occupation of farming, and appears to have been a man of great strength of character and courage. While a young man, he and his brother-in-law had a quarrel with Gov. Dudley. The two young men were jailed, but afterward released on significant bail. It was the Governor's desire to deport them to England, there to be tried for high treason. It is a lively picture of Colonial life. As an Indian fighter, he served the Colony well, one such instance being on record. He was Captain of a company of militia. In Vol. 72, p. 117, of Archives in State House, Boston, Mass., is a copy of unsigned instructions delivered to Capt. John Winchester, dated Sept. 13, 1723.

It is as follows:
An express from Albany giving an account of a fresh party of fifty Indians, that are come over the Lake, which may be expected every Boure on the Frontier, under your care. You are therefore to bee in a readiness to give them a warme reception with your Troop to p'aue them soe as if Possible you may be able to give a good account of them from hence. . . . Taking care to finde their Tracks & haveing soe done not to leave your p'suit fer 8 or 10 Days unless you shall come up with them sooner & you are to furnish yourselves with Provisions accordingly.

Capt. John was also prominent in town affairs as the records show. He was married three times. The inventory of his estate was taken Dec. 17, 1751, and comprised 160 acres of land valued at £1,105 13S 14D, house, barn and other buildings £133 6S 8D, two negroes £60, and the usual farm appurtenances, household goods, silver, pewter and brass ware, altogether a showing of considerable importance.
He married (1) Sarah White daughter of Lieut. John and Elizabeth (Bowles) White. She was born in Brookline, Dec. 5, 1680, and died Jan. 31, 1715-16, aged 36 years, (2) Sarah (Phipps) GARDNER, (3) widow Alice Craft. John Winchester's estate divided between his widow and six children: Widow, Alice; youngest son, Nathan; eldest son, Isaac, now surviving; John, elder brother of Isaac, deceased; Elizabeth Gardner (Richard); Joanna Sparhawk (Samuel); Sarah Dana (Isaac); William and John, minors, under guardianship of Richard Green (John Jr.'s children). (Suffolk Probate, Vol. 47, p. 357.)

Children of Capt. John and Sarah (WHITE) WINCHESTER:

  i. Elizabeth Winchester, born Dec. 30, 1701-2; married Richard GARDNER.
  ii. Sarah Winchester, born in 1703; married Isaac DANA of Pomfret, Conn., April, 1723.
32. iii. *John Winchester, b. 1705, married Elizabeth GREEN of Reading in 1729.
  iv. Johanna Winchester, born March 13, 1709-10; married Samuel SPARHAWK. (Town Records of Brookline and Suffolk Probate Records.) Samuel Sparhawk born Oct., 1698. (History of Brighton.)
  v. Isaac Winchester, born 1712-14; married Mary SHED. (Crafts Genealogy.)

Children of Capt. John and Sarah (PHIPPS) WINCHESTER:

  i. Danforth Winchester, born March 8, 1718; baptized March 15, 1719; died in Brookline, March 18, 1719. (Brookline Parish Records. B. F. Baker, Town Clerk in 1897.)
  ii. Bethia Winchester, born Dec. 20, 1720; baptized Jan. 1, 1721; died Sept. 12, 1722. (Parish Records; Winchester by Presson.)
  iii. Nathaniel Winchester, born April 16, 1724; married at Concord, Mass., by R. D. Bliss, Oct. 17, 1746, to Beulah PARKS. (Concord, Mass., Records. Brookline Town and Parish' Records. B. F. Baker, Town Clerk.)
  iv. Martha Winchester, born Nov. 23, 1728. (Town Records.)
  v. Abigail Winchester, baptized Sept. I, 1734. (First Parish ClnIrch Records, p. 73. Brookline Publication Society.)

Thomas GREEN

22. Thomas Green3 (Samuel2, Thomas1), 1669-1725, married on May 10, 1698, Hannah Vinton, born 26 Jan 1681, the eldest daughter of John Vinton of Woburn (by his first wife, Hannah Green, daughter of Thomas Green). John Vinton of Worurn was s/o John Vinton of Lynn.

He resided in Malden, was a yoeman, and possessed a significant estate. His widow Hannah married John Pool of Reading.

Children of Thomas and Hannah (VINTON) GREEN:

33. i. *Hannah Green b. 1698, m Ebenezer Parker of Reading
34. ii. Thomas Green b. 1702
  iii. Joshua Green b. 1708
  iv. Jonathan Green b. 1714

William GREEN

23. William Green3 (Samuel2, Thomas1), b.1674, d. May 19, 1761, married May 29, 1707, Elizabeth Farmer, b. May 17, 1680 the daughter of Edward Farmer of Billerica. Edward was from Ansley, Warwickshire, England. They resided in Malden until 1720 then moved to Reading, and both died there. Elizabeth died on Dec. 26, 1761

Children of William and Elizabeth (FARMER) GREEN:

35. i. *Elizabeth Green b. Feb. 28, 1708, m. John WINCHESTER, Feb. 25, 1730
  ii. Eunice Green b. 1709
  iii. William Green b. 1711
  iv. William Green b. 1715
  v. Nathan Green b. 1719


29. Samuel Hinckley3, eldest son of Governor Thomas Hinckley2, was born at Barnstable, Feb. 14, 1652, and died there Mar. 19, 1697. He was a soldier in King Phillip's war and was one of the grantees in the town of Gorham, district of Maine. He married Nov. 13, 1676 Sarah Pope, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Jenny) Pope of Plymouth

Children of Samuel and Sarah (POPE) HINCKLEY:

(All born in Barnstable)

  i. Mary Hinckley, b. July 22, 1678 - died young
  ii. Mehitable Hinckley, b. Dec. 26, 1679
  iii. Thomas Hinckley, b. Mar. 19, 1680-81
  iv. Seth Hinckley, b. Apr. 16, 1683
  v. Samuel Hinckley b. Sept. 24, 1684
  vi. Elnathan Hinckley, b. Sept. 8, 1686, died young
36. vii. *Job Hinckley, b. Feb. 16, 1687-8
  viii. Shnabel Hinckley, b. May 1, 1690
  ix. Mercy Hinckley, b. Jan. 11, 1692-3
  x. Josiah Hinckley, b. Jan. 24, 1694-5
  xi. Elnathan Hinckley, b. Dec. 29, 1697

Capt. Peter TUFTS

27. Capt. Peter Tufts 2nd of Medford was commissioned Lieutenant of Cavalry Troop Oct. 17, 1699. He married (1) on Aug. 1670, Elizabeth Lynde of Malden, who died June 15, 1684. He then married on Dec. 16, 1684, (2) Mercy Cotton, born May 3, 1666, died June 18, 1715 in Medford, the daughter of Rev. Seaborn Cotton, and Dorothy (Bradstreet) Cotton. He married (3), Prudence, widow of William Wyman. He died Sept. 20, 1721.

Children of Peter and Elizabeth (LYNDE) TUFTS:

  i. Elizabeth Tufts, b. 1673
  ii. Anna Tufts, b. 1676
  iii. Peter Tufts, b. 1678
  iv. Mary Tufts, b. 1681
  v. Thomas Tufts, b. 1683

Children of Peter and Mercy (COTTON) TUFTS:

  i. Cotton Tufts, b. 1686
  ii. Mercy Tufts, b. 1687
  iii. John Tufts, b. 1689
  iv. Samuel Tufts, b. 1691
  v. Dorothy Tufts, b. 1693
  vi. Mercy Tufts, b. 1695
  vii. Simon Tufts, b. 1700
37. viii. *Sarah Tufts, b. 1702 m. Job HINCKLEY
  ix. Dorothy Tufts, b. 1704
  x. Lydia Tufts, b 1707
  xi. Samuel Tufts, b. 1709